Self Perpetuating Egos

World Governance by Personality Cult



Have we learned nothing? Are we still subject to the dictates of instinct, essentially foraging primates set loose in a fragile paradise, ruled by outdated notions of pack-minded primacy and destructive competitiveness? How could the overwhelming majority of modern humankind remain dominated by a greedy few at the summit of today’s essentially feudal and pyramidally structured societies?

Is this simply an inevitable result of random selection by a natural order of genetic ruthlessness, or perhaps an unalterable and divinely inspired structure, as multitudes have been entrained to believe? Either way, a more vitally important primordial question remains, lurking at the core of a nested series of intentions, a glass onion of truths which bright or enlightened individuals oft come to behold – Do we have a choice between destinies?

Much of the world’s bloating population has already achieved an unparalleled zenith of advancement, after long ages of glacial change in historically static (e)states that kept advancements to a controllable minimum. We are the recipients of the true blessing of the present, freely donated by countless generations who have bequeathed to us all that we are, have and dream. All that we see or seem has been dreamed into being through by our ancestors’ shared imagination and unending application.

Knowledge, freedom and general well being have spread at unprecedented rates; yet amidst the glittery trappings and mesmerizing novelty of our hyper-accelerating cultures many or most of us remain half asleep, semi-hypnotized and/or numbed much of the time; much as Alvin Toffler predicted decades ago in Future Shock (a disarmingly prophetic title). Yet this is hardly a modern phenomenon. Without regular deep self-reflection all we domesticated primates revert to a default state of retreat to blindingly obvious habits. Freedom is a conscious state of being.

Simian pecking orders are shaped by the branches of a tree, which diminish with height; the summit is a cold and lonely place, but the further a brown-nosing monkey can climb up the ladder of success – grasping and dodging until they’re totally paranoid and ruthlessly grim – the less crap falls on them from above. It’s hardly a surprise that we’re still subjected to the whims of self perpetuating dynasties – lineages glutted with unearned privilege and hollow prestige, where one eyed men rule in kingdoms of the blinded, halted and lamed.

In the lands of corporate delusion a moribund trio of unwise monkeys – self-blinding, self-deafening, self-dumbing down aspects of terrified, overborne primates – ensure nothing of consequence will change in the world. Real change can’t come until we each recognize the interconnectedness and inherent nobility of all people, all animals, and all the things we take for granted – instead of running round the treadmills of workhouses labouring under grandiose misconceptions, pursuing receding delusions of greedy acquisitiveness and addicted to unending more, while the world burns around us.

At the dawn of this bright new millennium most of the planet is still sectioned up and fenced off by dynastically minded territorial elites. ‘Jobs for the boys’ is a ubiquitous program. Joining the nepotism may seem the only way to survive in waspish vespiaries of prestigious privilege that freely feed off the desperate poverty of entire populations.

Dynastic personality cults predominate in a majority of the planet’s nations, including many supposedly democratic countries, such as those found across most of Asia (the Koreas, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, the Gulf states and most of the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the various Himalayan satrapies, for instance); most of Africa, Melanesia and the Pacific Islands are controlled by similarly inclined class-conscious elitist minorities.

In all these feudal fiefdoms vast rural and industrial estates, inheritable political seats and positions of power are held in the custody of a few illustriously connected families. The hereditary succession of ultimate power is only marginally less obvious across the rest of the world, including most notional nation states in Europe, the Americas, in Russia and China – all run by particularly effective gangster elites who remain in the wings, manipulating levers from behind veiling curtains.

Dynasties perpetuate themselves in all fields of human endeavour. Artless actors, gormless industrialists, inbred unroyal families, brain-dead rhetoricians and insufferable politicians all suck at the teat of the rest of humankind and are rewarded with the most pleasantly formed and sweetest tasting fruits. Dwarfed by their own charisma, narcissists see nothing wrong in elevating projected images of themselves – their children – above all others who fail to mirror them faithfully. Insecure narcissists hold dominion over the orb of the Earth and over the minds of the witless by virtue of sheer unalloyed greedy wilfulness; a level of insecurity unattainable by less acquisitive people.

