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Defensive lines against 5G soup.



Your humble fluffy ram correspondent is still plotting that transition to a part of the world that isn’t too inundated with all the preprogrammed current things.


Hopefully with a population not too dysregulated by corporate media conditioning, supportive of the poison dwarf of Kiev, or obsessed with paper mache masks, toxic injections, the climate scam, green communism, vegan malnutrition, bug appetizers, the alphabet cult, the chemical castration of children, or destroying their own energy grids and food supply to remain part of the New World Order cult of death.


I know that doesn’t leave too many good options in the western world, and I have no plans to move to North Korea where, like the west, there is no honest news, and also like half the west, there are no viable ewes, but for different reasons.



I wrote about this new destination exploration in July and just removed the paywall for any interested Good Citizens seeking greener pastures.


Where In The World?
As Good Citizens look around objectively at the state of the world post-plandemic and begin to assess the next stages of globalist social engineering, one of many inevitable questions emerges, but perhaps none more important than: Where is the best place to live to counter or avoid the harsher aspects of their continued reset agenda…

The premise for that piece was the simple fact that as tyranny accelerates, and it will since nobody has ever been held accountable, exercising effective non-compliance will only be possible in certain locations around the world.


Individuals will be left to exercise non-compliance in one of two ways:


  1. Have the financial resources to live outside the “rules” that rarely apply to the wealthy.
  2. Individuals choose to physically (and digitally) live outside the systems created for control and domination. This includes the option of living outside the laws and borders of their nation of birth.


Some primary questions in considering a new destination for relocation in no particular order:


  1. Is the political party in power servants of global psychopaths who want me and my family dead?
  2. Does the leader of the nation care about his/her people? Do his/her actions (not rhetoric) show that they care deeply about the people they govern? If yes, how long until the next elections, and do they appear to be free and fair elections?
  3. What was the situation like during the past two years?
  4. What was the nation’s attitude to the Empire of Lies’ war against Russia?
  5. What was the clot-shot uptake percentage of the population? This is a good indicator of how tuned in people are to what’s actually happening. In Europe, there’s Portugal at one end of the spectrum with 98% and Bulgaria at the other with 30%.
  6. How vulnerable is the nation to supply chains, food shortages, energy-grid shenanigans?
  7. How solid is social cohesion? Will people come together in times of crisis?
  8. Will the Empire of Lies engineer an earthquake against the nation for voting against Sweden joining NATO?


Some secondary questions to consider about city/town destinations:


  1. All the usual relocation statistics like crime, schools, medical care, affordability, recreation, transport, etc.
  2. Purple People Eater Soup (5G) — Today’s topic.


Last February I knew Poland was finished. When 8 million Ukrainians arrived in the spring the price of everything skyrocketed. The housing market doubled. Supermarkets became overcrowded and undersupplied and hearing Polish spoken in public became as rare as hearing French in many parts of France.


It was clear the pliant buffoons in the Polish government (and Russo-hysteric people) were willing to destroy their own country for the Empire of Lies and the pimps of the Liberal World Order in London and DC.


Most people don’t know that 2 million Ukies had already transplanted themselves to Poland in the aftermath of the 2014 CIA coup in Kiev that began the process of Russian ethnic cleansing in the east. This operation was always part of the NWO plan to stage Ukraine as a sacrificial flaming hell pot to instigate global economic destruction and keep the threat of global thermal nuclear annihilation an ever-present fear for western populations.


My search for a new frontier landed on four nations that have since been reduced to two. Originally Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, and Croatia, are now reduced to only Hungary or Croatia.


The Empire of Intel Pigs wants to replay the 90s ethnic conflicts between Serbia and Kosovo since Serbia isn’t wearing kneepads for NATO and doesn’t support the poison dwarf. While Slovenia is full of WEF whores and bug-munching Green Commies in the national government.


Croatia and Hungary don’t wear kneepads for Ukraine, and Viktor Orban is friendly with Russia but being a member of NATO prohibits the Empire of Chaos from engineering a war in Magyarország. It would create quite the quandary of having all NATO members declare war on the U.S. for starting a war with a NATO member.


Technically this already happened when the U.S. blew up the Nordstream pipeline. This act of economic and environmental terrorism wasn’t just aimed at Russia, which will have no trouble overcoming the economic losses by finding new markets toward the east and global south for their natural gas, but it was aimed squarely at Germany, the economic backbone of the EU.


All of Europastan and NATOstan reacted in a predictable fashion to this declaration of war by the U.S. against them.



By April of last year, Krakow had been thoroughly flooded by Ukrainian refugees, including a lot of young men driving for Bolt (EU’s Uber) and smartly claiming to have escaped from Lukashenko’s political gulag in Belarus.


Later that month I fell ill for the first time in 15 years. I never bothered “getting tested” or offering more of my DNA to the global Convid collection database. I had already been disgusted when forced to do it to travel the previous year and wanted no more of the sodium azide brain pokers.


Fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue—the usual symptoms downed me for a week but it wasn’t very serious. As I wrote in The Drugs Don’t Work, I take about 30 herbs, vitamins, and hormones daily. It started in my early 20s with just five and every half decade I add what my body needs as deficiencies begin to mount from the natural aging process.


The last I was ill was in 2007 when I moved into a flat overlooking one of the busiest intersections in Wroclaw, Poland. The air pollution and EMF zappers took their toll and I developed walking pneumonia in the middle of summer.


Those EMF zappers were pretty tame back then compared to the Purple People Eaters spreading across the globe like malignant cancer.


