Hello everyone and welcome to our New Now.
Join us here regularly as we talk with many interesting people about their lives and how they worked and played towards a new way of being alive, sharing their personal journeys towards self-direction and purpose in life.
Always with an eye on self-empowerment and practical steps towards freedom, we will keep our focus on what has and has not worked and why they kept going when failure seemed almost certain. Above all, we will expose what it honestly takes to make a new way of being alive real from their perspectives.
Our intent on this Video Channel is to explore what it means to create our individual and collective New Now’s.
This first interview is with a new friend of ours, Jean-Francois Sobiecki.
In his own words, he is a medicinal plant researcher and phytoalchemist, here to discuss his passion in researching and documenting the use of psychoactive plants by the traditional healers in Southern Africa that led to the first comprehensive inventory of psychoactive plants from Africa with over 300 species being reported that have future therapeutic applications for helping to heal consciousness.
This first series of such videos on the New Now will examine the plant process of alchemy Jean-Francois has gone through to explore and manifest his calling as a teacher and healer.
More information about Jean-Francois, his practice and many of the sources and publications mentioned in our talks may be found at… http://phytoalchemy.co.za/faq/
Plants of the Gods: Their Sacred, Healing, and Hallucinogenic Powers by Richard Evans Schultes (Resource for Personal Study)
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