Time of Transition Retreat
Nov 25th – Dec 1st, 2019


We’re looking forward to our next retreat in the Peruvian high jungle Nov 25th – Dec 1st, 2019. If you feel called to join us, go HERE for more information and how to apply.


The Time of Transition retreat is hosted by Bernhard Guenther and his wife Laura Matsue. Together they combine their talents and gifts into a well-balanced program which focuses on the concept of relating: our relationship to Self and others, embodiment (our relationship to our bodies), and the alchemical process of the inner reunion of spirit/body that needs to take place before the biggest outer shifts can occur in our lives.

As we move towards transcending the Matrix and healing the traumas that were created in this wound of Separation, we are being called to do deeper self-work and “yoga” in the true meaning of the word: uniting our human experience with the Divine. When we do this in community, our healing multiplies and ripples outwards in waves, anchoring more light into these often challenging times of significant change.

Placed in the high-jungle of the Peruvian Amazon (commonly referred to as the “Hawaii of Peru”) the setting of this retreat is away from the typical distractions of modern life, allowing us the space to go deeper into ourselves and connect deeper with one another.

We will learn about the bigger picture perspective of the accelerated evolution of consciousness that is occurring right now on Planet Earth, the Matrix Control System and its teaching function, and the importance of creating conscious relationships and community during this Time of Transition.

Together we will dive into a wide-array of daily spiritual practices, sharing circles, and explore the fundamentals of self-work and embodiment practices that are necessary in order to anchor the Divine within and align with our individual’s soul purpose. We will also give time to reconnect with our natural rhythms and the natural order around us by going on hikes through the jungle, bathing in waterfalls, and deeply cleansing our body, mind, and spirit.

This exclusive retreat only has space for 9 participants in order to ensure an intimate setting and provide a safe container for deeper group and individual processing.



“Heading into the jungle to get away from the distractions of the everyday was what I needed to push myself and to begin feeling my way into the next part of my life. When this opportunity presented itself, it was so exciting, but I also had some hesitation about jumping into the unknown. I am so glad that I went because it has been one of the best things I have ever participated in.

I met some of the most amazing people. We did a lot of raw work and put ourselves out there, in front of strangers in the beginning who felt like family as we departed. Bernhard and Laura were able to hold a safe space for us as we processed and worked together. The knowledge and practices that Bernhard and Laura shared and created have this wonderful balance. I was able to push myself and dig deeper and it’s not something that I had to leave in the jungle. What I came back with was a way for me to continue processing and moving down this unknown path.

I am deeply grateful for this experience that has already impacted my life greatly and continues to do so each day.”

– Angela D.

“My experience at the Time of Transition Retreat with Bernhard & Laura was a watershed moment for me that will be with me the rest of my life. I had planned it this way, though had no idea what exactly I was getting in to. There is a balance of group dynamic and alone self-reflection time that create a synergy of process. Being in the jungle is the perfect setting for this process. We are getting in tune with our body, our mind, and our world through the embodiment practices, the shadow work and simply being in the jungle.

The relationship between Laura and Bernhard creates a beautiful yin yang, container as well as a sort of trigger. The partnership, mutual respect and divergent fields of study complement each other perfectly and their relationship manifests as a unison, point/counterpoint and can be the best kind of trigger for some who are working through relationship issues. Because they seem to be a perfect union, yet they openly acknowledge their own triggers (without “oversharing”!), obstacles and self-work as a mirror to participants, they do not lead from a place of “I am the expert”; they share their own experiences and lessons as examples of what this shadow work and embodiment looks like when practiced on a daily basis and especially in a relationship.

In this way, their examples and leadership can help us to see our own pre-conceived expectations, what the reality is and how we integrate the two. I highly recommend this for people who have an innate sense of “Yes!” when reading about the retreat; trust that feeling, don’t over think it, commit and go for it! You got this! Bernhard and Laura will be beautiful support – along with your cohort of self-healers.”

– Paul I.

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