Slime-Mold-Gate to challenge the World Mercury Project

Will Robert Kennedy and Robert Deniro accept alternative research on autism?

The World Mercury Project is dedicated to research the link between mercury poisoning due to vaccines and autism. Recently, in support of this aim, Robert Kennedy and Robert Deniro announced a 100.000-dollar challenge for scientists and journalists who published research that proves that actually mercury causes autism. To guarantee a high quality selection of papers, they demand the applications to be peer-reviewed and pubmed-hosted.

The problem with this quality criterion is that the most challenging research actually comes from alternative researchers like for example Dietrich Klinghardt and Andreas Kalcker, and the big field studies proving that detoxing mercury helps come from active parents like Kerri Rivera, who actually helped to heal thousands of autistic children with the protocols she assembled from working solution she derived from the alternative field of research. So the question is: how do you want to find a solution when the most promising source of it is systemically excluded?

Recently, in the field of alternative research a new face showed up with a talent to connect dots. We already introduced him in prior articles. He is a German fellow with the name Harald Kautz. He is into autism research since autumn 2016, and what he found would be proof enough to make the medical establishment find itselves in a tight corner. And they seem to know. At the moment there is a dirt campaign against him underway, and the legal system in Germany tries to get him in jail for hate-speech, which is ridiculous, knowing that he is one of the clearest and most loving voices of contemporary anti-fascism and a brilliant source within the truth movement always calling for peace and self-awareness, instead of guilt-projection and conflict.

Apparently, the true motive behind the moves of the state authorities is that – based on Russian genetic sequencing – he scientifically identified the rope-worms appearing in autistic children as slime mold that carries a secondary genetic cluster that is man made. This identifies autism to in parts be an intentionally genetically designed disease. What the establishment seems to fear is the anger of the parents. His findings actually identify this central aspect of autism as a transhumanistic attack knowingly violating the Nueremberg treaty, i.e. the rule “now medical experiments without full knowledge and agreement of the patient”. Transhumanism, normally regarded as the move towards fusing mind and artificial intelligence in service of humanity, in this context has to be understood as a technique of mind control serving the elites. At the same time, the specific design of this autism-related crossbreed-biotechnology directly links these rope worms and therefor also their creators to the black magic tradition. Unless people keep on covering the perpetrators that mistreat our children, these findings have the power to become the slime-mold-gate for the medical establishment.



To support his move and to make the findings of alternative research available to the general public we decided to publish the email Harald Kautz sent to the World Mercury Project as an open letter.

Dear Laura Bono,


I intend to participate in the challenge to answer the question how mercury relates to autism. I work as an independent researcher, and I do have most of the answers you are looking for. I can deliver a broad spectrum of interrelating effects. The problem is that these insights involve a huge amount of inconvenient truths that knowing the business will never ever get published as a peer-reviewed article. Thus it is a bit difficult to participate for formal reasons.

My suggestion: I will give you a short summary of the findings I can share, and you might find a way to make me participate. If you are really looking for answers you will do so.

