The Growing Summit

Evolving cultivation in

Canadian Cannabis

Mar 31 – Apr 1, 2020

Kelowna, BC


Collaborate.  Evolve.  Grow.


The Growing Summit will bring the leaders of the Canadian Cannabis industry together, exploring traditional cultivation methods or legacy growing methods as we forge through this exciting time in Canadian history. Together we will establish the Canadian Cannabis industry growers as world leaders in cultivation innovation.


Day 1   

  • Welcoming Ceremony

  • ‘Fireside’ style panels
  • Networking Reception (appetizers included)

  • Laurel Packing House: History of Cultivation

Day 2 

  • Breakfast (included)

  • CFIA will help us navigate regulations

  • Lunch + Coffee Breaks (included)

  • ‘Fireside’ style panels

  • Dinner Cultivated:   An evening event (included)

About The Summit

Join us in POWERFUL Conversation

Learn from other growers and share your knowledge with others as we examine challenges and triumphs that growers face every day.

From the MMAR in 2001 to C-45 in 2018, the Canadian Cannabis industry has captured the attention of the world. Canada has emerged as the global leader in cannabis cultivation. The eyes of the world are watching Canada, however other nations are soon to be hot on our heels. How do we maintain our excellence as an industry while continually improving skills, methods, and scientific understanding of the cultivation of cannabis?

The Summit aims to unite Canada’s greatest growers and industry-related professionals in order to find the answers that will help growers face daily challenges together.

  • Inspire a new and innovative vision and share practical skills from a diverse panel of industry speakers

  • Network with growers and growing-related professionals, provincial and regulatory agencies, and service providers

20+Speakers – 100+Experts – 100+Companies – 250 Participants



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