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From Lorenzo, one of the proud Creators of The New Agora


“When a negative fact is seen directly and deeply, that very seeing is the true magic which replaces the negative with the positive.” -Vernon Howard


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Hello Everyone! Welcome.

If you want to share a laugh with me, particularly at my first attempts to get this new medium right, come see my new YouTube Channel, In Love Unlimited, and from there watch me grow before your very eyes in the best and latest of which is a short introduction to this new series titled  “Half a Loaf of Freedom”.  And, if it tickles your fancy or intrigues you in any way, as they say: Hit that Subscribe Button, Give it a Like – if you do, and tell your friends if you wish.There is one real battle, in my opinion, and that battle is with self, the small self that keeps us so. Luckily for us then, we need not ask permission or invite any to this fight, or go out looking for one, it’s happening right now and we’ve got better than ringside seats.  Like me, you can hit that bell and begin right now, and see where and how that takes you towards your own personal freedom.

I can’t say I’m fully free, yet, but can say I’ve moved myself much further outside this box than those who blindly accept that there is only ‘one reality’ and that we must fight outside ourselves to be free.

I don’t believe I’m ‘talking out my ass’ or sharing some spiritually ‘guru-ific’ nonsense, I’ve only my Self to share, my experiences and humour, some of which even worked out for me, much of which I admit to doing ass-backward before getting it and myself ‘right-side round’,  but I do promise honesty and will share from my own life what has worked for me to take myself from there to here.

And so, here, I feel, you are either in one of two groups. You may think this is nonsense and will drop out, reading no further, or perhaps you too, as I do, have a small voice, a spark inside, as yet, saying: maybe, maybe, I remember what it’s like to be young, energetic and free, with that glorious feeling of unlimited possibility beckoning from inside and out. If you’re in this ‘group’, let’s continue together, to explore what may yet be, and see what our next steps could be.

We are all, as far as I see it, infinite beings, in a life of adventurous joy, the potential of it certainly. Yet, we forget and then forever deny this part of our Birth Right.

To be free:  Recall, that all are born free, and then through coercions, training, domination, subjugation, and yes our own permission, our submission, we give up our freedom by denying the imaginative and creative parts of ourselves, qualities that all have in abundance when born, and yet slowly give away through a life of accepted limitations and servitude.

Some would say there’s no way out, I say, there are plenty of ways out…but they are all up to us.

The only way to beat ‘their game’ is to not play…to not be there. To first examine one’s self, and dare to see how self-slaving one’s life, one’s own and enslaving all that is, has brought us here, and then to responsibly correct our personal direction.

Well you can fight the rules, protest, stand up and scream, or sit down and stew, but this deck is stacked against all of us. The Deck of Rules, on a Ship of Fools, made as slippery as can be, soaked as it is with the blood of innocence; this same conjurers’ deck of endlessly shifting rules, laws, prohibitions, threats and confusions designed to fool us through our mind and our thoughts, our beliefs and our hearts.
So, if you’re like me, you’re going to ask: what do we do about this?

As hard as life may be, even at times being downright criminally challenging, or what at times appears to be, unconquerably unfair…it seems to me that the ‘monsters that be’ have a lock on certain parts of our awareness. In the everyday life of everyday affairs, if you’ve been paying attention, those so-called permissions allowed from ‘on-low’, as opposed to ‘on-high’, are getting tighter and tighter to the point of it being obvious that society, civilization itself,  is being held in a ‘slave collar’, an ever shrinking noose for freedom loving beings.

What many seem to forget, is that in order to change anything, we must first feel that we can change ourselves. If you don’t have the power you can’t use it, and if you’re waiting for someone else to either change the circumstances of your life, or give you permission to do so, well… you may be waiting a very long time, perhaps even forever, so to speak, that is if you’re lucky to live at all.

Harsh, perhaps, but I’ve noticed society, especially what could once be considered Western society, to be based on self-importance, or the me-first paradigm/psychosis; one where the Victim’s finger is always ready to point away from the true source of all of our problems and challenges, which is of course, us.


And Now Let’s Be Free, Lorenzo!
With a trick of Perspective
I Peak at the End.
Winner, Oh Winner
Heart Beats to Mend.
Blood Red as Promise
None Spilled Anymore.
True Love Grows Wings
I Lift off the Floor.

-With all my Heart – Lorenzo