In the Clown’s Shadow


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We’ve all been clowns. Choices made influenced by others, directly or indirectly, generally lead to unwanted circumstances. If I am unhappy with something in my life I no longer point fingers anywhere but at myself. ‘Why did I listen?’. ‘How come I limited myself to someone else’s answers for me?’. ‘Why didn’t I know that I can do what needs to be done, for me and my life, as I require the change?’.


Too many times I’ve ended up in ‘shadowy’ circumstances from taking outside advice. Even my subconscious choices, I now see, often revolve around inner ‘beliefs’ I picked up from others throughout my days. This is especially true from childhood, where we are all susceptible to outside influences, better or worse, from those we feel bigger and stronger, more wise than us.


I’ve made some terrible errors in personal judgement this way, by listening to others. It’s taken decades of horrific ‘clown experiences’ for me to finally realize nobody knows better for me than me. In fact, I am still haunted by many hidden ‘clownly’ influences.


By the time I was an adult I had already picked up plenty of ‘bad habits’ from said ‘clowns’ that came and went in my life.  It did not matter whether I met them personally or took them to my bosom from some media, school or other alternative source. If it let their advice in, well, then I chose to listen to something that wasn’t me.


Not all clowns purposely trying to trick us. My parents come to mind here, doing the best they could, all the while falling into their own ‘clown’s shadows’ and thus passing clown advice down the line to me. And so, from the obvious clowns of the day, say politicians and main stream actors, musicians, tv and radio and more recently social media personalities, a veritable circus of clowns, when we listen we suffer. Not to mention the ‘sex clowns’ with too much make-up and the inner clowns we can all be when we decided to wear those masks which ‘make up’ the inner ‘make up’ of each of us.


It wasn’t good enough for me to see that the world is made up, literally at times, of clowns and their choices. Harder, and much more important to grasp is how I am still also a clown in clown’s world.


In other words, if I can only imagine what clowns imagine, then I can only make clown choices for myself.


Not easy to fully understand our shadows and our phantoms which influence our masks and thus our learned personality. To see how we are still fooling ourselves, sabotaging life’s happiness, over and over, and wondering why we are still living in ‘clown world’ can be a lifetime’s work.


Blame brings nothing but delays. By accepting responsibility for our lives with the attendant experiences, good and bad in toto, we can make powerful new choices. No victims or powerless fools can escape this circus.


It is possible to take off those big shoes and scrub clean the make up. If you are having troubles figuring this out alone, we can help you to help yourself.


We, Cambell and I, took the difficult time to create our ‘Freedom’s Calling You to Life’s Lost Purpose’ 9 Video Series with Q and A’s. We’ve even completed 9 weekly livestreams related to this course.  Free for anyone to watch, listen and perhaps learn from.


Now we are proud to offer,  for those of you who may still require more personal assistance to help navigate themselves through our course, private weekly sessions for 3 months, or 12 times, related to each video and its corresponding q and a pdf sheets, with section wrap-up meetings.


Private meetings with powerful purpose!


Limited to 24 participators so we can professionally dedicate our time and awareness to your personal journey. for details. Well worth the time, effort and currency involved.


Cheers Lorenzo and Cambell.


Your Happy Destiny is waiting outside of the circus big top.








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