Better than Our Best

(A Loving Work in Progress)

By Lorenzo




What does that mean, to do better than your best? How can you do better than you can do? Interesting, seeming paradox. Where does inspiration beyond your current capabilities come from? How can you grow, like a plant, and have more the next day than you did the day before?

What is growth, for us as humans, what is ‘more’, ‘better’, and of course, who or what is deciding what is ‘better’, and what is ‘your best’. And, for me, the most important one ‘more of what’?

Well the good news is, the only judge, that can possibly have any matter or meaning for you, is well, you. It is up to you, me, each of us to decide what that can mean. Obviously, if you’re unhappy with your life, all the circumstances therein, that’s a good place to begin. Take what you have, or have lack in, put them all on a very ‘big table top’ and have a good poke around.

Look carefully at your health, wealth, emotional well-being, happiness and satisfaction as defined by you, strength, love, peace and harmony, it’s a big list, and don’t stop until you’re done. Add all other desired potentials for life, both what you can now imagine and perhaps leave some space for what you haven’t imagined yet…and you may get ‘an amount’ of where you are in life, and from that amount, that ‘mountain of choices made, choices yet to make, things you wish more or less of, and see how all of that brought you to where you are now. Next, using imagination’s heart and eye, see from there and look up, reach up, dream up, and get an idea, feeling, inspiration of what better can be.

Quite the ‘mouthful’ I know, but nothing is more important, in my opinion, than accessing what is possible for us in this life. And the only way to discover what that may be, is to go beyond, even way beyond, where you are in life, and even more importantly, who you are currently being in life.

If where you are is your idea ‘that’s all, but still you’re unhappy…best then to let imagination and inspiration take over  and in my opinion, point the way to ‘better’. And from there, you may be able to figure out how to move and then/thus, do better than your best. How many times have you ended up somewhere in life, that was ‘better’ in one way or many, than you ever thought possible. A better job, feeling in your body, relationship, food, trip, gut feelings of love, hate or hurt. All seemingly by ‘accident’. Always, life has a way of bringing us surprises. Sometimes bad, often good….and for me, many have been more than I thought possible. Always something I didn’t know I always wanted, shows up.

After all, we are not here for very long, impossible to have the answers from all the potential possibilities, so ‘better than you could have imagined, if considered, is a natural state for any/all of us to aspire too. There is always more, or so I have found, to help us grow and grow. In fact, our natural state is growth, or it’s opposite, when you decided, through your actions, to stop growing. Entropy it’s called. And that’s not a happy direction.

I would say, even, no such thing, as better than your best, in that, none of us really knows what our best is, yet. You can’t, again in my opinion, as long as you are here and breathing, know exactly what that ‘best’ is. We are infinite beings on an infinite journey, which means, if you allow yourself to grow out of your ‘thoughts’, which can only ever tell you about your past, nothing but more, better, new and exciting awaits you to experience.

To put it simply then, I would say, to do better than you best could mean, to just go beyond your thoughts, beyond what others have said is possible, beyond all rules and laws and even yes, duty and responsibility to others. For it is only, in ‘my heart’s pleasure’, and by that I mean growth in love, nurturing and support, for myself and others, that I have found my ‘better than my best’.

I have put so much of life on the shelf, perceived out of reach for me, to find, once inspiration strikes I can now reach those top shelves and beyond. Help has come in all the ways possible, friends, family, stress and strangers and often from unknown and at the time unimaginable sources, at least from my perspective, what was limited to the me from ‘then’, but not the ‘me’ from now.

Life has a way, as you go/grow higher of offering more and more alternatives. I simply had to be open to them.

And so, many words, that require actions to fulfill our Happy Destiny.  For me, us, the many and the few who have helped here, with Our Past New Agora Newspaper, 10 years, our Current New Agora Online, growing quicker than we can almost keep up with, and our Soon to be Launched  NEW NOW Magazine, these have been but some of our efforts to grow better than our best. My paintings and Poetry and Dream Explorations have taken me further still. As has the wonderful explorations beyond the known with my cohorts of what seems like many lifetimes now, further still.

Only the beginning of what’s possible. So Much More Growth to Come. Dreams are what we are made of. Our Efforts here, in this dream, can lead to many others.  Feel Free to Join us in this Journey. Online, in Print and especially in ‘Dream Time’. Anytime.

Please Enjoy This Video, Part Inspiration on Life, Partly an announcement about The NEW NOW Magazine and fully an invitation to Participate.  Ask, if interested, for our media kit.   Send me a message. Open to questions and suggestions and how we may help each other grow.

And keep your lovely attention here, as desired, for much more to come.




Hello to all our lovely viewers. This is just a quick, off the cuff video announcement, driven by my excitement for us to possible be in print again soon. A bit tired, sorry to perhaps have mixed some messages in my desire to share this note with you right away. Put it down to gusto. Better than Your Best means realizing when you haven’t done so and seems to me, this video could certainly have been more clear.

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Cheers. Lorenzo and Team Agora

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