The difference between craft cannabis and commercial producers


Published March, 2021

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Consumers look at cannabis and judge it by the way it looks, smells, and feels, but very few take the time to find out where their glorious green buds come from, nor do they understand the importance of this often glossed over fact. Cannabis can be produced by private individuals who wish to cultivate enough for themselves. Still, when it comes to the stuff that’s on the legal market, there are two primary providers, and you might be surprised to learn that there is a significant difference between them.


What is craft cannabis?

Craft cannabis is a term used to reference smaller growers who cultivate low volumes of the plant. These guys face a much higher overhead cost, as they aren’t buying or selling anything in bulk, and offer unique and rare strains to choose from, based on personal experience as well as feedback from consumers. Craft growers specialize in the art of growing both outdoors and indoors, and they rarely make decisions based solely on output, which is why so many enthusiasts view their products as superior.


What is commercially produced cannabis?

Commercially produced cannabis is a term that is used to describe large corporations or businesses who are pumping out thousands of pounds of cannabis as quickly as possible. Though most would agree that our high standards still force large scale cannabis producers to create a decent quality product, the focus, in this case, is almost always on quantity versus quality. Commercial cannabis is typically cheaper to buy because it’s more economical to grow, but the selection and rare qualities are practically never found from big-time producers


The most significant difference between the two

You might be thinking to yourself, that weed is weed. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when many of us were buying whatever our local black market dealer had on tap, which could have been grown in a cornfield with very little care or concern for overall safety consumption. Still, the reality is that as access increases, enthusiasts and patients are beginning to expect more from a bag of weed, and that is something that craft producers are far better at offering.

Craft growers take pride in the cultivation of strains that we need for specific purposes, be it a super potent strain for enthusiasts who seek a more intense experience or medicinal strains that offer a wide range of health benefits for medical conditions. They may do so using a variety of methods including growing outdoors, indoors, or via greenhouse. Still, the results are always far superior to that of the majority of commercial producers.


Craft cannabis growers need our support

There are certainly some fantastic products out there that are designed and created by the very best commercial producers, but small craft growers are struggling now more than ever before, and they need your help. So show your support, be it through a donation or by purchasing your cannabis through a local craft grower supplier. Otherwise, we could witness an end to this phenomenon, and both the industry and people will suffer the consequences of less variety and care at the consumer level.




Christal Chatterly

Christal Chatterly AKA Christal Chronic is a writer for, mother of three, and longtime pro-pot legalization activist who enjoys educating and spreading awareness.

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