How PR Giant Publicis Promotes Greed, Deception on Behalf of World’s Most Powerful



By David Marks



A close look at the clients served by global PR giant Publicis Groupe reveals the overt collaboration among the wealthy and powerful who profit from deadly healthcare practices, poisonous agricultural modalities and the damaging effects of fossil fuel proliferation.


For example:

  • Publicis’ third-largest mutual fund holder is Vanguard, an investment giant that provides capital for a broad range of companies, including those producing military weaponry and having poor environmental records. Vanguard is also the largest investor in Big Media and Big Pharma.
  • Publicis is the ad agency for a number of auto and truck makers, most of which are reluctant to end dependence on fossil fuels. Additionally, car advertising sometimes uses controversial techniques. Recently, Citroën, a Publicis client, had to apologize and remove a TV car ad in Egypt, as it overtly promoted sexual harassment.
  • Publicis’ work for Saudi Aramco ties it directly to one of the largest international oil companies. Aramco has understated its carbon footprint by 50% and continues to be a major source of air pollution.
  • Publicis, in supporting Phillip Morris, is working for the second-largestcigarette company in the world. Tobacco products annually cause half a million deaths in the U.S., and 8 million around the world — considerably more than any virus.
  • Publicis promoted and protected Monsanto in its campaign defending Roundup, the herbicide containing glyphosate, responsible for an increasing amount of disease and death worldwide.
  • Publicis is named in a lawsuit with client Purdue Pharmaceuticals. A judge ruled recently they “played an integral part in developing marketing strategies” to sell the addictive opioid.
  • Publicis, by running PepsiCo’s ad campaigns, is supporting one of the world’s largest sources of plastic pollution and contributing to the detrimental health effects of sugary drinks.
  • Publicis, in representing the National Institutes of Health, Big Pharmaand some of the largest pharmacy chains in the U.S., is at the center of vaccine promotion. The pandemic has resulted in a double-digit increasein profits for the PR giant, assuring its commanding lead in white-washing and advocating the drug industry’s most lucrative sales campaign in history.

“Advertising is a valuable economic factor because it is the cheapest way of selling goods, particularly if the goods are worthless.”Sinclair Lewis, author and playwright

In what is probably the most ludicrous, though successful advertising campaign in history, the failures of a product — vaccines — have been blamed on those who refuse to use them.

Publicis is in its most effective mode when selling and promoting ideas.

Publicis’ sinister nature and ethical depravity are revealed in its cutthroat approach to vaccine marketing — and also in its representation of the government of Saudi Arabia.

Publicis subsidiaries satisfy the PR needs of the Saudi Foreign Office and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (and Saudi Aramco). Their central task is ensuring that a country with a horrific human rights record doesn’t suffer any legal or economic consequences of that behavior.

In the wake of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi on Oct. 2, 2018, most other public relations firms ended their relationships with the Kingdom.

Khashoggi, an outspoken critic of the Saudi regime, was killed in Turkey by agents of the Saudi government. He entered the Saudi embassy and never came out.

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency concluded from multiple sources that the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the assassination.

The communications Publicis fabricates for the Saudi government provide excellent cover and distraction, ensuring that lashing women for adultery, jailing or beheading dissidents — or murdering journalists — doesn’t get in the way of strategic relationships.

Publicis’ close ties to the U.S. and French governments are critical to their mutual interests in shaping perception about Saudi Arabia.

It should be no surprise that French President Emmanuel Macron’s senior advisor for all communication is Clément Léonarduzzi, who left his job as a president of Publicis to work for Macron.

Macron overtly supports Publicis clients, including rehabilitating the Saudi image and pressing Big Pharma’s agenda.

“It is in the nature of tyranny to deride the will of the people as the voice of the mob, and to denounce the cry for freedom as the roar of anarchy.”William Safire, author, columnist and presidential speechwriter

In considering the range of activities Publicis engages in, the dots are so close there is no need to connect them. The PR giant’s methodology is transparent.

Whether promoting opioids or pushing vaccines, rebranding status quo profiteering as a Great Reset, supporting cigarette sales, disguising the true nature of the fossil fuel industry, increasing soft drink consumption or covering for assassinations — Publicis has all the skills and facilities to create whatever fabrications are needed to sell products and influence how their wealthy collaborators are viewed.

The Publicis Groupe and its allies are at the hub of a worldwide insidious, destructive disinformation campaign, relying on the duplicitous ways of advertising and public relations in the loyal service of clients.

This depraved and villainous behavior — prioritizing the needs of the planet’s dominators — is tolerated and normalized as global economic, environmental and health crises rage on unabated.

This strategy has never been utilized so effectively and unabashedly as during the pandemic.

Publicis bookends services to Big Pharma and sales points with its key backing of campaigns that breed hostility and attempt to marginalize those who raise questions about vaccine efficacy and risks.

So-called “fact-checkers” attack anyone who questions the motives and agendas of Publicis’ pharmaceutical clientele — revealing the misleading and underhanded core methods of a destructive operation.

“Advertising is legalized lying.” H.G. Wells, author and futurist

In a pre-digital era, H.G. Wells recognized the dangers of promoting products without any concern for veracity or moral foundation.

In the contemporary world, the work of Publicis presents prima facie evidence of the risks in allowing the agents of the powerful and wealthy to define reality.

Corporations and governments compensate dynamic PR agencies for feeding and manipulating the media. They task these agencies with disseminating information that supports products and policies with a primary goal of dominating minds and markets — with little regard for accuracy.

Without honorable oversight, there is no arbiter of what is equitable and impartial in disseminating information.

In this realm, leadership seems incapable of altruistic guidance, often relying on the same devious public relations techniques and firms to push their pernicious agendas.

Clients of advertising and PR entities benefit as the planet suffers within a distorted reality designed to maximize obedience and minimize dissent.

Morality is eclipsed as organizations remain in the grip of agencies that use whatever approach is effective, regardless of detrimental impact.

“There is no adequate protection against psychic epidemics, which are infinitely more devastating than the worst of natural catastrophes.”  — Carl Jung, psychiatrist and philosopher

In evaluating the causes of our current planetary crisis, it is important to recognize that the signs and symptoms of dysfunction have been overtly developing for decades — if not longer.

With the advent of digital communications, the human instinct to trust authority and media has allowed increased psychic destabilization of entire populations.

Children are particularly susceptible to these powerful techniques and are preyed upon to gain early conformity.

Intervention is still possible to change the course of human devolution. However, the challenge of diminishing all diseases, reversing environmental abuse and ending perpetual violent behavior starts with a recognition of obstacles.

Selfish actions, immoral corporate exploitation and illegal government decrees present an interconnected symptomatology with a common root causality.

The culprits in this scheme are focused on maximizing economic benefits and control. They are attempting to manipulate the future toward their own benefit — and it is destroying life on Earth.

Identifying these culprits is the first step in diminishing their influence.

Public relations giants like Publicis must be recognized as key enablers that shroud ruinous behavior and allow continuing planetary degradation.

They should be held accountable.





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