Instant Karma Introduction My Series with Dean and Cambell

By Lorenzo


Being a Spiritual Man.

I’ve often wondered what being ‘Spiritual’ means, and although this may be an unpopular statement, I’m beginning to feel, for me anyways, not much of anything.  I figure you’re either awake or you’re not…and the Spiritualty has very little to do with that. I’m more of a practical fellow.

No gongs, meditation or yoga pants here, only  personal honesty with a grand desire to lead by example. That’s about it really. I have found (and I’ve done it plenty, perhaps more than most) that lying to myself is the biggest waste of time. You look and feel like a fool, all the while puffing yourself up like some balloon, protecting yourself, having to keep a close eye on anything that comes your way, because we all know how easy it is to pop a balloon. That ‘hot air’, I would call an ego….and best let that stale stuff out, so the fresh air can fill your sails, allowing the required energy to move where you may wish to go.

Learning to take full responsibility for your life, no matter the circumstances, is super important for being a man, or woman for that matter. Blame is for babies, and probably, even they know they’re faking it to get what they want.  As these chats are about being a man, I will say that I feel that real men don’t blame anyone for what’s going on in their lives, but rather they attempt to explore and find answers, to understand why and how they got to where they are and then act on the changes they would like to see for themselves.

Looking around one’s life and seeing the challenges that brought them to their current circumstances, whatever they may be, for me, has been essential for a full understanding of things. Whatever is wrong, or perceived to be wrong, blaming ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’, or ‘government’ or your ‘partner’, or anything or anybody for that matter is simply not ‘manhood’. It leaves you feeling powerless and without options and can take away, or given away as the case my be, your desire to even be alive.

This is truly not what a heroic man would do. Real men are made for solutions, are built for creating ways to help themselves, their families and their community to better lives. And by better, I mean more freedoms. Our birthright is beyond current imagining for most, and yet, it is that very imagination which could ‘save them’, change their despair to delight. In other words, the ultimate in so-called ‘Spirituality’. Take a full picture, physical, emotional, include feelings and dreams or inspirations, and yes, I do meditate and while I don’t like yoga pants, gongs are fine, as is relaxing music. I am simply saying that without a ‘full picture of honesty’, the rest is a waste of time.

I have joined Cambell from Auto Didactic and Dean from The Instant Karma Project to carry on with this very, what has been for me,  important discussion, one that has been in truth a full time exploration for my life.

So…what does it mean to be a man in modern society? Interesting question, really, as I’m not even sure we have a ‘modern society’ or modern anything, it’s more like a organized duplicitous trick of consciousness, with a joke, a very bad joke, being played on all. Well, with challenges, especially diabolical ones, you have a unique opportunity to play the authentic hero in your own life. We can all rise to the occasion and claim our heroic life. Lead the way for family, friends and especially ourselves.  So show what it means to be strong and help others as you would like to be helped.

Seems we, and by we I mean Cambell and Dean and myself, intend an ongoing series of discussion on The Instant Karma Project, which we will begin to mirror on our New Now. Please enjoy this first one. Several more to come soon. Two ‘in the can’, and waiting to be set free, more in the plans with nowhere to go but up. I, for one, am interested in your comments, suggestions, queries and feedback. You can, of course, do so under the individual videos, or reach out directly. or just down below


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