Hello and welcome to our March 2019 edition of The New Agora.


With this issue we’ve changed our cover motto from ‘Elect(ing) to Govern Yourself’ to ’A Magazine for Conscious Evolution’. We’re still all about self-governance, no worries there, and though we’ve also always been about conscious evolution it seemed an appropriate time to say it out loud, so to speak.

A Big Thank You this month to Vacio Cielo for allowing us to share his art on our cover with his painting named ‘Morphototem’. To see more of his magical art including information about his art exhibitions on both the Sunshine Coast this month, and in Vancouver in the near future, please visit his website: https://chacopaix.wixsite.com/vaciocielo/digital-art

Also a big welcome and thank you to our back page sponsor Sonoma Seeds. www.sonomaseeds.com. In many ways their own motto, ‘We’ll get you Higher’ cheekily fits our own. Growing for yourself is where it’s at. And though it’s doubtful staying stoned will ever help anyone evolve in the long run, as a medicine and occasional moment’s respite it’s definitely saved a few lives and inspired more than a few smiles.

Visit, read, share, contribute…and keep an eye on our website; it’s updated pretty much daily with great posts and videos and we’re really just getting started. And by all means, if you have a business with its heart in the right place come join our Agora, participate and help us all move on up on this path of ours.

All that being said we’re opening the door to honourable people with sales and marketing skills (hopefully not an oxymoron) to join our team, possibly with feet on the ground in Vancouver but we’re open to other possibilities.

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