By Glennis Taylor


Water, water everywhere, but how safe is it to drink? Much of our tap water is fraught with many contaminants from a wide variety of sources. Heavy metals, organic and inorganic substances, microorganisms and even an array of pharmaceuticals are commonly found in our tap water. Imagine drinking in daily traces of anti depressants, cholesterol drugs, blood pressure meds, birth control pills and other medications. The crystal clear water that pours from our faucets holds many dark secrets.

There are answers to this disturbing portrait of water. As water is the basis of a healthy body, it is of paramount importance that we address this concerning situation. The body is generally about 70% water, with the brain being even higher at around 85%. There are many signs that we are under hydrated. It shows up as fatigue, aches and pains, headaches, lack of focus and low mood and also in the skin with acne and other skin issues. Digestion and even heart health can be negatively affected by dehydration. Water increases blood volume, allowing more oxygen to reach all the cells. Toxins are eliminated from the body more readily when hydration is optimal.

Simple filtration is the common first step many adopt to improve water quality. This can filter out chlorine and some other contaminants depending on the size of the filter pores. Far more effective is the process of purification, which can remove up to 99.99% of microorganisms including virus, bacteria and parasites as well as heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and organic/inorganic matter such as VOC’s, BPA, and PCB’s.

To provide water that has the most beneficial properties for health enhancement, the system should also alkalize the water, provide antioxidants, micro-cluster, and add hydrogen for higher absorption and hydration. Together these change the character of our beloved H2O, so this vital element is readily available for the body to use in optimizing our health.

Water can be made so-called“alkaline” in a number of ways. The pH can be artificially raised by using electricity or electrolysis or by using chemicals. Such water is able to neutralize acids that it directly comes into contact with in the digestive system, but is unable to reach and neutralize acids at the deeper cellular level where much of the damage is done. The best water treatment systems use alkalizing ions in the form of calcium and magnesium to naturally change the level of pH. The 8 to 9.5 pH of ideal drinking water has a profoundly positive effect on the body tissues, which helps to prevent a range of chronic diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. The typical diets we eat often lead to a more acidic body which makes it more difficult to remain healthy and more imperative that we drink water that is alkaline in nature. When water is mineral rich, it is both more alkaline and more nourishing.

The antioxidant capacity of water is an important part of its health promoting capability. Free radical damage is a big factor in aging. We are assaulted daily by free radicals in the environment, the food we eat, the body care products that we use, the thoughts that we think and by the body’s own metabolic processes.  Antioxidantwater provides extra electrons to support the body’s free radical quenching ability. Free radicals can impact the immune system, mood, heart, eyes and skin along with other organs.

When water is micro clustered, the clusters of water molecules are made smaller and therefore easier to absorb. The enhanced hydration results from the smaller clusters being able to penetrate the tissues more effectively. This gives increased cellular “hydration” and promotes greater “detoxification”.

With optimum hydration, energy levels increase, skin rehydrates, and all the organ systems perform better.

To further augment hydration, the “active molecular hydrogen” in the treated water allows faster recovery from exercise, a reduction of inflammation and pain, and an increase in energy levels. Oxidative stress in the brain is reduced which affects mood and memory. You can actually drink less water and yet remain properly hydrated. Many of us are in a chronic state of dehydration without realizing it, for even though we drink water, it may not be absorbed efficiently.

Nature in a very few specific areas gives us the kind of living water through friction and ferocious movements, contact with rock elements and metallic elements producing the special water known as “healing water or “holy water”. Ideally we need to find the best way to copy nature and nourish ourselves with the healthiest waters available. There is a question here. What are the characteristics of these waters in nature?

Those using “purified”water with the four important propertiesmentioned: cleansed, alkalized (with minerals), antioxidant rich, micro-clustered with added molecularhydrogen, have reported a range of noticeable health shifts.

There are manyeffective water filtrationand alkalizing systems in the market place today. Yet the only system that can claim these features and properties all together is the AQUAVITA Ultimate Alkaline Water System. This “Ultimate Water Solution”, is a well researched and comprehensive system that does not rely on electricity or chemicals to create its alkaline/antioxidant/micro-clustered/hydrogen rich water. AQUAVITAis a state of the art water system that uses a super effective micro-glass fibreultra-purification technology, offering a safe and cost effective way to ensure that you and your family get the benefits of truehealthy and life giving water.

Water is more than a drop in the bucket when it comes to being truly well, so hydrate your way back to health today.

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