Global Population is at Risk!


Contrary to what Health Canada, Industry Canada, the Canadian Wireless and Telecommunications Association (CWTA) and British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer tell governments, health authorities and the public, the truth is that “pulsed” non-thermal microwave radiation, such as is emitted by all of today’s wireless radio devices, is harmful to all living things: humans, flora and fauna! Leading scientists and health experts around the world say that the entire global population is at risk! [1] [2]
I am a retired captain, commissioned from the ranks, who spent 26+ years in Canada’s military, of which 22 were spent in Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). I had national, international and NATO operational experience in both naval and army EW environments. I also spent two years in Canada’s highest echelon of EW – the Directorate of E.W. (DEW), in National Defense Headquarters, Ottawa. In the SIGINT world, I was the Executive Officer (2-i/c) and Operations Officer at one of Canada’s largest and most sensitive intelligence-gathering radio stations. For many years I worked closely with the USA’s NSA and, to a lesser extent, with Britain’s GCHQ.


It is known that Health Canada and the four Western industrialized regulatory agencies: WHO (World Health Organization), ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection), ICES (International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety) and the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) all refuse to acknowledge that non-thermal radiation is harmful to humans and other life forms! Although I make it clear in the following why this is so, that discussion is beyond the scope of this paper.


History knows that the Soviets/Russians irradiated the U.S. Embassy for 23 years: from 1953 to 1976! They did so using similar low-level, “pulsed” non-thermal radiation to that which is emitted by today’s wireless devices! But, while the Russians irradiated the Embassy utilizing similar frequencies and forms of modulation, they often emitted just a fraction of the power density (signal strength) today’s devices are permitted to emit by Safety Code 6! Also, the U.S. Embassy was exposed to radiation for only six to eight hours a day, five days a week, which amounts to barely 25% of the time! Even at that, two consecutive Ambassadors died of cancer; a third developed Leukemia-like symptoms from which he too died; at least 16 female staff developed breast cancers, and many others suffered various illnesses. [3] [4] [5]  The public today is exposed to constant radiation – 24/7/365 in perpetuity – that is orders of magnitude greater than that to which the Americans were exposed!


Governments, health authorities and industry need to know that militaries of the world have long considered non-thermal microwave radiation to be the perfect weapon – especially when it is “pulsed”! And with good reason. Humans cannot see, smell, hear, touch or feel radiation, yet it is everywhere! No one can escape it; it penetrates walls with impunity, even concrete! Militaries are, and have been for decades, developing arsenals of Electronic Warfare weapons utilizing “pulsed” non-thermal radiation on frequencies in the 1-5 GHz band!

Governments, health authorities and industry need to wake up and realize that all of today’s wireless products, including baby monitors, Smart Meters, Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cell phone towers, cordless phones, laptop and tablet computers, GPS, Bluetooth etc., emit “pulsed” non-thermal radiation in this very same band of frequencies! Militaries covet these frequencies precisely because they penetrate all organs of the body more deeply and thoroughly than do other frequencies! [6] [7] [8] [9]


Governments, health authorities and industry also need to note that Russian and U.S. militaries discovered decades ago that the non-thermal radiation associated with certain frequencies produced vastly different results than other frequencies. Certain frequencies – at even the weakest, almost-undetectable levels of pulsed radiation – cause infinitely more harm to humans at the cellular and DNA levels than do other frequencies at much higher power densities (signal strength)! [10]

Eminent scientists and leading health specialists around the globe know that low-level, “pulsed” non-thermal microwave radiation causes, promotes or is linked to myriad diseases, e.g. many cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s. fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, daily headaches, Lyme disease, asthma, heart problems, chest pain, insomnia, allergies, electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, brain fog, ADD/ADHD, forgetfulness, digestive disorders, migraine headaches, brain tumors, leukemia, birth defects, miscarriages, stress, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fatigue, skin conditions – burning, rashes, pain, tinnitus, chronic pain, erratic pulse, weak immune system, etc. [11] [12] [13]

History shows that former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was clairvoyant in 1961 when he warned the American people to be on guard against the emergence of a corrupt U.S. Military, Government and Industrial Complex. Today’s reality dwarfs even his worst possible fears! But this too is beyond the scope of this paper. [14] [15] [16] [17]