The most absurd myths are projected to cover their tracks, bald faced lies told by self obsessed infallible experts, gullible pedants and careless pundits. It’s hardly news, or new, and totally unsubtle; ongoing insult gleefully added to perpetual injury.

Enduring monarchs, kings and queens, dukes and duchesses, rich industrialists, greedy capitalists, dynastic rulers of so-called democratic nations and all their cozened relatives are particularly conscious of real or imagined rank and ancestral familial connexions. Many even claim authority over their little carved up slice of paradise by dint of anciently handwritten edicts or pronouncements of a parental god, a prince of peace or motherly goddess.

Whether or not today’s movers and shakers are the direct lineage or by-blow bastards of some Divine Line, they continue to be shovers and makers, enduring in a decidedly primitive half-arsed fashion; but they continue to dominate nonetheless. The only way out of a work-bound prison cell in their ubiquitous caste system is to assert one’s personal sovereignty.



All religion is simply a region with a li(e) in it, though rare kernels of enlightening practices and information can sometimes be gleaned from the propagandist husks of their superstitious dross. Each individual holds the key to consciousness everlasting. Admission to divine consciousness, real liberty and true awareness is always freely available. No-one and nothing else can bestow, guarantee or offer us mind, body, spirit or soul. You can only do it for yourself through a process of relentless self examination – cultivating a discerning clarity of judgement and a compassionate heart, by listening to the signals reverberating in the inner silence.

If we keep our children free of prattling priesthoods and fear-mongering superstitions, freed from the yoke of bygone feudal ages and all superannuated hatred-riddled divisions of castes and races, classes and guilds, we’ll witness the dawn of an unimaginably better world. At heart we’re really a very cooperative species whose survival requires that we place competitive thinking on the back-burner where it belongs. Competitions always result in entrainment to failure for most and a short lived pyrrhic victory for a few, reinforcing the primal default pack structure state and crippling everyone in a disempowering process of divide and conquer; a simple mass entrainment for war.

Despite pretensions to the contrary our self-styled illustrious leadership cadres are not a naturally dominant fixture. Kings and queens and other robber barons are no more or less the grandchildren of providential deities than everyone else. Imprisoned by tradition, competition or expectation, self-styled elites are often no more free than any other time bound hard worker, and always have to keep one eye on their backs. Like everyone else they are truly the paradoxical offspring of egregious tyrants and submissive serfs.

We are all born into an era of emerging consciousness from dark ages of battling schisms, slowly awakening from an interminable aeon of hideous nightmares welded by dire necessity to hopeful dreams. Bred to suit antique eras, our civilisations are currently manifest results of rapine warrior killers, preying on fearful maids and youths forced to forfeit lives and progeny into slavery for handfuls of transient pottage, if they were lucky. Slavery has been a dominating influence throughout most of history. After millennia of brutal abuse, obedience and surrender have become favourable survival traits in a species carefully conditioned into castes and classes.

We can always act as less domesticated native peoples sometimes do when they free themselves from the tyranny of an egocentric minority; show collective contempt and disapproval for those who would make up our minds and decide our lives for us by turning backs or backsides on the greedy and not working for their ends – all at once so that none may be singled out for unfair punishment. Yes, we can – but only together, leaving all narrowed visions of us and them behind. We can even find a place for the lonely old paranoid silverback apes, when everyone’s really free.



