By Jamie Busby

It’s almost 50 years since the Apollo 11 mission that supposedly put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon in 1969.

In the years since, the cracks in the official narrative have begun to show. From the American flag fluttering in a zero gravity atmosphere to the lack of a blast crater where the lunar module landed, those cracks have turned into gaping holes.

Conjecture at these examples and other suspect evidence is all well and good, but this elaborate hoax can be debunked by simple science combined with comments and data directly from NASA and it’s representatives.

Earth’s Atmosphere

– The first layer of the earth’s atmosphere is the Troposphere. All weather conditions we see on earth happen here. It extends up to 10 miles from the earth’s surface.

– Next is the Stratosphere that reaches up to 35 miles above the earth’s surface. The Ozone layer, that protects us from UV rays, is located here.

– Then we have the Mesosphere that extends up to 50 miles from the surface of the earth. This is where almost all meteors are burnt up on entering our atmosphere.

– After that comes the Thermosphere that stretches up to 400 miles from the earth’s surface. The air in this layer is extremely thin and temperatures range from 200 to 2000 degrees Celsius the higher you go.

– Finally, there is the Exosphere, where temperatures can vary from Zero to 1700 degrees Celsius. It extends from the limits of the Thermosphere to roughly 6200 miles above the surface of the earth. This is where Van Allen radiation belts reside, more on them later.


NASA tell us that what’s considered as “low earth orbit” is up to approximately 1200 miles from the earth’s surface.

In a NASA propoganda/educational video regarding the Orion spacecraft development, a scientist explains that as we get further away from earth, we must pass through the previously mentioned Van Allen radiation belts.

These belts are concentrated areas of extremely high levels of radiation which they state would damage guidance systems, computers and all the electronics on board any vessel that attempted to go through them.

The scientist continues; “….shielding will be put to the test as the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation…. sensors aboard will record radiation levels for scientists to study…. we must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space.”

Hang on a second…

The NASA scientist is clearly saying that we need to solve the problem of navigating safely through the Van Allen belts BEFORE we send humans through it.

Is he saying, as a NASA scientist, that a problem needs solving which was previously solved way back in 1969 when they sent astronauts to the moon? Lest we forget the 5 other manned moon missions that followed. Whoops…

More from NASA, this time an interview with a female astronaut while she was up in the space station; “… we’re really pushing the boundaries in terms of where we’re going forward with exploration… this is really the beginning, I think, of humans leaving low earth orbit.”

THE BEGINNING??? The events of 1969 must have slipped her mind…

Another NASA astronaut, again orbiting earth in the space station; “The plan that NASA has is to build a rocket… much bigger than what we have today… right now, we can only fly in earth’s orbit…”  Really?

He goes on; “This new system… will allow us to go beyond… to visit the moon, mars, asteroids… in order to allow us to do that eventually.” Eventually? Seems we have yet another forgetful astronaut…

The simple explanation

If you were starting to doubt the credibility of the 1969 moon landings, think again. Another NASA astronaut called Don Pettit has all the answers in a now infamous quote;

“I’d go to the moon in a nanosecond. The problem is we don’t have the technology to do that anymore. We used to but we destroyed that technology and it’s a painful process to build it back again.”

Apologies for the intentional sarcasm above but there you have it. A pack of lies made worse by the fact him and NASA presumably think we will swallow this garbage.

More facts

The lunar module on Apollo 11 was made primarily of the following materials. I have included their melting points;

– Aluminium alloy; 463 Celsius
– Nickel steel alloy; 1453 Celsius
– Stainless steel; 1510 Celsius
– Heat resistant glass; 760 Celsius

Going back to our atmospheric layer information, the temperature of the Thermosphere and Exosphere varies between Zero and 2000 degrees Celsius.

This proves that the lunar module, together with all on board, wouldn’t have even got anywhere close to the Exosphere, complete with it’s Van Allen radiation belts. It would have disintegrated due to the sheer heat long before while passing through the lower Thermosphere.

Let’s say it did reach the Exosphere; to protect it from the Van Allen radiation belts, the lunar module would require lead shielding that was 6 feet thick.

What protection did they actually have? A paper thin outer layer of aluminium on the lunar module and the astronaut’s spacesuits; consisting of glass fibre, aluminium fibre and silicon rubber. We are more heavily protected when we go to hospital for an X-ray.

Basically, NASA have blatantly yet inadvertantly admitted that they have never left low earth orbit. Not only that, they clearly don’t have the necessary materials or technology available to build a vehicle that could tolerate the temperatures or radiation levels in order to even break through our own atmosphere.

– This was yet another huge US false flag, cheating to win the “Space Race” of the time against the Soviets during the cold-war.
– It cemented America’s place as the most powerful, advanced nation in the world and enabled NASA to obtain enormous funding for years to come.
– Last but not least, it provided a major distraction from the Vietnam war.

If there is no way they can go to the moon now, there was no way they went to the moon in 1969.

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