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By Liala Ackerman



Structured Water

Advanced nuclear magnetic resonance imaging shows that natural water that is safe to drink or revered as “healing”, is liquid crystal water and displays hexagonal crystal-like structures. Structured Water is also found in and around healthy cells. The 6-pointed star shapes that manifest from the arrangement of the water molecules, show the water is coherent and balanced and reflect the molecules’ natural properties, characteristics and available energies. Water research scientists use the term, “Structured Water”, to denote this quality of water.


Structured Water is uniquely identifiable scientifically by the chemical compound H3O2 and Hexagonal and Pentagonal water from, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, UV&IR spectroscopy, Gas Discharge Visualization/High Voltage imaging, and Crystal micro and macro imaging analysis.

Earth’s Structured Water is instantly hydrating, naturally alkaline, rich in oxygen, negative hydrogen ions, and measureable bio-photonic (life force, Chi, Prana) energies and is most fit to efficiently serve the body’s water needs. The importance of feeding the body such quality water is underscored, by the claim made by renowned Bio-engineer and Structured Water expert, Dr. Gerald Pollack, wherein he asserts over 99% of the body’s molecules are water molecules


Nature’s Water Structuring ‘Tools’

In Nature, water is made and kept “Structured” by its travel in natural waterways. On those journeys, it powerfully rushes and tumbles, in its natural flow -a double helix vortex, over rocks and through currents, mountain streams, waterfalls and miles of winding rivers.


Loss of Structure

Water molecules become disordered when subjected to conditions and elements not normally found in natural waterways; such as when water is forced to travel in straight pipes and around 90ocorners, is pumped, treated with chemical additives or technologically produced UV light/oxygen/hydrogen, or subject to other non-natural procedures. The disorganization of the water molecules diminishes the biological usefulness of the water and creates an overload of energies that are biologically meaningless and thus, potentially toxic.


Water’s Absorption and Reflection of Stored Energies

During its travel, water interacts with and absorbs the energetic signatures associated to every live and non-living thing in vicinity. It has been suggested water consumption thereby connects people to different places and information.  Also, that body fluids hold a unique memory linked to individual experience. Drs. Masaru Emoto, Laurent Costa, Konstantin Korotkov and others looked at the effects of different energies on water’s molecular structure. These included the energies of emotion, music, intention, language, light, colors, and radiation from computers and cell phone. In each instance, energy that was positive to life produced Structured Water formations, whereas negative incoherent energies broke the water down into irregular shaped blobs. Research showed similar results when the water was exposed to peaceful environments versus environments where there was discord or hardship. The images shown below are of water molecules photographed by Dr. Emoto, in his investigation of the effects of written and spoken words, music and visual images.



The Structured Water Unit


The Structured Water Unit provides an environment of natural materials and flow form elements that compels water to move in its natural geometric flow, same as its chaotic high velocity rushing and tumbling down miles of mountain stream. Essentially, the unit emulates Nature’s method of vitalizing water for humans, animals and plants. In research performed by Andreas Schultz, a foremost expert on Structured Water, tap water processed through the Structured Water unit proved to be on par with natural fine quality spring water. As reported in Schultz’s study, movement through the Structured Water Unit restores water’s innate energetic and physical patterns; increases measurable life force energy, negative hydrogen ions, available oxygen, hydrogen and minerals; clears water’s memory; and has a neutralizing effect on toxins (physical, chemical and energetic). Unlike passive structuring achieved with exposure to benevolent energies, the active structuring accomplished with the Structured Water Unit infuses the water with an abundance of life force energies.


Support of Natural Electromagnetic Needs

Vibrancy Water, a company that sells the Structured Water unit since 2009, is the exclusive source for units that contain L-8 Transceiver Technology. The technology is engineered to deeply ground the bio-energy field of the consumer – human, animal or plant, into Earth’s bio-energetic field. This type of grounding is EMF-protective and significantly improves accessibility to earth’s natural vitalizing signals. Purchase from Vibrancy Water includes a guidebook with instructions formulated to cause EMF emitters (cell phone, router, home’s electrical grid) to emit fields dynamically resonating to the Earth’s electromagnetic field.  By so doing, the emitter’s emissions will also make environmental bio-signals more available in the environment and to the body (like attracts like, Principle of Resonance).

Visit to buy the Structured Water Unit and for further details about the properties and benefits of Structured Water, the water structuring devices mentioned here, research findings and more.


About the author:

Liala Ackerman is the developer of L-8 Transceiver Technology and was personally trained by Clayton Nolte, a pioneer in Structured Water technology. She is the owner and operator of Advanced Health Technologies, a distributor for Natural Action water structuring units since 2009 and previously the exclusive Canadian distributor of EarthCalm EMF Protection Products (2007 – 2016).

*Pictures of the water molecules – Dr. Masaru Emoto




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