Our Perspective On Covid-19 & Everything The World Has Experienced To This Point (Video)




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  • The Facts:   CE founder Joe Martino and myself recently sat down on the latest episode of the Collective Evolution show to discuss where we are at the with the coronavirus, from the start of the pandemic until now.
  • Reflect On:   Why is there is much controversy surrounding major global events these days? Why is there so much misinformation? Are more people starting to realize that not everything is as we are told it is?

CE founder Joe Martino and myself recently sat down on the latest episode of the Collective Evolution show to discuss the coronavirus. We did a two part talk. Part one can be watched below, or dowloaded as a podcast HERE.

You can watch part 2 HERE.

The Covid-19 pandemic has gone through multiple stages and is surrounded by so much controversy. At first, models predicting millions of deaths in multiple countries world-wide were the cause of mass panic and hysteria. These numbers were used to emphasize how supposedly dangerous this new virus is. Well, the models were way off, which has caused controversy but that’s not the only thing that has. Deaths being marked as Covid deaths when they’re really not has caused a lot of controversy, multiple studies have emphasized that what we are seeing is no more than a severe flu given the infection fatality rate, and multiple tests kits have been contaminated with bacteria, as well as Covid-19 itself, even the president of Tanzania emphasized how something fishy is going on given the fact that the kits determined that a Jack fruit tested positive for Covid-19.

Was this issue created for ulterior motives? Is it being used to push more authoritarian measures on the human population? Is it to push a vaccine and to make money? Is all as we are being told, or is their foul play? Are masks necessary? Are they effective? Does lockdown and social distancing do anything? Does it make things worse? Was this virus made and/or manipulated? Why have so many world renowned  doctors, epidemiologists and scientists been completely censored? Why is YouTube removing any content that contradicts the World Health Organization? Why is there a digital authoritarian Orwellian “fact-checker” going around the internet tell people what is and what isn’t? Should people not have the right to examine information openly, freely and decide for themselves what they choose to believe?

Why is everything that opposes the official narrative, no matter how credible, not only censored but also heavily ridiculed? Why are even asking the questions above considered a “conspiracy theory” by mainstream media when there is sound evidence to ask those question?

Again, we did a two part talk. Part one can be watched below, or dowloaded as a podcast HERE.

In part two (which you can access HERE) we go a little deeper and talk a little but about the recent letter sent to Donald Trump by a high ranking ex-Vatican official. We also talk about how COVID-19, like 9/11, is sparking yet another massive shift in human consciousness and how we can personally transform ourselves to become more effective change-makers.

Watch part 2 HERE.


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