Power Through Challenge



What is power and what is challenge?

For me, power is the ability to deal with all challenge, and challenge is the way by which power is formed. A full circle so to speak in that, in my experience, where you can’t have one without the other.

Therefore, I would say, being happy with challenges is the same as looking to increase one’s power. Challenge brings the opportunity to claim power. For power is never just given but must be claimed through some experience which, at least on the surface, is where there is the chance one may lose, and by lose, I mean there could be an undesired outcome.

Both the outcome and the desire here are personal perspectives.  We bring to ourselves the challenges that can bring the outcomes that our hearts are desiring to experience in this life, or so I have found in my own experience.

Challenge is life’s way of giving us the opportunity to grow. We are often blind to how strong we can be until faced with new ‘problems’ that challenge us to our very cores. Those challenges that at first might seem insurmountable from our present perspective once engaged bring us new energetic resources we may not have been aware of as having before.

In other words, I feel, we ‘ask’ for all of our so-called problems so we may see and create, become if you will, a way through them and thus grow in total capacity.



To be strong enough to face whatever happens to ‘be in our face’ in that moment always demands that we ‘face up’ to not only whatever is there demanding that we do so, but also that we truly face ourselves in the moment, in all our glory and shame and everything in between.

In my experience, I’ve never asked for any challenge that somehow didn’t help me to grow up. I’ve never had a challenge I couldn’t overcome, eventually. If something was happening in my life that didn’t allow for what I wanted the solution to ‘look like’ I found often the best solution was to leave some part of myself I’d grown beyond behind, be it an old job, lifestyle, way of being, acquaintance, etc.

There are many paths through life. Only your heart knows what’s best for you, or so my heart tells me all the time.

Challenges helped me become more than I was before. No doubt, I am a better man today for having come through many of the hardships in my life. Whether physical or mental, energy-wise or in growth of wisdom, it is by facing whatever is perceived to be in the way of our happiness, and overcoming the imagined limitations presented, that we can gain the power to create for ourselves a better life.

In this current world-wide ‘mess’ many find themselves swimming through, it seems to me that gaining a grander view of our place in the cosmos, the mountain heights if you will, call us to climb up, grow up to get a better perspective of it all, life, love and all the challenges therein, challenges, opportunities really, to become more than we were before, freer, more joyful and sovereign.

Once we face ourselves, inside or out, then we can face anything and be the heroes we wish to be.

Let’s hear it for Challenge!  We’ve Faced Plenty. With Plenty More to Come!

With much love and encouragement through your own challenges, Lorenzo!




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