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MAY 3 – 13, 2019




During a Level 1, 10-day workshop, you’ll deepen your connection to your creative spirit while learning the fine art of AirCrete Architecture. Have the time of your life with new friends from around the world!

Our workshops are an amazing opportunity to learn how to build your own structurally reinforced AirCrete dome home with your own hands from scratch!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use DomeGaia’s unique equipment to make AirCrete
  • Make forms to mass produce AirCrete blocks
  • Build forms for arches and round windows
  • Use a compass arm to construct a dome
  • Wrap your dome with a super strong earthquake safe outer surface

Learn more about AirCrethere!

DomeGaia workshops usually include time for yoga, guided meditations, dance, music, and exploring local attractions! Make new friends from around the world, learning, laughing and building together.

All workshop participant get a free copy of Steve’s Dome Home Architectural Drawings (a $95 value)

  • These drawings include 12 pages detailing the layout and measurements, including floor plan, perspective, elevation and section drawings ​with all the basic dimensions. Information about foundation, plumbing and electrical details are also shown. 




Confirmed Workshop Dates
May 3 – 13                                                                             Brave Earth, Costa Rica
June                                                                                       Crawford, CO
August  4 – 15                                                                       Port Townsend, WA

Tentative Workshop Dates
July                                                                                       Orland, ME
September                                                                         Crestone, Co
October                                                                               Asheville, NC
November                                                                          Blue Ridge, GA
December                                                                          Costa Rica

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