In this interview I chat with Sean from the SGT Report and Dave Weiss from DITRH.  

We talk Tartaria and the old world civilisation, historical resets and the shape of the realm. With a focus on the Chicago Worlds Fair this is a fun interesting and informative chai. A great one to show famliy and friends. 

1000 Years Was Added to our Calendar – Our Timeline Was Changed 

We know history is fake, his-story is written by the victors right? But how fake is it? 

In this video  we explore the concept that around 1000 years was added to our timeline. This theory says that the dark ages never existed and so our past is actually much closer to us than we are taught.  

Join me as we look at the evidence that corroborates the theory that 1000 years was added to our calendar.  


Evolving Past Being Ruled – Spiral Up 

We have had two years like no other and to me the biggest lesson given to us is that we need to stand in our power and stop allowing others to rule over us.  

In this video I discus what it means to stand in your power as a true sovereign being so we can all Evolve Past Being Ruled. 


Tartaria Australia talk to Tartarian Truthers – Australia and it’s BS History 

What is Australias true story? In this ‘Tartaria Australia’ chat Kelly and I talk to the girls from Tartarian Truthers.  

We discuss the history we are given about Australia and the many incongruencies between the official narrative and what we see in reality. A must watch for all alternative history buffs.  







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