COVID-19: A new superimposed reality


By: POM commenter Stephers



I am positing that COVID-19 is a fictitious and factitious disorder being imposed on society, in order to create an artificial scenario in which to implement an even greater superimposition of something called Sentient World Simulation.


A New Superimposed Reality (Part 1)


Superimpose: to place or lay over or above something, i.e. superimposed images

What follows is hypothetical. Technocratic plutocrats seem to think this way. Back in 2015, Bill Gates listed his top favorite book picks for the year. Two were How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff and What If? by Randall Monroe.

There is a chapter in What If? called “Common Cold” by Sarah Ewart. The hypothetical question posed is quite timely:

“If everyone on the planet stayed away from each other for a couple weeks, wouldn’t the common cold be wiped out?” It then follows, “Would it be worth it?”

The author considers the practical consequences of this kind of quarantine. As he says, “The world’s total annual economic output is in the neighborhood of $80 trillion, which suggests that interruption of all economic activity for a few weeks would cost many trillions of dollars. The shock to the system from the worldwide ‘pause’ could easily cause a global economic collapse.” Monroe concludes at the end of the chapter, “In addition to probably causing the collapse of civilization, Sarah’s plan wouldn’t eradicate rhinoviruses” (used as example by Monroe as an RNA virus typically causing the common cold). He continues, “However, this might be for the best…their absence might be worse…It’s possible that these mild infections serve to train and calibrate our immune systems.”

Here is another hypothetical, superimposing something over reality. Let’s say various strains of coronavirus have spread across the world and infected millions. Hundreds of thousands are under threat of death. However, compare that to reality. There are coronaviruses. They belong to the family Coronaviridae. Millions of people die every year and many more millions get sick. There has never been any proof (i.e. – Koch’s postulates) that a coronavirus has caused a single death — despite the propaganda represented by “risk communication”, false statistics and fake anecdotal narratives reported in the news media.

This is our current reality. A hypothetical narrative has been superimposed linking a “novel” coronavirus with widespread sickness and death on a global scale. This narrative is not only fictional, but also a grand simulation. None of it is real.


Sentient World Simulation


COVID-19 is a fictitious and factitious disorder superimposed on society. It is being used to create an artificial scenario which serves as a “Sentient World Simulation.” Granted, there are many other agendas being simultaneously achieved. Most of them have been covered by researchers all around on the Internet. I sense a number of red herrings. Typically in any psyop, those who planned it want to keep us chasing details, diving into rabbit holes, and keeping us from moving forward and missing the big picture. Thus, we have discussions of bioweapons, errant comets, and cytokine storms.

We give you COVID-19!

Do you remember the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (from 1988). The film was a live-action animated film.

From Wikipedia:

A live-action animated film is one that combines live action filmmaking with animation.

[1] Films that are both live-action and computer-animated tend to have fictional characters or figures represented and characterized by cast members through motion capture and then animated and modeled by animators, while films that are live action and traditionally animated use hand-drawn, computer-generated imagery (CGI) or stop motion animation.

We are currently living in a society over which has been superimposed a fictional overlay. It is much like a hybrid film combining living reality and a computer-generated reality.

Sentient World Simulation — Dr. Alok Chaturvedi is the founder and the Director of SEAS Laboratory as well as the technical lead for the Sentient World Simulation project initiated by US Joint Forces Command. Dr. Chaturvedi’s research is focused on “Virtual Environments” for business strategies. This approach covers the domain of Artificial Intelligence, Computational Ecology and Enterprise Integration for “business war games”.

Dr. Chaturvedi’s concept paper in 2006:

“The goal of the Sentient World Simulation (SWS) is to build a synthetic mirror of the real world with automated continuous calibration with respect to current real-world information, such as major events, opinion polls, demographic statistics, economic reports, and shifts in trends. The ability of a synthetic model of the real world to sense, adapt, and react to real events distinguishes SWS from the traditional approach of constructing a simulation to illustrate a phenomena. Behaviors emerge in the SWS mirror world and are observed much as they are observed in the real world. Basing the synthetic world in theory in a manner that is unbiased to specific outcomes offers a unique environment in which to develop, test, and prove new perspectives. SWS consists of components capable of capturing new events as they occur anywhere in the world, focus on any local area of the synthetic world offers sufficient detail. In other words, the set of models that make up the synthetic environment encompass the behavior of individuals, organizations, institutions, infrastructures and geographies while simultaneously capturing the trends emerging from the interaction among entities as well as between entities and the environment.” [My emphasis.]

