The Truth About “All Disease”

A recent series presented via GreenMedInfo, “The Truth About Cancer” could have been more accurately titled, “The Truth about All Disease.” The elements of cancer protocols: nutrient/mineral correction, detoxification, helpful supplements, various energy therapies and lifestyle choices, really apply to healing all chronic disease. The idea of personal empowerment applies to all disease as well. Survivors emerged from the shock of a cancer diagnosis, stepped away from conventional treatments and “willed” their healing, which proves once again the critical importance of mental states and the reality of placebo-nocebo effects. Yes, it can be done!

We get misdirected by complex medical studies and lose sight of the common denominator in chronic disease; all are symptoms of oxidative stress and inflammation. Every symptom that ever occurs starts with a shortage of cellular bio-energy: electrons. Colds, bronchitis, indigestion, high blood pressure, bleeding gums or depression are first signs of inflammation and a progression toward heart disease, arthritis and cancers that arrive decades later. The fooler is that symptoms may appear in different locations in the body, yet reflect a predictable correlation with a range of specific insults. So cut to the cure, identify the root causes that come from toxins, wrong nutrition, poor lifestyle choices and negative personality traits/emotional stress/fear of death. Take appropriate steps at this seed level.

The public is not only convinced pharma-medicine is “real” medicine, but is deprived of accurate information and even the very idea of alternative treatments…and doctors have little time to coach patients on self-care. The best interests of the patient would be better served by a Nurse Advocate (schooled in CAM) offering personal instructions rather than a quick prescription. Leave the allopathic paradigm of a drug for every symptom…behind. Natural health proponents borrow the same pigeonhole framework by substituting an herb or supplement for a drug, repeating the idea that there is a specific silver bullet for each malady. Not so! Basic oxidation-reduction (redox) chemistry, though it seems foreign to medical thinking, is the most certain scientific and holistic point of view that goes to the root of health and healing.

Any organism, properly nourished in a chemically clean environment, will self-repair and remain healthy. Disease/inflammation happens when those basic conditions for life are not met. Think of your cells as fish in a salt water aquarium. The water (your blood and fluids) must circulate freely, be freshly oxygenated and carry away metabolic wastes. It must contain “food,” mineral electrolytes and be of a conducive pH. Improper feeding, acidic waste buildup and oxygen shortages will cause cells to malfunction and otherwise squander electron energy (ATPs). Fish (cells) will float belly up.


Cancer is given star status because it is fear-mongered throughout the media (it’s big business), yet cancer is nothing more than the last stop on the inflammation express. DNA becomes crippled, un-expressive and unable to synthesize defensive enzymes accurately. Immune responses also fail when cells lack the electrical bio-energy to mount a powerful oxidative response or produce protective factors. Sequestered within an acid mantle, tumors refuse oxygen as they stimulate angiogenesis to gulp a steady supply of glucose and travel into surrounding connective tissues. Baking soda (“baited” with maple syrup or honey) can disappear cancers orally or alone by injection of an 8% solution; into, near or upstream from the tumor…to shift pH toward oxygen-friendly alkalinity, and allow metabolism to revert to normal aerobic function. Cancer has properly been defined as acidic hypoxia.

DNA errors occur when genes are damaged or turned off by oxidative stress. When charge terrain deteriorates, free radicals and acids begin to “oxidize” (burn/rust/corrode) base pairs and telomeres. **(Molecules are only molecules because their atoms are held together by shared or donated electrons and come apart when oxidants steal those electrons. Don’t let your molecules come apart!)

As we age, DNA errors build to the point where cells can no longer replicate, become senescent and start to throw off inflammatory toxins… or in this death spiral, cells may also turn to anaerobic metabolism and become cancerous in a last-ditch effort to get energy. Charge terrain is considered healthy at approximately .45 millivolts and a slightly alkaline pH of 7.35 to 7.4 (where electrons outnumber protons).

Metabolism: the process of extracting electrons from food

A well charged organism metabolizes nutrients efficiently to produce enough ATP electrons to maintain that charge and cover its energy requirements. A healthy charge terrain is essential for oxygen, nutrients and wastes to move freely in and out of cells. A healthy charge improves circulation by reducing the viscosity of the blood/water matrix and prevents clumping of blood cells. A healthy charge terrain holds reserve electrons to neutralize acidic wastes and free radicals that can deconstruct cell molecules and damage membranes. Electrolyte balance is critical for buffering pH in the desired range: think magnesium, potassium and bicarbonate. Everything moves and reacts due to charge; the boy-girl nature of the universe.

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Taken from –  –  12/03/2015

Author – Capt. Randall