Connect with your personal vision and go on a magical quest into the centre of your heart…



Rain Forest 

Purify through Exploration.

  • Connection with Rain-forest medicine and cultural ways.

  • Hiking and ceremonies.

  • Meeting local Tribes.

  • Relaxing Hot-springs.

  • New moon Cacao ceremony.


Mountains tops & Cloud Forest


Find inspiration through self discovery and VisionQuest.

  • Andean mountain tops , cloud forest and the middle of the world.

  • 3 ceremonies, 2 workshops and lots of exploration, music and art.

  • Andean Wisdom Keeper Shairy Quimbo.

  • Biggest artesanal market in the Andes.

  • Visit to beautiful lakes, pre-Incan archaeological sites and a Cacao farm.


Ayampe Beach


Relax, Integrate , Celebrate. Magical sunsets by the ocean and the beautiful sandy beach.

  • Full moon cacao + closing ceremony.

  • Dance celebration party Swimming and surfing.

  • Shamanic Dreaming the future.

Every Journey is an opportunity to start a new page in the story of our co-creation for this beautiful life.



One HeartQuest

The New Agora