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Sobriety and Clear Choice

We have all experienced stress, at one point or another, in our lives. From the physical to the mental, the emotional, financial and perhaps the most painful, the existential.

Why are we here? What comes next? How will I survive the next ‘amount of time: ’worrying’ thoughts which have caused me to ‘stress-out’ from time to time.  Poking and prodding, they have a way of worming into our minds. Burying their claws into us, sometimes more painfully than a physical wound.

Although perhaps, at these times, although we can be uncertain about much, we are being challenged to find creative solutions for ourselves.

Of course, it can be an uncertain and distressing prospect, looking for answers we don’t yet possess.

Painful, in dark moments. Uncertainty breeds that ‘killing anxiety’. And so, many of us allow ourselves to become possessed instead of taking the ‘high road’ of sober explorations.

Sure, we can get drunk, it’s easy, in its way. Or at least it’s easy to obtain the ways and means for said drunkenness. Be it lack of physical sobriety, with alcohol, or any number of indulgent past times, that pass the time, yet do not heal the wounds or find our answers.

Alcohol, spirits and such, have a dubious history at best. Yes, they can temporarily block pain, but the drunk always passes, or perhaps passes out, to wake up once again with the same problems you began the night with. More actually, in now your body, mind and guts are further stressed from the indulgence. And, I would say then, less able to deal with the problems at hand. Safe to assume, we can all understand, it’s harder to find intelligent solutions to challenges while hung over.

Sobriety of mind. Clear in your thoughts. Well focused in your guts and ready to see what brought the pains of uncertainty our way, in the first place, can allow new inspirations to come.

For me, and I have spent much time as just ‘another drunk clown’, it was the work of needing to sober up, and face the pains, no matter how, well, painful they were, which allowed inspiration to find me. And with that, to find ways to heal my stresses.

Best to uncover their origins, no matter how ‘ugly’, so we can get to the bottom root of their reasons for stressing us in the first place. And like pulling weeds from those same roots, we can ‘fix’ the problems once and for all. And, as a bonus, move forward with a healthy mind, spirit and body.

From there, sober of mind and strong of body, as far as I can see, I would say…

Our Happy Destiny Will be Unavoidable.

Cheers Lorenzo.

Cambell and I hope you enjoy our New Year’s 2022 Special chat.





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