The New NOW Agora Meeting and Market Place with ‘Live-Online’ Expos


Imagine a ‘permanent’ spot in the agora, where you can present yourself to the world amongst like minded and good hearted folks, offer your services, sell products or books, collect comments, new viewers and visitors to your site, as well as being showcased as part of our recurring ‘live-virtual’ expo that will open once a month for 3 days (we intend many more soon) of presentations, where you can host your booth, meet visitors for real-time questions and answers, have pre-recorded presentations, with live Q and A, and consistently and continually gather new interested parties for your workshops, momentum for your movements, a podium for your message, a welcoming place to shine your light as brightly as your inspiration.

For questions, suggestions and how to participate write to

We are delighted to discuss the possibilities of collaboration with all interested parties to fully flower together and offer the World something truly unique and worthwhile.


Help Yourself as you help others, as it helps us and The All of Us together in our Conscious Growth in Abundance and Awareness, into a New Now,  Electing to Govern Ourselves with Truth as Our Currency & Freedom as Our Guide.