Activating Dormant DNA Potentials in Plants


By Taser Wraye




The Quantum world of interacting energies, matter, gravity, dark matter, and intention thoughts.  Is the world of creativity.  When you start to see and experience the Quantum Quirks of reality shifts, from these interacting forces, plus accept that reality is somewhat fluid, life can become much more interesting. Like in the Matrix, Morpheus offers mentoring to Neo.  Stating that there are rules in the Matrix, and they can be bent.  So too in our reality.

So how do we learn to interact with this quantum realm so we can create some desired effects in living Plant systems.  This is how I started.  By first understanding basic biology and then reading through many science articles of how plants function.  Yes, books, and these days, lots of YouTube videos.  I can make some suggestions later.  In my search for answers, I have found the Internet Library to be a place where information availability seems to be in a constant flux.  You can try this out yourself.  Some information you might have been looking for seems not to exist anywhere.   Then suddenly there are several articles available on the subject.  Almost like one stepped into another alternate reality. Science is in a constant flux of revealing very useful information for utilizing all the Bells and Whistles that come with our Bio-vehicle, that our consciousness rides in.  Sadly, many great research articles on mind expansion, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, remote viewing, are still not mainstream. But they are becoming more accessible.

The Powers that be certainly do not want the Sheeple to wake up to their true potentials.  Yet here you are, reading The New Agora.  Full of mind-expanding articles.  Glad to be able to share with you.  Read on about how I learned to develop a solution that activates a plant’s dormant DNA so it can access a third band of visible light.  Up till now, plants are only mainly using 2 bands of light in their chloroplasts for capturing energy from photons.

Bear with me, the next paragraph is a little technical, but useful to gain sight of the bigger picture.

The science of our current mainstream academia has uncovered a myriad of plant interactions that can describe what chemical and energy conversions are happening at the cellular levels.  Plus, the range of changes that happen to compounds such as amino acids, peptides, proteins, simple sugars, enzymes, and the main energy packet common to all known life, ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate – A triple energy bond compound)

Without going into minutiae detail about all this, suffice to say, there is a lot of data available to show what goes on in living systems, as living cells go about their daily activities. This is important to know, if you desire to create changes in these systems. If you want to direct the actions of living systems, BE RESPONSIBLE!   Knowing how cells interact in a general sense, and what they are generally capable of, gives you the knowledge of making changes that the living systems can reasonably accomplish. This is the start of directing change in the Plants Systems. And once again, with tremendous POWER to change living organisms, comes tremendous RESPONSIBILITY.

Important to note when activating some of the sleeping DNA programs.

The most IMPORTANT cell organelle in the WORLD for the Non-Fungi Kingdoms.




Why is this the case. First of all, although the chloroplast is only present in green plants, ATP & simple sugars created by the chloroplast are everywhere.  Oxygen, another by-product of photosynthesis, is essential to almost all living things. We do not think much of the air we breathe. Until we can’t breathe!  Not only does photosynthesis create the lovely oxygen we enjoy, it also is responsible for all the energy created on the planet, needed for non-fungi organisms to exist. This includes the mitochondria cell organelle responsible for creating all the energy packets that our bio-machine needs to exist. Ever run a 10 K… Well, you used up a lot of your ATP packets in the run.  The mitochondria also depend on the plant Chloroplast, which uses both these Chloroplast created essential things, oxygen and ATP energy packets, to produce more ATP usable energy packets for all its living processes. That statement was true up to 2 years ago.  As I have also cracked open the DNA program that allows the mitochondria to absorb photons like plants and convert it usable energy, just like plants.  Yes… It’s true.  I will introduce that in a future article.

Most people are aware of the Chloroplast functions.  We learned this in primary education.

It’s essential to life. Conversion of Light Photons, to usable energy for almost all living things.

The second part is that as far as we have known, plants have been using 2 wave bands of the visible light spectrum photons for conversion to usable energy.

So why am I stating this basic biology?   Because Growing Essentials products has been able to upgrade the plant genome, activating Dormant DNA that allows the Chloroplast to access a third wave band of the visible light spectrum.

The analogy is this.

Most people are aware of the basics of a Hydro-electric dam.  Water spills down a sluice-way to spin turbines.  The spinning turbines create electricity.  We use Electricity to do all types of “WORK”.