James Corbett (of the Corbett Report) discussed SWS in a video several years ago. James has done a superb job of covering this current plandemic/scamdemic. [The Corbett Report is listed in the links below on this blog. – MT]  He has talked about the rapidly expanding surveillance and security state that is surely intended to be a permanent fixture after things return to “normal.”

I posit that this “virus” was not made in a physical lab, but rather a virtual lab — one created in the AI aether by the geekiest of minds at the highest levels of the blockchain/AI technocratic elite. It serves as an “independent agent” that propagates through the augmented reality that it is creating autonomously. Simulation models accompany it.


COVID-19: A virtual disease with real-world results


Based on the concept of a pandemic and the idea of an infectious agent and contagion model — I suggest that the entire narrative is AI-generated from cradle to grave (pun intended), and we humans are merely serving a virtual virus as “machine teaching assistants”.

This would explain the entire “experimental” nature of this, and why a country like Sweden needs to serve as a “control” (i.e. – no social distancing). It explains why the mayor of Las Vegas offered to be a “control” by discontinuing social distancing. The AI does not know fantasy from reality. Looking around at hordes of people afraid to be close to one another and wearing pointless face masks, do any of us know the difference between what is real and what is not? This has been the goal of the AI gods for a long time now.

I have seen the notion of machine learning pop up frequently in my research on alleged shooting events. I suspect that before they happen in real time, they are rehearsed in an AI environment. To cite one example: Joyce Fienberg, who was reportedly killed in the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting in October 2018, was married to Stephen Fienberg, an internationally acclaimed statistician who taught machine learning at Carnegie Mellon University. Fienberg had (reportedly) passed away from cancer two years prior to the shooting event.

It was Fienberg who helped to pioneer machine learning as a field. He also served on the Standing Committee of the American Opportunity Study, which aims to combine existing data from the U.S. census, surveys and programs like Social Security to study individuals and families over time. Fienberg was one of 13 top scientists convened by NAS and the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands to determine how to address scientific controversies ranging from problems replicating results to researcher misconduct and sensationalism.

Joyce Fienberg herself had a long career at the University of Pittsburgh as a research specialist from 1983 until her retirement in 2008. Even going back to the alleged ESL shooting in February, 1988, a survivor and witness of the shooting was Mark Jurik. He was an AI engineer and researcher at ESL who worked in classified military projects, and then went on that same year to create Jurik Research, which specializes in data modeling and time series forecasting methods.

Jurik has been a lecturer and instructor and has given presentations that have covered both the theoretical and practical aspects of neural network technology. I perceived predictive analytics to be central to the agenda of these events. I also suspected that these events had actually occurred for the actors playing victims and shooters. However, it was done in virtual reality, and not during the fake event.  The crisis actors experienced the events with virtual reality simulation gear – just as the military uses to simulate and “train” for battle.

That is why the “survivors” could “recall” the events and explain them with “proper” eye recall (looking up to the right to retrieve a visual memory). Notice how they use their body and hands, as if really there – because they really were there– just in an SWS reality sense of being there. It also explains why, even as they try,  they cannot simulate real emotions. So, the role-players (LARPers, or live-action role play), in this sense, clearly knew the difference between reality and fantasy – although the MSM viewers could not distinguish the difference.

So, the same could be said with COVID-19  — those in charge are really tracking something and tracking our responses. Healthcare facilities are “planning” and responding. But that something is a total fantasy — a simulated reality. I wonder if even top officials and scientists know next steps. There must be a central source of power — WHO headquarters in Geneva? Or, is it AI in charge, learning and deciding as it goes?

As Darrell Huff says in How to Lie with Statistics, “There is terror in numbers.”

Indeed, they have terrorized us with their inflated and manufactured numbers in this pandemic scenario, haven’t they? I would add that there is terror in the technocrats’ plans to overlay reality with a fabricated reality based completely on computer simulation. There may come a time when no one will be able to distinguish the difference. Most people have already succumbed to this charade — or rather, this “mask”uerade. Look around — it is Night of the Living Dead.

Part 2 will be about the concept of the “Simulacra”, as put forth by Jean Baudrillard, as well as the books, Social Physics by Alex Pentland and Growing Artificial Societies by Joshua Epstein and Robert Axtell. I will discuss the role of Lam Research, who acquired Coventor, Inc – a leader in simulation and modeling. As Rick Gottscho, executive vice president and corporate chief technical officer of Lam Research stated back in 2017, “Together, our collective goal is to deliver more simulation, more virtual fabrication, and an overall increase in computational techniques to support the development of next-generation transistors, memories, MEMS and IoT devices.”

By the way: The first person in the US reported to have died from COVID-19 is Patricia (Trish) Dowd. Trish worked for Lam Research…


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