As part of my relocation search, specifically viable cities in Mexico, Croatia, and Hungary I always do a 5G scan on to see the latest expansion of 5G antennas right down to street level.



If the telecommunications industry’s plans for 5G come to fruition, no person, no animal, no bird, no insect and no plant on Earth will be able to avoid exposure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to levels of RF radiation that are tens to hundreds of times greater than what exists today, without any possibility of escape anywhere on the planet. These 5G plans threaten to provoke serious, irreversible effects on humans and permanent damage to all of the Earth’s ecosystems.”


— Jon Rappoport in February 2020


When I checked the latest 5G situation in Krakow two weeks after falling ill I noticed that my street and the cross streets nearby had recently been rigged with Purple People Eaters.




Frances Leader did her homework on this front years ago and has been sounding the alarm to all who will listen. You can find her quality posts on the effects of 5G frequencies on human cellular biology, including immune systems: here, here, here, and here.


And if those don’t wake you up about the harms of 5G, apparently they have bigger and more diabolical plans for 6G.


Just a few of Frances’ findings pulled from the scientific literature on 5G:


  • 5G covers a range of frequencies from 3Ghz to 300Ghz. The 60Ghz frequency is the resonant frequency of oxygen, in other words, it oscillates oxygen atoms.
  • 60Ghz is one of the frequencies used in SMART home appliances for data harvesting. No licenses have been granted for that frequency, probably due to it being detrimental to health. The consequence of this is hemoglobin in the bloodstream cannot attach to oxygen atoms. Thereby sufferers present with apparent breathing problems but their lungs are functioning. The correct diagnosis is hypoxia or micro-clots, also known as rouleaux blood, embolism, thrombosis, or deep-vein thrombosis, leading to diabetes, coronary artery disease, heart attacks, and/or strokes.


Some screenshots from her most recent post were captured from a YouTube webinar called 5G: An Undeniable Risk.


All the information one needs on the harm of 5G to humans, our bodies, immune systems, and nervous system, right down to cellular function are out there and available.


As with the medical community the telecom companies control the government and transnational agencies tasked with regulating them and protecting the populations from the harmful effects of EMF. That is to say, the foxes are again guarding the hen house so don’t expect governments to have any interest in solving this madness. On the contrary, as long as governments are involved we can always expect the worst.


Just how pervasive the madness has spread was revealed to me as I searched for new places for relocation and honed in on the website to see what level of 5G soup I’d be cooking in.


The Purple People Eaters are everywhere.


The most populated urban hellscapes have the most purple cancer.


Only smaller towns and villages are free of the purple plague, but for how much longer?


The Internet of dead and living things that they want to network into one controllable borg is being prepared, especially for the humans freshly injected with special substances that react to pulsating 5g frequencies at certain gigahertz.


Note that these maps only show one telecom provider. Most cities have 3-5 providers with their own collection of Purple People Eaters littering avenues, boulevards, and side streets. When all of the exposed maps are laid atop each other an entire city becomes a purple nightmare.




Das ist nicht gut!


Bloody Hell!


Ez szomorú.


C’est de la folie!


Mamma Mia!


What about Brussels, the capital of the European Union? What do they know?


Damn city slickers.


هل تريدني ميتا

¿Quieres matarnos?


Isso é loucura!


What to do about it?


The temporary solutions are manifesting via expensive home decor items like faraday curtains, bed sheets, wallpaper, and clothing, but who the hell wants to spend a thousand bucks on copper and nickel-lined crap to shield their home from toxic EMF poison?


Opting out of their New World Order is becoming as expensive as it is exhausting.



There’s a fine line between being cautious and caring about one’s health and ending up like Saul Goodman’s brother.



Better Call Saul' Spoilers: Does Chuck Die? – The Hollywood Reporter


But 5G is dangerous, and nobody really knows the long-term consequences of frequent exposure so why choose to be a guinea pig when you can be a sheep instead?


The Wool Wire | October 6, 2022


Since most people have been programmed to never connect any meaningful dots about the world around them, it might be some time before Good Citizens begin the process of destroying all the Purple People Eaters in their cities, and who knows if that day comes before they become 6G transmitters themselves.


It might never happen at all.


And so “Get the hell out of the cities!” has never been more bang on.


As is declaring independence from their diseased systems.

Atomization Variant
Every epoch has its advertising campaigns for the declared advancements in civilizational progress, usually crafted around technologies that proclaim to liberate humans from their own deficiencies and inadequate dispositions. New offerings promise to nurse increasingly obscure imperfections, a…

Eventually, the last frontier for liberty, beyond the reach of the tyranny of unelected Malthusian technocrats and the governments that serve them will still be found on the high seas.


Preferably in a bulletproof catamaran with gun ports.


The Vikings’ ‘Purple People Eaters’ in 2019. Only moderate CTE now combined with 5G.



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Misinformation, lies, and propaganda are so commonplace it’s all part of the Corporate-State regime’s plan to manipulate, control, and distract you while they consolidate power, enhance surveillance, erode liberties, and loot the treasury. In short, corporate-government elites across the west have declared war on their own people and won’t hesitate to terrorize them with fear, propaganda, total surveillance, and medical tyranny. They are expanding now to wars, energy, and food crises.


Together we will witness how the corporate media misrepresents current events with bemusement as we navigate these events with a critical eye toward digging for the truth and rebuilding in the aftermath for the future that we want.


In the meantime keep working hard, pay your taxes, mask your children, inject yourselves every few months with experimental toxins and always obey your owners Good Citizen.



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