Using this analogy. The Chloroplast is like the Hydro Dam. The photons the huge lake of water behind the dam.  The Turbines the Chloroplasts.

Essentially, the Chloroplast has two types of Turbines.  As science has shown in numerous texts, Chloroplasts use two wavebands of light. Called Chlorophyll A & B.

What if you were to add a third Turbine, called Chlorophyll C.  What would happen to the amount of photon energy conversion…. Think about it… It would go up significantly…. Same light source, only now it’s making more efficient use of the available light.  Plus, this new source of “energy conversion potential” is in a waveband that can penetrate deeper into leaf surfaces to drive photosynthesis in chloroplasts located towards the bottom surface of the leaf. In fact, more efficiently than red light. This can be extremely important in dense canopy production techniques which are common in controlled environment agriculture.

Back to why we created the Growing Essentials. It is activating DNA programs dormant in the plant. These programs initiate the creation of a 3rd turbine in the Chloroplast structures. MORE POWER means MORE WORK can be done.  Like suddenly your car goes from 30 miles per gallon to 50 miles per gallon.  With one small addition to the car motor.  Or for sport freaks, with a tenny-weeny change in the cell mitochondria powerhouse, suddenly being able to run another 30% in distance without refueling your body.

For the plants, this process has many added benefits. The plants health is more robust, allowing it to protect itself more effectively from resource robber organisms, and challenging environmental conditions. Did I hear someone say, “No pesticides?”.  Yep, another added benefit.

What we found is that the necessary building materials to create this effect were already available naturally.  As we discussed in the last article, Fungi were the first living organisms on our planet. Roughly a billion years ago.  They now play a major part in all other organisms’ daily life functions. So, it’s good to develop friendly relationships with them.  The friendly fungi groups we find living in plants and animals, can coordinate many complex upgrades to the plants and animals’ functions.

One upgrade many humans desire, is to activate the paranormal functions residing in their pineal gland.  Activating or waking up your pineal gland will be another future article. Lots to discuss there. Learning to wake up your pineal glands potential is certainly more accessible these days. And discussing your remote viewing adventure, or miraculously healing someone, will not result in you being burned at the stake for those simple pleasures.

Why I mention the pineal gland is it does play a role in creating solutions to activate dormant DNA programs.  You have to know how to use your pineal gland.  It’s a third eye, yes, and a host of other functions.

This is another reason what makes Growing Essentials such a powerful activator.  It has been created outside the mainstream science that is limited in its ability to investigate the “Unseen Quantum World”.  Following this thought flow, we should be making use of ALL our body’s’ resources.  Our Bio-Machine vehicle has many bells and whistles that can be activated. The pineal gland being a primary ‘Whistle” to assist in making Magic, as some might say. Growing Essentials was created with this addition.  Using practical science knowledge, combined with pineal gland functions in communication. How do you direct friendly Fungi Endophytes to coordinate the plant hosts growing and metabolic activities through initiating dormant DNA codes?  (what a mouthful) You communicate with them in ways that they can receive the information.  Sounds amazing.  It is. As that is what I do.

Another great attribute of the Growing Essentials. It’s an information exchange and agreed upon directives. that continues on in the life of the plant.  It’s not just a short-term effect like a pesticide or set of fertilizers. It’s not like taking an aspirin for pain, or eating a burger to offset the effects of intermittent hunger. Directives are sustained over long periods of time.  The beauty of using these types of products, the more you use them, the less they are needed.  The process of the plant restructuring its chloroplasts to have this function, lasts throughout its growth cycle.  Can you see the implications this has for all agriculture……? Even forestry operations would benefit for the growth and health of merchantable trees. We definitely need increased planting and growth of trees worldwide.  This upgrade to the plants chloroplast only increases the plant health.  No downside.

It is all done naturally. The plant’s community of organisms carries out the changes.  This is not a GMO operation done in a lab with a lab technician. Where non-local RNA encoded viruses are injected and grafted into the host DNA. Just thinking about that scene is scary!

The process I am discussing of activating DNA, that is dormant, is a wonderfully played out script, like beautifully played music by an orchestra.   The activated DNA program is performed by the local masters of plant coordinated communities.  The Friendly Fungi Endophytes.

