Intelligent Immunity

By Roger Baird


Your immune system is the strongest defence against disease. There is no drug, supplement, vaccine or experimental drug that comes close to the effectiveness of your immune system. This is the reason there is still human life on this planet after hundreds of thousands of years of climate change, predators, attacks from bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites of all kinds. Anyone who would try and tell you that the extension of human life in the last century is due to medicines and vaccines is most likely uninformed or is feathering their nest through the sale of such things. Snake oil is still a profitable business even if it eventually kills the customer. The greatest improvement in human health over the last 150 years has been the result of improved personal hygiene, more sanitary waste disposal systems and safer potable water.


In the modern world our food producers have been seduced by labor saving protocols to turn our food into poison through the application of poisonous chemicals and genetically altered foods that thrive on such chemicals but have little nutritive value. As a result our bodies are starved for nutrition and poisoned by chemicals such as glyphosate that can cause multi-generational defects in our DNA as well as being carcinogenic.


Our immune systems are complex and interrelated to many different systems in our body.  A good immune system is dependent on good nutrition, clean drinking water, fresh air, sunlight and exercise.


Organic foods have been analyzed and are found to have more abundant nutrients than their chemically burdened cousins. Among the best waters to drink is pure mountain spring water. Air away from densely populated areas and major highways is going to be superior and less laden with pollutants. Sunscreen creams for the most part are toxic and carcinogenic but are promoted as being healthy by protecting us from sunlight which, ironically in this case, is one of the foundational necessities of good health. Exposure to sunlight is necessary for the body to produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D is critical to good health, especially in winter months to protect us from colds and flu as well as keeping our teeth and bones strong.


For thousands of years people have relied on herbal remedies. The knowledge of their usage has been handed down from generation to generation. So human trials using plant medicine are the longest standing of any form of medicine.  As Hippocrates stated 2000 years ago, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


Many foods support us by contributing a plethora of nutrients including enzymes, vitamins and minerals to our bodies. Herbs are a special category which enhance flavour and bring extra richness to our food.  Many herbs are also amazing health aids. One that stands out in this regard is Oregano. Oregano is a phytochemical powerhouse. It has effects on our digestive system, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, tonsils, appendix, skin and more. It has a supportive effect on our immune systems without sending the immune system into hyperdrive where it can attack the body’s own cells causing pain and inflammation or auto-immune disease.


Oregano oil is also a very broad anti-pathogenic which can successfully counter most bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. It is also anti-carcinogenic. Oregano oil will not cause mutant strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria.


If your immune system is stressed or overburdened, Oregano oil can provide assistance. It works on many levels such as reducing the pathogen burden on the body which allows the immune system to focus on new threats or clean up old issues.


The best Oregano is found growing wild in the Mediterranean wilderness. Abundant soil minerals, lots of sun and conditions that vary from year to year and challenge the plant, combine to produce hardy, strong and phytochemically diverse plants. There is no comparison of these robust plants to those that are farmed. Due to the abundance and diversity of the phytochemical makeup in the wild Mediterranean Oregano plant, it has been the one plant chosen to be used in countless studies around the world for its usefulness against various diseases.


Whether you want to protect yourself from a cold or flu, rid yourself of Candida, treat skin problems, assist digestion, clear your lungs, improve gums and teeth, clear sinuses or improve your immune system so you will be much more resistant to disease, then Wild Mediterranean Oregano oil may be the most valuable herb you have ever used. Give your body the help it needs to keep you strong and healthy with Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano.


Roger Baird is an alternative health researcher and advocate. He is the founder of Hedd Wyn Essentials, the first company to market with a Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano with 100% certified organic ingredients.





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