Ego at the Head of My ‘Fool’s Parade’

By Lorenzo!


How many heads does your ego have?

Mine seem countless as nary a second passes before, as I brazenly lop off one, another takes its fearful ‘chattery’ place.

I am of a coward’s mind, as we all are, when we listen to that shadowy, whiny voice’s advice.

Heads march, torches in hand, ‘the lynching of love’ on their collective egoistic minds.

Claiming to help, as they strive to choke off imagination and my blossom’s power of plenty. Telling you black is white and bad is good. Backwards, heads up ass, the lot of them.

Cut, crush, starve, decapitate them, one at a time, or all at once, I say, as best and fast as we can.

After all, these monsters are ‘hungry’ to eat anything of power related to my freedom, sovereignty and especially consciousness.

Ego’s voice always leading, dare I say heading, herding, us in the wrong direction. The wrong direction that is, if your goal is consciousness, as it is mine.

Grab your ego’s head by its greasy strands of hair and slit its duplicitous throat.

For it is the very deaths of these heads that may allow more light and love into life.

Strange that these seemingly violent sounding acts lead to salvation; the salvation of my eternal destiny, that of happiness.

Don’t take my words here for it…Give it a try!

Let loose those murder-y urges we can all have, but instead of slaying any good you may have in life, turn the tables on ‘evil’, change direction, look the other way, staring stupid in the eyes, and kill that voice, forever.

Squeeze until its tongue turns blue and you have a brand new view of ‘glory’. After all, it’s only in your mind that it may feel as if you’re losing something.

The rest of you shall offer a hero’s parade. What better way to head up a new future than to decapitate our old past and see where the now, the New NOW, with new consciousness may lead.

Cheers Lorenzo

(Here I am ‘objecting’ to what my ego has to say, and showing my strategy for getting that ‘shit’ out of my consciousness.)

(Japanese Says ‘No Objection or Right On!’)


Featured Image Skull by Glauco Gianoglio

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