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Bridge of the species and understanding the esoteric meaning of what’s going on – I like that idea for a show.  In dreams, I have seen some of the things Gigi sees.  Thankfully, I keep a dream journal. Now, when a new meme appears or an insight reminds me of a past dream, I can look it up.  We seem to be on some kind of known path and that path is shown to us in a multitude of ways.  Please watch the video below before proceeding.  The rest of this blog will make more sense to you. 🙂

Gigi Young Esoteric X Threshold: Rudolf Steiner Eighth Sphere Symbology!





In my dream I woke up from a nap and saw a community of people parked in the property meadow, northwest of the house.  I walked out there to investigate.

There were quite a few buildings, rectangular in shape, about 2 stories tall and about 30-40 feet long.  I didn’t count them.  They were placed in a sort-of semi-circle and there were house trailers parked inside the circle, all helter-skelter.  They were all partially buried in the ground.

It looked like all the structures had been dropped from the sky and scattered every which way.  All the buildings and trailers were white.

Finally, I saw a man, a woman and two children in between two trailers.  They were cooking on something that resembled a fireplace.

I walked over to them.  When they saw me, the children screamed and ran off.  “I didn’t mean to startle them,” I said.  “Who are you and why are you here?”

The man stood up straight, brushed himself off and took a step toward me.  “Why I don’t think we know that yet.  Who are you and why are you here?” he asked.

“I own this place.  I didn’t give you permission to settle here and I didn’t even see you bring in your dwellings…”  I paused to think a bit and look around, seeing no other people.  I continued, “Come to think of it, I had a dream last night about you showing up.”

The woman said, “Now isn’t that interesting!”  She turned back to the fireplace, “Come on children let’s eat.”

Then I said, “You know, my husband and I have lived here for a long time and now I know why we couldn’t find anyone to help us with building this place up.”

As though they read my mind, the man said, “Well, then maybe that’s why we are here.  To help you build this place up.”

“Do you have a leader, or a head of this clan?” I asked.

“Follow me,” the man said.

I turned to follow him.  Suddenly I was inside one of the rectangle buildings, walking up some stairs.  The woman and children walked with me.  We stopped at one room and I picked up some chewing gum from a candy dish and stuck it in my pocket.  Along the way, I fished through my pocket to find the gum, finding only empty wrappers that I stuck back in my pocket to throw away later.  Finally I found the gum, removed the wrapper, put the gum in my mouth and stuffed the empty wrapper back into my pocket.

A thin teenage girl dressed in a bright purple and pink dress that sparkled, like a dance-girl, passed us on a landing heading down.  She was chewing something and said, “Hungry, you know?”

We walked up a few more flights, me chewing gum and all the while thinking, “I don’t chew gum.”  At the next landing, I opened a door but it banged against a table that was in the way.  “Oh, it’s not that door,” the woman said.  “It’s just up there.”  She pointed to a landing several flights above.

I wondered how all these flights of stairs could be crammed into such a short building when the man said, “Here we are.”  He opened a door and we all walked into this enormous room.  Lots of sun shone through the windowed wall.  The room had eight walls, each decorated with something different.  One was covered with books stacked neatly on their shelves.  Another was covered with Victorian tapestry.  Others were dawned with ancient art that looked new, a display of technology that was unknown to me, huge stones that gleamed like exquisite gems; a display of generations of robots.  The last wall contained empty shelves.

There were three finely polished conference tables placed in rows.  No chairs.  The room had an eerie feeling.  I began feeling dizzy and woke up.

Having command over your resources is important.  In this dream, I did not have command over my resources.  My journal is filled with battle dreams and dreams where I keep my power, sending the dark energy beings away.  But, for some reason (maybe I got distracted by gum wrappers) I didn’t sense anything was wrong in this dream until the last moment which could have been the effect of me returning or being returned to wakefulness.

Now that I am looking at the final scene all these months later, the last wall containing empty shelves makes me wonder what our final destination is.  How will the Game end?  The wall of empty shelves tells me the future is not written in stone and can go different ways but not without encouragement from us.  I guess that depends on our level of maturity as a human community.

Currently, we see that there are those who act without responsibility of consequences.  The results have been devastating to humanity and the planet.  The controllers believe they have us where they want us.  They imagine a world where they are in full control of our every move, our every desire, our every motivation to live in a world that is safe.

Humanity is in such a vulnerable state that we see people giving their power away to the controllers only to discover that doing so was a wrong decision.  But often it’s too late.  They can’t go back.  They’ve given up their freedom or their very life for an empty promise of safety and longevity.

Were it not for the scientific revolution in the 17th century that forbade viewing nature as a conscious organism, thus replacing a living nature with a mechanical one, humanity would not be as gullible and immature as it is today.  Humanity’s fear of death would not exist.

Once again, I must talk about how powerful we are as a species.  We have this thing called Intention.  Turns out that our intention creates the reality we see.  Now, I know this may sound preposterous to someone who is new to this concept but it is no longer a theory.  This has been studied and there are Intention Experiments that extend around the world that will shatter one’s previous ideas that we are powerless to change things in this world.  The evidence is solid.  There is a field of energy that connects everything to everything.  Our thoughts and feelings – our imagination – literally make a difference in this field of energy.  We are programmed to believe this is not possible so cracking open this general disbelief is a challenge.  Thanks, scientific revolution.  Replacing the spiritual world with the material world was a mistake.  Making it mandatory was an atrocity against humans.

We can become very smart, intellectually, about all these things and if we see no changes, it is not because these things are not true.  It is because our lives are still being run by our subconscious.  If the subconscious programs you received are so strong that you cannot find a way to “love yourself”, then do the next best thing.  Live the Love that you are.  Either way, you can change your perception of the world and in doing so, create a different world.  Remember, your thoughts and perceptions – your consciousness – is not inside your body or brain.  All of that is outside of you.


In a paper called Global Consciousness and the Coronavirus – a Snapshot, dated May 9, 2020, Roger Nelson, Director, Global Consciousness Project, said:

We can be actors in our destiny, not just passive observers.  We can manifest the future of our choice if we become more aware of the power that rests in our unconscious connections.  We need to help ourselves, and I think we can do that.  When we bring our unconscious interconnections up into awareness, we will be able to change the world.  Cooperation and collaboration are a birthright that is more powerful than we know, and the evidence suggests it is ready to claim now.

The controllers know the power of imagination, and they secretly fear that we will quickly discover this power and collectively imagine a different world that benefits all life.  They know they are losing this battle.  What will they do next?  That is unknown.  Whatever it is, the design will shock and scare.  It will begin with rising tension, and it will be an effort to engage the people into a frenzy.  The idea is to evoke engagement with an enemy, which won’t exist.  It will be another fiction played upon the people.

Can we resist the urge to slide down the Divide and Conquer slope again?  Can this human family walk the road of cooperation for the first time in eons?

Will the shelves be filled with transhumans or will the shelves remain empty?  I think that’s up to us, don’t you?

What kind of world do you want to see in the future?  Imagine it now.  Imagine it every day.  Give yourself permission to let that imagination come to pass.  That’s what you deserve.  That is your birthright.  That is your inheritance.

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About:   Sherry researches quantum physics related to spiritual development and physical well-being.  She studies archaeology, organic gardening, natural healing, paranormal and other unusual topics.  She co-authored “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower.”


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