In addition to the above travesty, governments and health officials must realize that:

  • Health Canada and its four ‘allies’ all refuse to admit that the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that accompany all electricity: household wiring, electrical appliances, tools and machinery, high voltage transmission and distribution lines, power transformers and sub-stations are harmful to humans, flora and fauna – even though honest scientists have long known that constant exposure to magnetic fields of just 4 mG (milli-Gauss) causes Leukemia in children plus many more illnesses! [18]
  • Health Canada and three of its four ‘allies’ (ICNIRP, ICES and FCC) still refuse to acknowledge that there is such a thing as Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), even though many millions of people world-wide suffer from it. Many countries and even the corrupt WHO have formally recognized EHS.
  • Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 originally was established for and applicable only to Federal employees, and even then it addressed exposures to thermal radiation for just six (6) minutes duration! Today, Health Canada allows all unsuspecting and defenseless people, flora and fauna in Canada to be irradiated constantly with levels of non-thermal radiation many orders of magnitude higher than that for which it was intended 24/7/365 – in perpetuity!


Numerous scientists, medical associations and groups of doctors around the world have been calling for a moratorium or stricter guidelines on all wireless technology [19].  A sampling includes: the Austrian Medical Association, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, the American Association of Pediatrics, the International Society of Doctors of the Environment, the Irish Doctors Environmental Association, the Swiss Doctors for Environmental Protection, and the 2012 International Doctors Appeal (known as the Freiburger Appeal). [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25]

In conclusion, governments and health authorities everywhere can no longer ignore the truth: they have been misled, misinformed and lied to by a greedy, unscrupulous and uncaring industry that has shamelessly pushed its toxic wireless products into and on top of every conceivable building and space frequented and/or occupied by people –  including maternity wards, kindergartens, hospitals, nursing homes, all levels of academia, residential buildings, churches, commercial establishments, places of work, all modes of transportation, all recreational areas – even parks and entire cities! It is no wonder that the entire global population is a risk!


In order to protect the public, flora and fauna, governments and health authorities everywhere need to immediately:

  1. Impose the Precautionary Principle which, in essence, would put the onus on industry to subject their products to independent pre-market ‘safety’ testing. Such testing would ensure, beyond a reasonable doubt, that industry’s products pose no risk of any kind to pregnant women, embryos, infants, children, teenagers, adults, the sick and elderly, either from using or being exposed to the products continuously 24/7/365 in perpetuity!
  2. Impose the ALARA principle (as low as reasonably achievable) for all existing wireless devices until such time as independent studies can be done (or existing studies are located) that enable health authorities to establish more appropriate ‘safe’ levels of radiation – if in fact there is such a thing.
  3. Divorce themselves from Health Canada’s globally-pilloried Safety Code 6 and, instead, implement “Made-in-B.C. Radiation Guidelines” that are more in tune with the BioInitiative 2007 Report. This would necessitate the reduction of Safety Code 6’s radiation Exposure Limits by 10,000 times!
  4. Divorce themselves from Industry Canada in order to establish B.C.’s own antenna siting policy, one that precludes cell or radio towers of any kind from being located near schools or residential areas.
  5. Replace all existing wireless technology – of every form and wherever situated throughout the entire province – with hardwired technology!
  6. Terminate any further roll-out of Smart Meters and replace those already installed with harmless analogue meters (no form of digital, electronic meter should be permitted, under any circumstances).
  7. Refund all monies paid by homeowners who were literally forced to pay what the public considered were/are extortionist ‘Legacy Fees,” whatever the name, in order to prevent having Smart Meters installed on their homes.
  8. Ensure that B.C. recognizes that EMFs (from all things electrical) are harmful to humans, flora and fauna, and establish legislation, policies and procedures that will provide the necessary protection to which the public should be entitled.
  9. Ensure that B.C. formally recognizes that EHS is a legitimate impairment. This too will require the creation of legislation, policies and procedures to ensure sufferers are now and will be treated humanely and appropriately, as is the case in Sweden.


Yours sincerely,

James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)

5181 Gainsberg Road,

Bowser, B.C., V0R 1G0

Telephone: (778) 424-9609


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[15] New York Times, January 18, 1968 Public Law 90-602, Oct 18, 1968

[16] The Zapping of America, Paul Brodeur (1977) pp. 228




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