Structured Buds and Buzz

by Liala Ackerman Epstein

“Structured Water” is Nature-made water in its freshest state, having the properties and potential of the water of Nature’s original design. Based on scientific discoveries, Structured Water:

  • immediately hydrates the cells, whereas ordinary water can take days to enter the cell
  • is void of the energetic patterns of toxins
  • is in perfect balance and driven to maintain it’s perfect balance
  • is fully energized with all of its attributes (e.g., minerals) fully optimized
  • reorganizes other energy patterns to make them coherent and balanced and thereby neutralize energy patterns that cause biological dis-ease and dis-order.

Benefits of using Structured Water to Grow Cannabis Plants

Plants grown with Structured Water grow faster and bigger, have higher bio-energy counts and are more resistant to severe principle imbalances due to natural or engineered causes. In a well-maintained growing operation the following has been reported to result from the use of Structured Water:

* increased femalized seed sprouting success

* increased root structure growth and health

* increased dissolved oxygen when source water is typically low (ie. well water)

* decreased toxic effects from environment

* dramatically reduced water use due to increased water retention in soil

* increased bud number

Increased nutrient uptake can be expected due to the enhanced absorption that is associated with Structured Water

Benefits of Combining Structured Water with Cannabis Consumption

Structured Water’s richness of oxygen defends the cells against the corrosive effects of CO2, which is taken into the body when cannabis is heated and the smoke inhaled. Structured Water’s richness of hydrogen – balanced and in perfection, makes the water a powerful natural neutralizing agent to wash consumables with or to add during cooking/baking. Additionally, introducing Structured Water to foods enhances the food’s natural healthful components and makes the natural properties (nutritional, taste, texture) more available to the body and more easily processed by the body.

Structured Water is a Powerhouse

The various properties of Structured Water make it a fitting transporter of nutrients and agent of detoxification. For instance, the water molecule’s information storage capacity is so immense that findings led researchers in Silicon Valley to build computers that use droplets of Structured Water instead of Silicon chips for information storage. To learn more about the remarkable properties and benefits of Structured Water, visit

written by Liala Ackerman Epstein
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