A Solution Everyone Can Participate In!


For generations, we’ve been giving our money away to big box stores. Every week turning left into Walmart or Target to buy the stuff we believe we need. Over the last few years it has gotten worse as they have put such a squeeze on small businesses as to barely even being able to survive.

While these big box stores are definitely an issue, it is important to understand the real root of our issues, and that is that these multi-national corporations control all the shelf space in these stores and essentially every grocery store across the country. Unless you are part of the cartel they have created, it is next to impossible to even get shelf space in these big box stores.

Then comes the ‘agendas’ and companies they fund with the dollars we willingly give them every month of our lives. A big one is mainstream media. Do you know how much Procter and Gamble paid the media last year alone? over $7.3 Billion dollars. That is just one of these companies and just for one year.

The money we are spending largely influences todays’ society, and we don’t agree with the whole lot. We need to start taking back control in as many areas as possible and this is just one of them demanding our attention.

What if we just stopped… and redirected our money away from Big Box stores, the Targets, Walmarts, and other Mega Corporations, or any inhuman corporate entity really, who obviously doesn’t have our best interest at heart?

What if we shopped exclusively with family owned manufacturers and providers that support, represent and champion the ‘little guy and gal’?

As well, shopping in this fashion will help directly support the continued free flow of vital and important, uncensored information that is the hallmark of The New Agora magazine, in its digital form and in print once the time is right.   For well over a decade we’ve been working to express and create a better world for all, and now you can too.

Now able to offer a solution that everyone can participate in. We have found a family owned manufacturer that allows us to switch where we are spending our money on hundreds of household items and we can actually make a real difference by taking those dollars out of the system they have built around us. This is what they don’t want us to know. Just how fragile their entire system of control actually is.

This is money we are already spending and now we can spend it on products and with a company that believes in Freedom, fairness and supporting real people in real communities.


If interested We Can Get Back to your with More Info




If interested We Can Get Back to you with More Info