As promised here are offered six uniquely interesting videos that shake the very foundations of all those ‘’so called truths’’ that have been, and are to this day, passed along as fact, when in my opinion, they are at best unexamined by the populace, and, at worst, passed onwards, on purpose, to keep us caged in limitation and falsity.

These next few videos have helped me tremendously on my path. Nothing specific except to specifically have the notion reinforced, felt deep since childhood that no one really knows what’s going on. And they certainly don’t know what’s best or what should or should not be allowed for me to know, or be.


Our first one is once again a study on past history and an honest take on what may or may not have happened.     Virginia reset staged


More on the maybe of what could be a long running scare-mongering hoax.      more nuclear hoax



A super interesting study on power and energy and what is possible and possibly still hidden.   beetle levitation



Ancient superior tech.   Ancient Hi Tech



And perhaps the scariest of all, a scientific study and understanding of the dark energies, that some believe have invaded and nested in all of our minds.    parasite mind control



Last, one which struck home, in that no matter how ‘’evil’’ the powers that be are, they must, in one way or another share the truth of what they are doing, and this knowledge is available for those who want to find it.   Actor Based Reality


A big thanks, goes out again, to these mostly ‘self-taught’ explorers of our reality and their desire to share their findings. I love learning, have always enjoyed new paths of pondering being opened up for me.

I despised school and with it the old foolish ideas inculcated into me all those years and years ago. And now I know why I felt so, as, for better or worse, it was done so on purpose, or for a pay-check, mostly out of sheer ignorance, all those so-called teachers, except for the ones who shared real life lessons, and there were some few of those, that I remember still, most only passed along the ‘bullshit’ of the day, as was passed along to them, rarely questioned and never denied. Astounding really


Thanks for exploring with me. More Coming Soon. Lorenzo

The New Agora