By Glennis Taylor

       Among the various buzzwords often heard in the alternative health world is the term “alkaline water”. Studies abound showing that we are all too acidic today and that this potentially dangerous acidic state of the body is a common precursor to many chronic illnesses. Arising along this surge of information, we also see a growing variety of alkaline water products in the marketplace. These days bottled alkaline water and alkaline producing water systems are commonly available for home use as well as for commercial purposes.

Natural alkaline water as found in nature is, for example, water that comes down a mountainside moving through rocks and mineral rich landscape. As it journeys over the rocks, it picks up minerals from the rocks and soil and becomes more alkaline as it meanders seaward. How is it possible to recreate this perfection that nature gives us so generously?

Interestingly, upon investigation of that very topic it seems that purchasing true alkaline water is just not that simple an affair, as there are different methods of producing what is termed alkaline water. And in fact there are parameters that we must look at to make sure we are getting water that actually promotes true wellness and that actually alkalizes.

To clarify the confusion around alkaline water and what we should be more aware of when using such water as a part of a healthy lifestyle, I spoke with Amir Shaani (Certified Water Specialist) of Puretek from Vancouver who represents the cutting edge alkaline water purification system, AQUAVITA™.

Amir, with his fifteen years of extensive experience in the area of water treatment, explained the importance of several factors that can make water most advantageous to us in giving us a real health benefits.

Water should be purified and alkaline according to Amir, but it ideally also needs to have antioxidant properties as well as to be micro-clustered and have enough active molecular hydrogen to give the body optimum hydration. It is a common misconception that we should have water with more oxygen, when in fact it is more hydrogen that makes the water easier for us to absorb.

There is a difference between filtered water and purified water as Amir explains. Filtered water will reduce some particulates depending on the pore size of the filter used. When water is purified as with the AQUAVITA system, microbial contaminants, heavy metals, chlorine and chloramines, dissolved organic material, DBP (disinfection by-products), metal ions, pesticides, PCBs, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), as well as inorganic matter and residual pharmaceuticals are reduced or removed, providing some of the purest and healthiest water you can find.

There are waters sold as alkaline that have a high pH, but they are not actually able to alkalize the body. This is key stresses Amir. You can create high pH water with different chemicals or with the familiar water ionizer machines that use electrolysis, and that obviously require electricity. A pH above 7 on the scale of 14 is considered alkaline. Yet here is a large misunderstanding with the term alkaline water. Water with simply a high pH is not necessarily “alkaline” and can possibly neutralize the tissues it contacts directly, such as the mouth, the stomach and small intestine to some extent, but it will not enter the bloodstream and impact the tissues and the organs outside of the intestinal tract. It is not alkalizing the body’s internal systems at the cellular level, which is where we need the help to reduce tissue acidity that can lead to a myriad of diseased states.

Our diets, in part, are a main contributor to the rampant acidity and ensuing inflammation we are dealing with today in our society. Amir encourages us to ask questions about our water systems to make sure that they are actually alkalizing and not just making high PH water.

In Amir’s words, “It is the natural process created by mother-nature in the water that give water its alkalizing properties known as “holy water” or “healing water”. AQUAVITA introduces the new technology using magnetic field and infrared techniques inspired by what is actually happening in nature to produce Alkaline, Anti-Oxidant (anti-aging), Micro-Clustered, and Molecular Hydrogen Rich water to ensure its alkalizing capacity is maximized in a 100% natural and green process with no electricity, electrolysis, or chemical reaction involved.”

The antioxidant function reduces free radical damage to all our cells. Free radicals are formed by the body’s own metabolic processes as well as being introduced environmentally and by our lifestyle choices. If we can reduce free radical damage we can help retard the aging process and improve our health tremendously.

Micro-clustering is another interesting piece of the puzzle. Often times when we drink a lot of water, we either feel bloated or end up running off to relieve ourselves. When water is truly alkalizing and made into smaller clusters as happens with the AQUAVITA System, the water is absorbed far better by the body, cleansing and detoxifying is happening for the same reason. We become more hydrated rather than just passing the volumes we drink right through us. We may drink lots of water but still remain poorly hydrated, and the body relies on water for all its systems to work properly. Our own electrical system, which regulates heart rhythm for example, must have water to allow electrolytes and nutrients to perform their life giving functions.

Amir refers to studies on different conditions such as cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, blood circulation and the very common complaint of fatigue that all respond positively to the ingestion of good quality alkaline and alkalizing water.

AQUAVITA, with its cutting-edge technology, provides a cost effective purified alkalizing water that may just be the key to addressing the many health issues that become a concern as we age, and for the younger generations that face even more health assaults so early in life. Really there isn’t anyone that wouldn’t benefit from powerful, cleansing and energizing water. If we can change our habits and health one sip at a time, we can certainly make a big difference in the overall quality of our lives. Little by little a little becomes a lot. Going back to the basics is a big part of the answer. Good water is a great start and an essential element in any long-term health strategy.

Presently, in our New Agora Vancouver offices, the AQUAVITA system is powering and cleansing, energizing and alkalizing the very words you’re reading.

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