I, Caterpillar

By Zen Gardner


When the caterpillar metamorphosizes into a butterfly it first stops everything, wraps itself into a cocoon, and turns into goo. When humans hit this process, that’s pretty damn dark, discouraging and soul challenging.

And downright frightening.

All previous orientation goes out the window. We’re lost and seemingly helpless during this alive dying process. Our world crumbles into mush. We’re alone in a womb of darkness barely aware that we’re awaiting rebirth in some form.

The literal process of the amazing caterpillar then sparks what are aptly named imaginal cells to come alive. These in turn begin to communicate with other imaginal cells as well as the broken down morass of seemingly decomposed organic material, completely reorganizing and transforming the previous insect from the completely disassembled original organism.


The Rebirth is Just Beginning.

How long this process takes for each of us no doubt varies. Who’s to say what type of butterfly we each are configured to become, but become it we will if we can simply endure the process.

We each were born once; alone, descending from some heavenly state into this ever so challenging dimension. We forget our origins and cling to a myriad of influences for meaning and comfort. We don’t like letting go of anything we’ve come to cherish or depend on.


The Process Continues

We’re each unique in this process yet the alchemical transformation is fundamentally the same. Death to the old to give birth to the new.

As natural as this process is, it is still a choice to endure it or not in the grand divine plan. However, we all will meet this experience eventually upon the death of our earthly vessel. But that’s the merciful last resort. The opportunity to experience this rebirth here and now is a well disguised gift and the key to transforming all of society and creation itself. It comes to the sincerely pure in heart, which every living being essentially is but rarely allows itself to realize.

Until now.

Our Collective Opportunity

Though we are each magnificent individuals, we are living in an extremely unique time. Our entire planet and everything in and on it is transforming beneath and above our feet. This is what we are feeling and experiencing, whether we consciously acknowledge it or not, despite all the efforts to stop it. It can be frightening and disconcerting or it can be exhilarating – and most likely both concurrently. Either way, it is happening.

Fight it if we must, but nothing can stop it, not even death itself. The fact that we’re sharing this experience only enhances the process.

Some call it the awakening, some call it the apocalypse or revealing. Some even call it the second coming. These all allude to the exact same process. “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” That line in the Bible alone contradicts every conditional inference in the entire book, same as “God is love”. That’s all we need to know. That goes for every other severely crippling religion or belief system.


Unconditional Love

It requires no belief mechanism, no mediator, no go between, no amount of learning or knowledge. It just is. Yeah, that so-called “God” idea is just that cool. Everything that preceded this epoch were just illustrations to light up darkened landscapes of their times. It’s time to drop all the trappings and rigamarole and be who we truly are.

We have to admit, humanity’s attachment to bullshit is astounding.

That may sound blasphemous to some but that was and is and always has been the true message. No more bunker mentality. Our connection to Creator Source is being restored by our own personal “revelation” – if we let it. It’s not for special people, just the sincerely willing.

Don’t worry about changing everything. Just change. Simply allow yourself to metamorphosize.

It comes naturally if we let it and allow the process to proceed. It will take us to seemingly dark inner places for some time but it’s all for good. I’m still in the midst of it myself but the light of that new day is glimmering on the horizon. And I know for a fact that I am by no means alone in this process.

Will you let the transformation happen? That’s the only real issue at hand. Everything else will follow beautifully and gracefully.

“He that has ears to hear, let him hear.”

Love, Zen




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