Amidst our diversity we’re all the same newborn innocent peering through a multitude of half-dazed eyes, dazzled into fractious fractal factions by the bright light of dawning awareness. We are cruelly divided against self and selves by hamstringing mentalities of conquest and territory. No call to arms, bloodstained revolution or flash firefight can help us now, on a volatile planet rapidly filling with the gaseous fumes of affluent effluence. Non-violent thought and peaceful deed are traits and tools we surely need if we’re to thrive in a crowded house on a brave new world – keys to human evolution, first steps in the ongoing conscious attainment of real mental freedom and global harmony. We are the foetal form of tomorrow, shifting, warping and growing towards a new gnosis of metamorphosis.

Redeeming the world and growing the seed of a freshened self starts with examining the movements of mind and listening to heart and body, and if you keep it up the rest flows on from there. Enlightenment grows through darkness and silence, and the seed innately senses the easiest routes to freedom and sustenance. Life bends to the light and bends the light to its needs.

Every thing is interlinked in a living fractal hologram. Our awareness actually manifests and alters the world from moment to moment; this is no new age aphorism but a major tenet of modern (and postmodern) physics. Behind the veiling distractions and illuminations of daily word-based thought are infinitely faster modes of communication and information retrieval. Your mind is part of an infinite faceted jewel, not apart but a whole in a boundless crystalline structure and you have an inner form of access to everything you can imagine or desire.

This is an implicate realm. Access to any feature requires nothing more than a genuine realisation that the world is truly an essentially magical, wilfully synchronistic, transcendently coinciding consensus reality. One simply has to accept that so-called psychic abilities like telepathy and telekinesis are possible before any substantive evidence will appear – or appear admissible to a cautiously sceptical mind.

To sustain higher awareness we need only maintain the perseverance and focus of confidently sensitive souls, and grow to regard every one and every thing including you, the one who’s focusing on this right here and now – each of our selves – with compassion and clarity. We can tune in on signals and meaning emanating from everywhere and all the time in a synchronistic pattern of self-directed guidance, to home in on freely chosen destinations.

Every one is everyone, implicitly convolved with all things, times and places at the crossover point betwixt eyes and ears, the sesame-sized seed at the centre of our brains. A blossoming flower of concentrated power grows from your deepest core. We don’t need to reach out and take it. We already have it when we stop, look and listen.

We all have a chance at to change our minds and natures at every moment. You can plant the seed of ongoing awakening at any instant and a guiding light always arises in response, within and without, ready to nurture a ripening soul. We can dream up entirely new probabilities to inhabit and fabricate through thoughts, words and deeds, working amid new consensual consensuses instead of replicating dangerous outmoded hierarchical death traps. We can wish up anything at all with just a thought, so be careful what you wish for; paradise for all would be a good start.



If our species remains lucky and healthy, wealthy and wise, hopeful, diverse and compassionate we may continue to endure and have much to be glad of. Yet we’ve not achieved any summit of evolution but are merely perfected for our time, readying ourselves to ascend to another level in a life-nurturing tree of self knowledge, reaching wider and deeper perspectives in a higher realm of consciousness.

The human species exists in separate clumps at varied stages of maturity and alertness, and many differing states of consciousness always coexist within any evolving group. Change agents arise to stir the mix and rouse more dozy sleepers to the fire that threatens to consume them all; they’re usually derided and jeered for their efforts by grumpy late wakers, who hold tight to fantasias in comforting cocoons.

As a flood tide of change sweeps though every body, sleepers stir and the wakening sentinel mind of humankind becomes filled with an unvoiced presentiment of undeniable immanence. A multitude of destinies are converging on the selfsame crossover point when the spark will spontaneously ignite – not in a conflagration of the world but in a grand conjunction of all our most heartfelt intent, for better and worse.

Ongoing focus creates and requires a certain integrity that avoids the lies. Conventions and convenient omissions serve to maintain submission to brutalising rule. Mindful attention dissolves the mindless servility entrained into an inherently noble, laudably rebellious, wildly wilful yet cooperative species – who, when allowed a choice and a little breathing space and accurate information, will almost invariably denounce injustice and administer themselves admirably. Almost everyone really just wants to live in peace with friends and loved ones, and to work and play in harmony; few wish to live alone, whether at the bottom of a well or the top of a tree.

