Top American psychic medium and NDE-survivor, Andrew Anderson, is coming to Vancouver, BC, to demonstrate stunning evidential mediumship.



About this Event

Don’t miss the chance to meet one of the most respected evidential psychic mediums of America, Andrew Anderson, on Saturday, September 14th. Andrew is coming for the very first time to Vancouver, BC, to share his spiritual wisdom and expertise as a clairvoyant and medium.

As an NDE-survivor after a 3-month coma, and firsthand researcher of the nonlocality of consciousness, Andrew will talk about the positive after effects, and the enhancement of his stunning psychic abilities he faced as a result of his near-death experience.

If you are grieving for a deceased family member, prepare to be amazed and feel a healing comfort, peace and joy, since Andrew will connect to the spirit world to demonstrate evidential mediumship. Randomly selectedaudience members will receive meaningful messages from the other side.

Andrew’s integrity and stunning abilities have been tested through the course of time by police officers to solve crimes, celebrities, newspaper editors looking for punctual political predictions, and a diverse clientele.

Join Andrew to expand and illuminate your mind, to find answers to tantalizing questions, or to reinvent your connection with family members who have crossed over.

General Admission and VIP Tickets are available.

Refreshments included.

VIPs will receive front row seating at the gorgeous downtown venue, Law Courts Inn, and will have a chance to attend a meet-and-greet part of the event.

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Date And Time

Sat, 14 September 2019

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM PDT

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The Law Courts Inn Restaurant

500-800 Smithe Street

#4th floor

Vancouver, BC V6Z 2E1

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The New Agora