By Joshua Handlarsky


Today, it’s more important than ever to be mindful about what you ingest into your body and mind. Just as the food we eat is being stripped of its nutrients and becoming toxic for us, most of the information that is being presented to us is being stripped of it’s original and wholesome core. It’s not hard to see why, in a world whose primary motivation is financial gain! Just look around at the world in its current state, no commerce, no business, no running around every minute without ever stopping to think about… why. Why are we running? Where are we running? What are we running from?

We need to build up to running, not away from problems but towards solutions. The silence that has taken over the world is an opportunity to reassess goals and dreams. Start playing that instrument that you always wanted to learn, write, work on an idea, start to exercise and eat healthy, the possibilities are endless. Be a source of light and inspiration to those around you, lord knows it’s needed now more than ever. Focus on and invest in the greatest asset you will ever own, you!

Begin to ask yourself… Who am I? What is my purpose? Where have I been headed until now, and should I shift directions?  When, if not now, should I start to take the necessary steps to get there? Why am I in my current position and am I happy with it? Self-development and refinement are the greatest ways to help those around you and the people that you love. Become selfish in the pursuit of constantly bettering yourself. Be a selfless giver, not for the promise of financial gain or with the expectation of receiving something in return, just to help another individual in a time of great need.

Compassion and loving kindness are what is needed most now. Shop for that old lady who lives next door to you and can’t manage on her own, leave an uplifting note on the table for your loved ones, just smile and wave as you pass by that stranger who you’ve seen every day for the past few years. The simplest act of kindness can have a profound effect on people. Thank God, there seems to be no shortage of it. The news and media will show you the terrible events that are taking place in the world to keep up with ratings, but that’s like showing people a blood-soaked table with knives laying on it without showing the sign that says “emergency operating room.”  It is a small part of a much larger picture.

There is a big difference between seeing and observing with the intent to understand the fundamental nature of a subject. The subject of which I speak is the essence of humankind, whose fundamental nature is “very good” from what I have come to realize. It is the very freedom we possess to choose between good and evil, that allows us to achieve this higher plane. Often, feelings of anger and frustration, especially over things that we cannot control, tend to mask the truth, but these are fleeting states. Ultimately it is hardwired into us as human beings, the only beings capable of consciously making and expressing these choices and feelings, to seek out meaning and companionship amongst one another.


With the social distancing laws that are in place, people are having trouble coping with the feelings of loneliness, that can build up quickly. Rather than just being lonely, there is a great opportunity here to master being “alone”.  Being able to sit and master yourself will give you the ultimate freedom. Take eating healthier (a big goal for many people), and how there is a big trend of people cooking at home. This allows for absolute control of the ingredients that go into what you eat. Take it a step further and see that there is a tremendous opportunity to educate yourself about nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and the vital points of overall health and wellness. For example, masticating (chewing slowly) and the effect it has on satiety and weight loss. It can take up to twenty minutes for your stomach to send a signal to your brain that it is full.  I ‘ve had to tell many people (myself included) “slow down before you bite your fingertips off.” Hopefully, you still have all ten fingers.

With this new- found abundance of free time on our hands and the plethora of information available to us at the click of a button, the esoteric truths of many topics can be learned by anybody. If you have the desire to learn, “I don’t have the time” is no longer a feasible excuse. Breathe deeply, in and out for five minutes, you’d be surprised by how this can alter your state from stressed and anxious to calm and relaxed.  Become strong; physically, spiritually, and mentally. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “be the change that you wish to see in the world.” The time is prime, as the world we know is drastically changing before our very eyes.

In the blink of an eye, we went from social gatherings and shaking hands, to masks, a minimum distance of six feet apart from each other, and working from home. Thank goodness for technology in this instance. We can still see and interact with each other, have social gatherings, maintain businesses, and do the best that we can. It is a hard situation to cope with indeed but, I would like to suggest, that this is an opportunity of a lifetime. To learn gratitude and kindness. We are granted an opportunity to not take the “simple pleasures” of life for granted anymore.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Instead of saying “why me” and wasting precious time and energy on a thought that will only bring you down, ask yourself… “what can I do” to maximize my current situation.  Darkness affords us the opportunity to let our light shine brighter than ever. Throughout a history filled with crisis, necessity has consistently bred invention. Be it for a medical crisis in which diseases were cured, inventions that made it easier to operate as a society, or technology that has given us the access to information any where we are in the world at the “click of a button.” As a society we have continually gotten better with time. These challenging times afford us another opportunity to emerge better than we went into it.




Joshua Handlarsky

Joshua Handlarsky is a personal development coach. Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, he has had an unconventional route regarding a “normal” life path. Where he comes from many like to say, “forget about it,” he likes to “be about it.” He has acquired a vast amount of knowledge about health and wellness, business and wealth, and living with vitality! He has implemented this knowledge to his own life, and tested many theories and ideas thoroughly, to understand what works best.

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