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Our Freedom NOW Directory. Free to use as a ‘customer’. Sole Proprietor $25/year, small business $50, or large $100 per year. Paid in the currency of their country.

The New Agora is proud to launch this service, on October 2021, to go and grow together towards a permanent and prosperous freedom for all participants in their own evolution.

Come October, 2021, we are launching, online, our Freedom NOW Directory.  Beginning with Canada, USA and Australia, though we are delighted to expand further.


We have since our inception of The New Agora, well over a decade ago, had ‘Elect to Govern Yourself’ and ‘Truth is OUR Currency’ proudly emblazoned on all our print covers, and have dutifully, even to the point of utter exhaustion and necessary poverty, worked under their intent for All of Us, encouraging and championing conscious evolution to the best of our abilities.

We wish we could offer all we do ‘for free’, and in a very real sense we do, as it is for the greater cause of freedom that we act.  Healthy currency is required to keep the ‘lights on’, for continued growth and success in our intent, as well as to  happily ‘pay for the services’ required to keep such a directory and all that supports it, moving, growing and reaching more and more folks with this invaluable service among the many we offer.  To properly help those helping us, and for those we help to help us in return, a proper and fair exchange of energy, seems the best of all situations, especially in these interesting and trying times.


Now, more than ever, the ability to live well, to generate your own currency, to make and experience your own way and path, to express the inalienable rights given to you by our Creator, all of these essential components and directions for a life of Freedom are being threatened, and now is the time to activate the best of the principles that make us who we are, who we will become, and what we imagine this world to be for all of our loved ones.

Too many tyrants, power mad and homicidal people are forcing us in ways that are not in our best interest, but their own selfish ones: telling us what is right, what is possible, what we are ‘allowed’ to do and not do, who we can and cannot associate with, who we should hate, who we should cancel, how we should live and how we should die.

Men and Women of integrity cannot and will not allow this to happen. For them, their friends, their communities, and above all their families, protecting wellbeing, is a loving duty, one of conscience and consciousness, tempered by morality and integrity, and the best of what it means to be a Human Being. 

Evil has shown its hand, and its minions faces , dealt its cards, worked fear into our reality with all its might, brutalizing us with never ending lies and the actual murder of the old, the very young, and the weakest amongst us, and yet here we still stand having faced its worst to date. 

Now is the time to seize the day to create the world in which love, humanity, nature, life itself can freely grow and prosper in the natural state of abundance which is our birthright and our truest essence.