How to Access and Switch on your DORMANT DNA.

Science says 90% is Junk. It’s not, read on.


Real World Applications.  Upgrading the human Being.  It’s not JUNK DNA.  We can switch on genome markers that are hidden in our DORMANT DNA PROGRAMS.

Hi.  I am Gaillen Taser Wraye.  I go by my middle name.  Taser. Always seems to be a cool introduction.  As an Agora reader, I’m sure you’ve heard in the media that 90% of our DNA is  “JUNK DNA”. Additionally, there are DNA related stories discussing how earth human cultures are a variety of experimental ET Hybrids.   There are many associated stories along this theme.  All discussing in some fashion that our souls are born into an amazing bio-machine.  And the bio-machine has all these crazy sci-fi type potentials.  Hidden in our genome. Yes HIDDEN!  With current bio-tech, scientists reveal most of our genome as Junk DNA. REALLY!! What’s amazing about Agora readers, is they’ve done their homework, educated in knowing that the Junk DNA is DORMANT DNA, just not being switched on. So HOW do we access the various genetic markers and turn on the DORMANT DNA switches.  Unfortunately we didn’t come with a manual for our bio-machine.  Yet in some way, as I have found over the past 35 years, that we do have a manual through our collective community consciousness. There are people to assist us for “Turning On” various parts of our Dormant DNA.  I am one of those people.And I do not live in the high mtns of Nepal. I’m a little easier to reach, via many communication systems.

Through my own self-discovery and some mentoring, I have learned to gain access to and switch on areas of DORMANT DNA in Plants, Animals & People.  This has allowed me to create some revolutionary practical solutions for the global agriculture and health communities.

With regards to people and body repairs, I have been able to activate a piece of my own DORMANT DNA. This DNA program i call a gift. It allows me to communicate with a bodies’ innate intelligence with my pineal gland, through simple images it sends me of various body structures and their connections. Quite often the conscious part of the body (us) doesn’t always tell the truth of what has been happening.  The Body’s intelligence just states what is and what is not.  As it wants to create homeostasis at all times.  This body intelligence communication ability is called a Body Whisperer.

When this dormant DNA program is activated, I can communicate with the innate intelligence of the person’s body. This innate intelligence shows me how to repair the painful part and reconnect that repaired body part to all the other areas of the body that have been put out of balance.

l am sure that you have heard many stories of mainstream science systems not effectively repairing peoples’ health challenges. In many cases people coming to see me have not received significant relief. Even after numerous years of treatments in the mainstream medical system. Most that come to see me arrive with a frown and are in pain.  And they leave with a smile and 99% of them tell me they feel lighter. In most cases, after 2, or 3 sessions with me, many times people have Skipped their surgery.   n

I have been offering these alternative repairs for over 20 years. You can view some of my videos, using my activated Dormant DNA gift for repairing people’s chronic pain and discomfort.

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Activating parts of my own Dormant DNA has resulted in being able to create a number of solutions thorough my own evolutionary step upward in the use of Alchemy.  I will describe briefly some of these solutions/products in this article, In future Agora articles, I will be describing them more in depth, of how they are developed and the alchemy necessary for their creation.

My intent is to inspire our awakening collective to develop their own special skills in creating even more astounding inventions than I have.

As a teacher, mentor and inventor, I am always in a learning mode.  Anyone that says they know it all or their way is the best way, I would suggest to run away from that individual.  I have learned that we all have talents in manifesting and recreating our reality.  I always suggest to my students, that they use what FEELS right for them.  That is one of the keys to accessing our esoteric talents.  The FEELINGS we emote from our heart centre. Search out the practise that resonates with you.  There are many disciplines that practise “energy medicine” as a general term. Unfortunately, often the originators of a “WAY” bog it down with legal jargon stating that if you do not do everything, exactly according to their “Manual”, you are not allowed to practice what they preach.  Not exactly encouraging people to be free to find their own true strengths.  Such is the crazy commercialism of patents.  And fear of loss.

I do not follow that line of thought and its greed hoarding.  Such a silly waste of energy.

I have created a variety of unique products through the switching on parts of my Dormant DNA programs. This process has a domino effect. It can also upgrade the plants, animals, or people that use the product.  I have also been warned not to instruct people about this process I use. To keep it a secret.  For numerous reasons, I believe these advisors intentions were mostly fear and greed based. With the major changes happening to societies globally, I decided its a good time to share what I know openly.  I felt that Agora would be the best place to start. From the articles I read here, I believe Agora readers are in large part, already aware of the matrix we live in. And Agora readers are already very open to receiving the secrets I have to share.

As I share my story in the next few weeks, with the stories of creating my alchemy-based products, that have no current equal on the planet, I hope to inspire others to rise up as I have done.  Become thoroughly aware of their Dormant DNA programs.  Use dormant DNA activation solutions and practices I present here, to help unlock and switch on their DORMANT DNA, and be inspired to create even more awesome solutions.

