Oddyssey of Truth – Escape to Freedom – Episode 2 -The Power of Intent with QuietBear






Without intent there can be no Freedom.


A power that never ends, but begins when we do. Our intent manifests our reality. We are made of such things as intent demands.


Pictured in our moments alive beyond thoughts: Nestling deep in our hearts and guts. A ‘feeling’s imagination’ for that which we ask to experience.


If you’re curious about your intent, look around your life and accept what you see there at ‘face value’, and you’ll know what your intent has brought into your life. It is in all we have and all we have not.


Please join QuietBear, Cambell and Myself, for our very first ‘3 Way’ in our Oddyssey of Truth Series.  More Guests will be sharing with us here soon.


With much love and power-Lorenzo, Cambell and QuietBear



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