Primary Cause Research and Healing


with Harald Kautz and Lorenzo


Digging into our lives as deep as we dare!



Going back, even further than one’s current lifetime, has shown Harald there is always more than initially ‘meets the I’ when it comes to understanding why we may be feeling ‘bad’ in the ways we all can.


Often using his own experiences as a blueprint, and then going where most have never gone, to places hard to comprehend, he brings his own special observations to the forefront when working with others to help themselves.


None may heal other than their own wounds, we have seen. And yet, being a good example as a reminder of the limitless possibilities any of us may access is of more service than all the empty promises of quick and easy fixes that abound these days. Best to avoid ‘tricky gurus’ in all of their guises I would say.


As for Harald, he never fails to surprise me. With just about any other ‘guest’ I can almost guess where they are going with certain questions: Not so with him. I may not always agree with everything shared, or anyone else for that matter, how can I when I have not had the same experiences, but I very much honour and appreciate his loving approach towards help and healing.


Building on today’s chat, while learning more about some of the personal sacrifices he’s made in his life to become a man capable of bringing much more than most to their ‘healing practices’, my admiration for Harald as a man, and perhaps a friend, continues to grow.


From the mundane to the metaphysical and much beyond, perhaps to places rarely visited by most of us….Join Harald and I for our latest…’adventure’!.


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Although Harald was not advertising anything, we managed to nail down the link to the company that does offer some interesting products for those who may be interested.

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