Fukushima Update March 2019

By Conrad Miller MD.

This is a  partial transcription.  Please See Full Video Below.

8 years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred on March 11, 2011 Japan is preparing for the 2020 Olympics enthusiastically. Unfortunately and unconscionably, several events, at least, right now, are scheduled to occur in the still severely radioactively contaminated town of Fukushima itself 😖 Outrageously, the Olympic torch run 🏃 will start in Fukushima ☢️ which remains too radioactive for human habitation or even carefree visitation. Radioactive microparticles blown & washed around in dust, rain, snow, etc., can be ingested or inhaled to produce mutations & cancer in what should be well-known as a radioactive forbidden zone: the Fukushima Prefecture – which is the size of the USA state of Connecticut. Plutonium-239 or Pu-239, for example, can produce lung cancer if inhaled in a 2-4 micron sized particle so it can pass down into the dead end sacs of the lung called the alveoli. These particles will emit alpha radiation, which can strike any cells in the vicinity and damage their DNA. The cells may fix this damage perfectly.  

Or not. And if not, a mutation may form that may be propagated with cell reproduction, manifesting itself in whatever way it will, including forming a ‘cancer’ or cancer cells that will reproduce, which most likely will not be good for the body.



Plutonium 239 has a ‘half-life’ of 24,000 years, meaning half of whatever quantity is present today, will still be radioactive & emitting its alpha radiation 24,000 years from now. This Pu-239 goes on halving its total amount of actively radioactive particles every 24,000 years. We have to worry about a radionuclide like plutonium emitting its alpha radiation for its ‘hazardous life’ which equals 10-20 ‘half-lives.’ AND only one microgram, or one MILLIONTH of one gram, is the cancer-causing dose for Pu-239.


If you do the math, there are one million micrograms in one gram, and 454 grams in one pound. So, if someone has one pound of Pu-239 and it is vaporized or microparticle-ized into 2-4 micron-sized particles that can pass into the lung, POTENTIALLY that one pound of Pu-239 COULD theoretically produce 454 MILLION LUNG CANCERS! However, the body has defenses & cilia & a process called apoptosis that does fight the development of these potential cancers. But when you get your plutonium-induced lung cancer, it will not have a name on it. You may not smoke. And you would be puzzled then, how did YOU ever get this lung cancer?????


That is the story of just one radionuclide that results from the fission of uranium in the process of nuclear power. Each of the other 100 + radionuclides produced by nuclear power fissioning of uranium have their own story & type of cancer(s) they might tend to induce. As for Tritium, TEPCO is using the so-called Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS) to remove radionuclides from tons of radioactive water collecting & re-collecting at the plant (because the melted-down cores of units 1-3 have been, and still are in contact with the groundwater beneath the nuclear plant) – ALPS cannot filter out Tritium – But, after 20 half-lives pass, Tritium should not be hazardous as the remaining amount of still-radioactive atoms of it should theoretically be minimal enough in quantity not to seriously worry about.


I misspoke the word ‘never’ re the Tritium. Please excuse. With a half-life of 12.3 years, its hazardousness should dissipate sufficiently after 246 years then. See more at Simplyinfo.org Annual Report 2019 about this. Be aware that 300-400 tons of radioactive groundwater have been leaking out from the nuclear plant site into the Pacific ocean daily for the last 7-8 years. This has contaminated ocean life certainly around Fukushima waters, & has spread across the Pacific. To this day Fukushima fish have consistently been too radioactive to eat. With the construction of an ‘ice wall’ TEPCO, the nuclear plant’s operating owner, claims the radioactive water outflow has significantly decreased.


My research has current daily outflow at somewhere between 80-150 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific. Again, see Simplyinfo.org’s Annual Fukushima Report 2019 for more details & illustrations. Add that the Japanese central govt wants to remove 80% of Fukushima Prefecture radiation monitors ASAP, before those Olympics people might start showing up. What few locals present are trying to stop this from happening. Fairewinds reports ‘The Olympic soccer center that served TEPCO as a base for radioactively contaminated disaster workers (where they slept, donned protective gear, and were screened) has been contaminated by radioactivity, yet is scheduled to be the training site for the national soccer team [in Fukushima]!’ How in the world did radioactively contaminated Japan ever get the Olympics 2020 you might be wondering. Sympathy may have helped but Bribery enters the picture. See https://www.kpvi.com/sports/tokyo-gov…



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