To have these Friendly Fungi communities perform these tasks, is accomplished through a form of communication.  Therein lies the secret to the many aspects of activating Dormant DNA.  Communication with the host plant and its community of endophytes.  Having them open up the library of its DNA codes and find something that allows that desired effects to occur.  Sounds simple from what I just stated.  And in some ways it is.  One still has to gain knowledge of the basic living processes that the various members of the endophyte community can perform.  And then tying them all together.

There has to be a mutual benefit to all the endophyte community to be a truly effective host plant upgrade.  Then your desired change to the host plant physiology, nutrient absorption, production of “Fruits”, distribution of “energy” for tasks/work, plus other spinoff changes will occur in quick time.  That’s why, when you are thinking of making changes to a DNA coding, it requires some deep thought.  Something unfortunately modern science seems lacking in foresight.  Usually the mainstream science systems are just looking at how can we do this cheaper and make more money.  To just produce one thing.  Nature is a complex web.  The good of the one is not going to be of benefit to the good of the many.  Do you remember the famous Spock quotation here?

So the “discussion” of how to set up the change, to activate a dormant DNA coding, requires some time. It can involve long discussions. There is still a complexity to setting up the chain of events to unlock one or two dormant programs in the host plant DNA coding.

I reiterate… Think and act RESPONSIBLY.


Something close to home: Here are some picture results of using Growing Essentials  in our own garden.  Using no fertilizers and no pesticides. In six weeks this garden was producing phenomenal outputs. You might note that the huge cabbage and bok-choy and cauliflower leaves have no bug holes.  Asian friends viewing our garden had never seen bok-choy so big and succulent





Working with Fungi groups.


One of the truths I have come to realize is the nature and complexity of Fungi groups.

As I stated in the last article, the fungi communities have been living on the planet’s surface for over 1 billion years.  The largest organism on the planet is a Fungus.
  A fungus collective community knowledge base has a huge storage capacity. Much like we have in the world wide web. Only much bigger.  A billion years is a long time.   That knowledge can be accessed through its own genetic coding. We can make use of that DNA encoded history with the Friendly Fungi.  For the sake of simplicity for agriculture, I have divided the fungi groups into 2 camps.  Friendly Fungi, that reside in plants and people in a commensual or symbiotic relationship. The other camp is the Rogue fungus. That travels independent, feeding on whatever it wants, and does so independent of any other organisms.

Do not underestimate the power of rogue fungi groups that prey on live vegetation. Typical fungicides do not readily “Kill” them. The rogue fungus can just go into a dormancy state and wait out the inhospitable environment.   Kinda like those egg pods in the movie “Alien”

Something to note, a rogue fungus can only be neutralized fully by another fungus.  Think about that.  And the other fungus is usually a Friendly Fungus that is being assisted with a plant host community.  There are Fungi that can easily survive nuclear fallouts. Yes, fungi are mightier than cockroaches.

So… learn to communicate with the Friendly Fungi in the host plant.  Find out what it needs. You will create a wonderful ally in upgrading the plant.  This will also eliminate the need for toxic pesticides.  That’s always a winner in our community. Any way you look at it, toxic pesticides do not benefit the community.   Using this type of plant interactions with the Growing Essentials has big benefits for mankind. Having the plant reach more of its optimum potentials’ benefits everyone.  Stronger vibrant communities equal a healthier planet.  Something we all can strive for.


Next Article:

Activating the Dormant DNA program in humans, to absorb sunlight photons like plants.  And not burn, even after hours in the sun.  Plus feeling more energized in the process.  Stay tuned….


About the Author:

Taser Wraye  is the R&D Chief Scientist for In Craft We Trust Inc. & DNA Activators Inc.  Taser has worked in a multiple of careers.  Wildlife Research Technician, National Park Warden, Watershed Research Specialist, Quantum Naturopath, and currently developing numerous ways to upgrade the genomes of plants, animals and people by activating their “DORMANT DNA”. He also activates peoples Dormant DNA at his wellness Clinic.  Taser is always open to mentor seekers wanting to activate their DORMANT DNA.  He fully enjoys inspiring others to create solutions greater than his own.

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