Letter from a Tree


By Jezyreel Jane Segura

Images by Sekoya Dawn



Lay your worries upon me

Your burdens, your fears, your doubts.

I will take them from your shoulders,

Take them deep into my roots.

I will help you stay grounded,

Heal your wounds

With my voice: the whisper of leaves

In the dancing winds.

Let me replace your hurt

With my healing energy.

You are my child

A child of the Earth

And I cherish you

As I cherish the ground beneath your feet.

Your love and devotion nourish me,

Like rains from the skies,

Like sunshine on my canopy.

My child, you are mine

And I lend you my strength, my wisdom

My infinite love, as endless as the Universe.

I embrace you deeply

As your arms encircle me.

I feel your heart’s energy,

And I return it to you in grace.




Images by


sekoyadawnart @ gmail.com


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