  1. Mercury makes the body conductive/transparent for electromagnetic radiation. As a result, emf-pollution, especially 2.6 GHz from WLAN, smart-meters, mobile phones etc., penetrates the tissue, disabling the weak hydrogen bonds of choline. Choline is responsible for the transport of nutrients, the transport of toxins out of the body, as well as the transport of neurotransmitters within the nervous system. Choline can be called the locomotive of biochemistry. The weak hydrogen bond affected by 2.6 GHz microwave radiation is its hitch of this locomotive. The blockage of the uptake of nutrients brings the liver into scarcity, which disturbs the detoxification-abilities of the extracellular environment (liver/blood/lymphatic liquids). The disabling of the choline also disturbs the detoxification-mechanisms of the intracellular environment from heavy metals, so that the entire system is flooded with toxins, unable to expel them. This opens a vicious circle of intoxication – inner field-exposure – choline-malfunction – intoxication…. This is the reason why the initial shot of mercury eventually is not detoxed after a while but kick-starts a process that makes the body dive deeper and deeper into intoxication – however, only when the patient at the same time is exposed to microwave radiation.
  2. Mercury directly blocks the receptors in the nerves and indirectly reduces neuronal activity by occupying the choline that as a “locomotive” is both responsible for the transport of neurotransmitters and for the detoxification of mercury. This is why the first shot sometimes brings up full-scale autism-symptoms minutes after application. The body becomes numb, and the consciousness has a hard time because of not feeling the body anymore. The children dive into agony.
  3. Empathy is an effect involving the apatite-piezo-crystals in the bones. The bones actually form a set of resonant antennas arranged in a golden ratio based geometry, designed to process collective consciousness. In the technological realm piezo-crystals are materials that can be used for self-pumped phase conjugation (SPPC) applications, which means that they have the ability of non-local interaction, i.e. to intelligently process quantum entanglement. Comparing technology and biology is a possibility to understand what empathy is and how it works in the biological realm: piezo-crystals are the transcoding elements between nonlocal (morphogenetic), optical (biophoton) and electromagnetic (nerve) signals. Regarding emf-field-exposure these crystals transform electromagnetic fields into current that is then read and processed by the nervous system. On the other hand the (annihilated) light non-locally received and locally emitted by these crystals is perceived by the DNA-processed bio-photon-system, i.e. it is directly read as consciousness. This is the nature of empathy. It is possible to reflect on this dual nature of the crystal by thinking about the (German) saying “the fright still is stuck in my bones”, perceiving the fright as the consciousness-act, and the echo in the bones as the neuronal activity induced by the electrical bursts released by the crystals. With the presence of mercury in the body, which as we know makes the body transparent to electro-smog, these crystals pick up more electromagnetic signals causing electro-sensitivity. But also, the strength of the signal read as light-based consciousness, the empathy, seems to be amplified. It is not fully understood how this amplification is caused, but it can be observed with the children and it seems to be related to mercury as well. But I want to announce that at this point there is one missing link in the chain of scientific understanding. What can be observed is that affected children empathically perceive all the emotions, conscious and subconscious from their social environment, in an intensity that overwrites the perception of their own self-awareness, which is already weakened by the mercury-numbed nervous system. Depending on the grade of intoxication, we observe ADS, ADHS, Asperger and full-scale autism. In the worst state the self is leaving the body completely, because it is to painful and to noisy to stay in. We face a full-time and full-scale dissociation. The result is a complete loss of the control of body functions like muscle-control and speech.
  4. The presence of mercury and other heavy metals also promotes the growth of fungi. In autistic children we observe a special type of slime-mold, which in his latest development-state forms what is known as rope-worms. Genetic analysis of these so called “rope-worms” growing in the intestines of autistic children revealed a mixture of fungi-, human-, worm- and fruitfly-DNA. A typical ability of this class of fungi is to derive their morphogenesis from secondary genetic clusters. Alongside with the morphogenesis of the fruiting-body, which is mainly worm-like, these secondary genetic clusters seem to create bio-energetic entities that behave like demons, i.e. they have the ability to survive the death of the fruiting body as a bio-photon-based “etheric” crossbreed-organism which afterwards attaches to the human DNA-clusters. This is possible due to the human compound of the genetics and because the consciousness of the children had to abandon their own biological space, driven out of the body by pain and the noise of the overexcited empathy-receptors. These bio-energetic entities just occupy the empty space. Artwork and toy-preferences of autistic children reflect on this subjective state of “being possessed” by snake-demons. According to practical experience in healing autism, collected by Kerri Rivera, the removal of the rope-worms (in reality fruiting bodies) in average reduces symptoms of autism by 50%. The genetics of these rope-worms carry the signature of man-made genetic experiments. When it comes to revealing this fact, I would expect resistance by the entities that have intentionally created and spread these biotechnologies among the population. The core-effect relevant in this context is that mercury promotes the growth of these fungi.



I hope that you can feel that this is the truth. I have conducted much of this research in person. I know the inner state of the disease from my own Asperger childhood. I speak out of experience on all levels. And I speak from my heart. This is why I know that if you are willing to, you can feel that this is the truth.


Please follow your inner voice.

With warm regards.

Harald Kautz

Detailed scientific papers on the subject with all scientific and visual proof are online at:

Good Health Suggestions: “Replace your smartmeters with conventional technology, swap from WLAN back to cable, throw your mobiles in the dustbin and refuse vaccinations for your kids.”

We are curious if the “Roberts” Kennedy and Deniro are really up to solutions, or if this is somehow another ‘’controlled opposition’’ project.

We will keep you updated.

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