Fancy Yourself Free?

By Lorenzo H. Malowane

We are, all of us, living in a dream, and although we get plenty of direction, good and ill, it is all, every bit of it by our own making. We create the day to day of our lives, all of it, most choose to follow what they’ve been told forever, never realizing they have the power to choose again. Not fight the dream, or circumstances they dislike or hate, but to make a new one.

Trick: let go of the old, the good, bad, ugly, comfortable and not. If you’re happy where and how you are, by all means, stay and live the ride, but if you’re not….happy, too afraid, nervous, stressed, not living to what you know could be your best, and you feel like something must be done, well it’s true, something must be done, and, alas, it must be done by you.

Your life, your feelings, your circumstances, are there for you to be brave or cowardly with. There are no refunds on the path of a warrior, simply choices made, one after the other, leading towards dreams of wonder, or the other kind…. you can never rewind…learn, recall, remember, always with an eye for the better. You can’t give up, since it’s your life, and the actions or lack thereof will always count, no matter what you may wish or desire, so it’s impossible, while breathing to give up…perhaps even after, the next life.  Awareness brings a huge responsibility and that responsibility is your life and how you play in and with it…how it plays out.

Reasons are for fools too afraid of change. There are never any good reasons, valid, to remain in a life you are not happy with. Whatever real reasons you may have, are simply the first challenges facing you to move away from or towards where you wish to go.

Healthy imagination will grow as your health does. There are always simple steps leading to perhaps more complicated, even difficult ones, personally, no matter how it appears at first, I’ve never been faced with a challenge I couldn’t overcome, or come to realize that that challenge  wasn’t worth my life’s time and effort…but was in the way of something better for me; in a sense that challenge, to drop the challenge and thus, beat the challenge, was the challenge.

Love will always find a way, but love is always a two-way street, and you are on both sides of that street, both directions. You must love outward, the world around you, and with equal fervor, inward, to love, honour and respect yourself, not at the fearful cost of others, but at the loving respect we all require to grow happily during our dream here together.

Go it alone, go with thousands, but always make sure you take your heart along for the ride, and always assure yourself you will love no matter what. An excuse, any excuse, is a poor excuse for not reaching your honest potential.

We are what dreams are made of, and the trick is to realize that we also make that dream. Being told ‘no’ is just a way to find a yes, if that yes is spiritually sent. Being told yes, is just a challenge to say no and remain firm, if that yes is ‘from the dark’, leading one into shadow realm of fear, disease, sadness and the never-ending torture of stress that come from living in someone, some beings, other mess.

Honestly, this world’s society was made by ‘hands’ not friendly to ours. We are not bound to bind ourselves to any rules that hurt, harm or shame. Shame on you, if you do, listen and bend and take the easy way down. It may seem easier to go downhill, but the view is much better from the top of the mountain, even more so from the heights of flight.

Go in or you go without, I read that in a spiritual book once, can’t say I bought the whole premise being sold, but I do strongly know, if you forget yourself, you do get left out…and then, left behind.

So, fancy yourself ready, anytime, to be the hero who defines who and how you are.




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