In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king. All monomaniacal worldly potentates and cultish religious fantasists believe they’re the natural masters of ‘their’ populations, whom they fatten like stupid cattle destined only for work, consumption, replication and death. Their possessions and gifts are all stolen goods, tainted by misery and destruction – but the top of the food chain is a precarious perch.

Truly akin to cannibals, they and their desensitized serfs thoughtlessly sup on the corpses of blithely murdered sensitive creatures, sentient beings whose innocent worthiness passes unrecognized. But both consumer and prey are more than loosely related and the killer by proxy eats death at their peril, riven with anguishing hormonal signals of pain and the deathly fears and death-dealing by-products of their terrified prey.

Meat farming is the cheapest, most profitable and most environmentally destructive way to feed unwary and undiscerning populations, but it comes at a heavy cost in human lifespan and awareness, and in planetary health. Everything’s here for a reason. And all the while much of humankind goes malnourished for want of clean wholesome food stuffed into castrated, tortured and chemically poisoned livestock. It’s a beastly way to live and die for all concerned.

Avoiding all the products and gewgaws produced by the tepid imaginings of brutish overlords and creating whatever foodstuffs, materials, technologies, power, entertainments and entrainments you can for yourself and all others is a true path to freedom. You can’t feed on the past or erase its errors, and we all need each other to thrive in the gift of the present and future. If one has no fear, then despite all appearances a multitude of solutions abound and appear to dissolve all apparent problems.


Raise children free, whole, hearty, healthy, compassionate and wise by your everyday deeds. Kids listen and learn if the telling is true. Raise them up, to question everything – even, especially, the dictates of their elders, for innocent unsullied senses know the lie of the land far better than those which have long been adulterated. They sense more than their elders, intuitively and innately. One may well wish to kneel before no man, woman or god, but there’s no pastime more worthy than getting on your knees or crouching in a curtsey to listen to a child.

When Humans grow up free and sensitive, unblunted by state or parentally sanctioned violence or dominance, pointless competition, stupid specialisation, class or caste trappings and gormless enslavement, we’ll all behold a bold new world that confounds and transcends our fondest imaginings – for all our old dreams were rooted in the soil of a multitude of past wrongs and mistakes; millennia of empirical research on a steeply rising curve toward the light. The emerging world of tomorrow today is an unprecedented paradigm shift.

Free our minds and our children and we’ll see truly universal people in a recovering green world, capable of anything but heartless ill will and egotistic destruction. We’ll see better versions of our truest selves in the oncoming generations, ourselves as we could have been and may yet be. If we take the time to examine our selves and learn what truly motivates our everyday thoughts and actions we may become as free and grand as our children already are. You’re the only one who can do it. Learning never stops, unless and until you’re dead or utterly moribund, or hopelessly entrenched in the ubiquitous brainwashing of prideful self neglect.

. The world is on fire and almost everyone’s asleep, yet the world is a collective creation. Together we can recreate paradise on Earth, wherever we may be today. The place to start change in the self and the world is astir in the quiet core. Silence brings a fuller awareness of who and what we truly are, connected to all of life and being. We can achieve nothing of consequence apart and alone if we wish to survive the times which are surely coming – excepting perhaps for enlightenment.

Dare to hope with a genuine heart and hope becomes a factor in the apparent disorder of events. Each person is sovereign and all bear the crown of creation. We have enough time yet to do and become what we want and need to, and the best is yet to come.

Dare to dream of paradise for all. Turn on. Tune in. Opt out.


– R.A.


‘There are two kinds of musicians. When the first kind is tuning their instrument they have to focus all their attention on the task; the other kind tunes in while maintaining attention on everything else.’   – Anonymous informant

“I always wondered whether god really existed and if he did – is he everything or did he create everything?”  – A seven year old child

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