Food with a High Vibration which Results in a Higher Consciousness



Organic food has a high vibration.

As one goes through life, eating out of necessity becomes a routine. This routine – depending on where you live – is called; breakfast, lunch and dinner. If the habit of eating includes foods that are not good for you, then one lowers their vibration thus making themselves vulnerable to sickness and disease. This is the danger of unconscious eating.

Everything in the universe has a vibration; this includes rocks, trees, plants, minerals, animals, people and so on. These are all measurable in hertz. Hertz, is named after the scientist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz; he was the first physicist to produce radio waves artificially. He proved the existence of electromagnetic waves; and determined that one hertz is equal to one cycle per second. Remember, everything in the universe is energy; there are no exceptions, for example; a rock may have a low dense vibration, but an apple has a much higher vibration.

Eating nutritiously is important, but what seems to be ignored – by the consumer, the distributor, the medical community, the educational institutions, the government and the seller – is the value of foods high in vibration.

When eating fresh fruits and vegetables off the plant, tree or vine, the vibrational benefit of the food is maximized. Food shipped long distances lose their vibrational value, as they are picked long before they ripen before they arrive in your kitchen; meaning they did not get the sun required to maximize the vibrational quality of it. It’s important to eat organic and local food as much as possible, because the energy in the food is of a high vibration and thus will help keep the body light rather than dense. Furthermore it will reduce the carbon footprintsince local food does not require long distance shipping.

A dense body is undesirably and unconsciously achieved in most modern high stress, rat race, and cosmopolitan cities. Here the food choices available are not very high in water or vibration, are filled with sodium content, often bottled, canned or frozen, and are thus simply not good for you. The food choices offered on the majority of city corners are almost exclusively of a low density vibration.

When one eats organic food directly from the plant, the plant is rich in nutrients from the sun. The sun is the key to everything, as it charges these foods to reach their maximum health benefit. These foods are at their optimum when picked ripe right off their tree or plant. Most fast food restaurants, large grocery food chains, even middle of the line eateries offer food that is of a very low vibrational quality, thus adding to the density of the body. Adding to the density lowers the hertz in the body and thus can result in sickness, obesity, stress, health issues and eventually death.


Foods to avoid which have little to no vibrational value; any processed foods, white flour, processed sugar, canned foods, pop, frozen foods and especially fast foods because they contain most if not all of the above items. Other items to avoid with either no or little vibrational value; cigarettes, hard liquor, pasteurized cow milk, infant formulas, pharmaceutical drugs, radiation of any kind (x-ray for example), pasteurized yogurt and cheese, and most meats, such as; beef, chicken, lamb and pork, microwaved food, genetically modified food, any artificial sweeteners, margarine and lards, and any foods containing additives.

Foods high in vibration are; fresh organic fruits and vegetables, pure clean water, sea vegetation and raw honey. Other foods that have good vibrational value; maple syrup, cooked vegetables (blanch them to retain optimum vibration), raw nuts and seeds, raw organic dairy products (not pasteurized), free range eggs, wild fish, raw oils, such as; cold pressed extra virgin olive oil among others.

People have been told for decades, if not centuries, that they require three meals a day, when in fact it does not hurt to skip meals at all; because generally speaking the less food one eats in a lifetime, the longer one lives. When one does eat, do so consciously and in moderation with foods that keep the body more alkaline, as the more acid in the body, the more problems can occur; resulting in a dense vibration and the possibility of problems more likely.


One other item of note and importance, give thanks and bless your food before eating and even while preparing and cooking it; therefore it’s a good idea to make your kitchen space a special, almost sacred place; because when one practices this, it will lift the vibration of the food

When eating; it’s also important to create an ambiance of peacefulness. Light some beeswax candles, put on quiet music, do not argue at the dinner table, eat food slowly and chew well, and give thanks for the bounty; this will enable proper digestion of the food.

To find high vibrational foods, steer clear of the large supermarkets, or department stores offering supermarkets in them, as their aisles are primarily loaded with items for fast convenience and low vibrations. However, some supermarkets may be making adjustments, just be vigilant to seek them out, because the vast majority only have an interest in the status quo.  As an alternative, locate fresh produce stores and buy local and organic when possible. Although harder to find and locate – depending on the city one lives in – health stores also have many products, which are mainly organic. It’s also very important to grow your own produce during the growing season, to optimize the nutritional and spiritual value of the food.

The results will most likely aid one in turning their life around. Practice the art of patience and intent regarding this new approach to food; and it will result in tremendous spiritual, mental and physical gains to lead a better, more divinely driven existence.
The choice is clear, stay away from; fast foods, heavy meats, processed food, large amounts of sodium and sugar in the diet; and head towards a leaner, higher vibrational diet . The results will be a lighter, less dense body; higher consciousness levels, a direct feed of intuition from one’s higher self, and living your life’s purpose.

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