The foundation of my alchemy:  the creation of my Activation of Dormant DNA solutions comes from a method that was likely practised 1000s of years ago.  From the ancestral genealogies that were building the pyramids and the historic underground cities. I will describe this process further in this and the next series of articles.

In this “Accessing your Dormant DNA” series of articles, I will be introducing a summary of the following 4 very unique products. Each product is advancing the genome of the user group.


Solutions to activate Dormant DNA Programs in Plants, Animals & People

  • Solrgize–  Our dermis becomes sunlight absorbing, converting certain wavelengths directly to energy & the dermis does not burn in the process. Even after numerous hours of sunlight exposure. YES, switching on dormant DNA programs will allow sunshine to energy conversion.
  • Mosquito Guard– ingested healthy immune catalyst, Dormant DNA is switched ON in minutes. Body dermis responds to the frequencies of nearby blood seeking insects.  The activated DNA programs allows the dermis to produces cloaking vapours as needed.  Blood biters do not see you.  They leave the area, or bite your genome deficient neighbour.


Advancing the Plant Kingdom genomes

  • Growing Essentials– Directs the switching on of Dormant DNA programs in the plant chloroplasts.  This creates a process that quickly upgrades the chloroplast with new internal structures.  These structures access a third wave band of visible light. This is a naturally produced plant upgrade. Not a GMO.  The spinoff of this also creates a variety of other plant strengthening growth patterns.  Activating the Dormant DNA programs within the resident plant entomopathogenic endophytes can now eliminate need for pesticides.

Advancing the interconnected genomes of the Pollinators/Pollen transformers.

  • Hive Thrive– The hive is a collective of organisms creating a super organism we call the Hive. The Hive Thrive solution switches ON a number of DORMANT DNA programs with some very complicated alchemy directives, as there are a number of organisms to coordinate for the DNA programs to interact. These multi organism coordinated DNA programs compile the hive fungal groups, bee gut microbiota, and bee insect society. When coordinated correctly, The Hive can thrive. There are even dormant DNA programs that can assist with neutralizing the current electromagnetic soups that our buzzy friends navigate.

These alchemic solutions have no patents.  As none could even be created. Or even desired. Alchemy solutions require the alchemist as part of the solution.  Making the patent for these a non-issue. Without the alchemist, they cannot be duplicated.  This esoteric part of the solution is lost and not understood by most mainstream thinkers.

On the dark & light side of the patent office. There are numerous patents held in secret by the Military and Government agencies.   If they were fully disclosed, that will truly start a new era of humanity.

With much Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards Humans and our Galactic brethren living amongst us.


Upcoming – A Science update on endophyte Research with practical solutions:

Why we created Growing Essentials

To activate the dormant dna in plants

grow monster plants in record times.

Eliminate pesticides globally

Knowing about Endophytes is crucial in growing plants

ungal Endophytes– Key players in Agricultural Optimal Growth

Endophytes – create robust integrated living communities in a host plant.


The fungus kingdom is ancient.  Fungi were the first life forms on terra firma about a billion years ago.

Today commensual and symbiotic fungi will be found in all multi-cellular organisms.


There is a mutually beneficial exchange between endophytes and their host plant.

Resident endophytes can facilitate the switching on of Dormant DNA programs, that allow the plant to gain access to:

  • additional nutrients & sunlight
  • protection from abiotic and biotic threats
  • Plants can develop stronger branches\trusses\stems to manage increased fruit production.



In the next article, we will go deeper into what is possible when Alchemy is combined with activated Dormant DNA programs. To communicate with the endophytes in the host plant community to direct their actions in the Chloroplast.

Our Growing essentials Dormant DNA activation processes, directs the endophytes to create two very unique changes in the plant morphology.

  1. Quickly restructures its chloroplasts to access a third band of visible light.
  2. Creates new forms of defence and offense mechanisms by activating some very special Dormant programs in its genetic code. Greatly reducing the need for pesticides.

Plus numerous other benefits.

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About the Author

Taser Wraye is the Chief Scientist of R&D for In Craft We Trust Inc. & DNA Activators Inc. Taser has worked in a multiple of careers. Wildlife Research Technician, National Park Warden, Watershed Research Specialist, Quantum Naturopath, and currently developing numerous ways to upgrade the genomes of plants, animals and people by activating their “DORMANT DNA”. He also activates peoples Dormant DNA at his wellness Clinic. Taser is always open to mentor seekers wanting to activate their DORMANT DNA. He fully enjoys inspiring others to create solutions greater than his.

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Taser is creating a series of future articles in Agora on activating the dormant DNA in plants, animals and people.

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