The Tapestry of Consciousness



Humans are creators, but if they do not know this, then reality can be manipulated by the ones that do.



There is a tapestry of consciousness that exists within this realm where all thoughts, beliefs and visualizations travel to. A place where dark, light, good and evil vibrate at various oscillating rates and frequencies, that later appear in our reality, dependent upon the intent and volume of the creator(s) of these views. This is precisely why the vast difference of opinions and beliefs produce the reality currently in existence on the 3-D plane. Love and war for example exist simultaneously on earth, but one is currently more dominant than the other.

The ancient philosophies of this world know this and thus use this power to shape the actuality they wish to see transpire, because they know humans have the power to create. Therefore what manifests on the physical plane depends on whether dark or light controls the levers of power in this time space continuum.

Think of this tapestry as a web of the mass consciousness mindset, including desires, wishes, dark thoughts, good and evil, love and hate, essentially anything the human mind can imagine. This encompasses each and every soul on this planet, alive or deceased, where their concepts and dogmas resonate at a certain frequency and eventually materialize especially when collectively the majority of beliefs resonate in this reality. This is why the entities with ancient wisdom govern what the bulk of humankind can and cannot see, and do and do not have. It’s what shapes each country, religion and culture to bring it to manifestation.  Essentially, it allows them, to control the majority of human thoughts, through their methodology (manipulation), to make it manifest.

Knowing these principles command the illusion, if the ruling factions decide they want war, they will very likely get it.  Just as if they desire peace, they too will also manifest this.  As long as the human being believes they are powerless, they will be used as a tool to achieve their objectives. This alone should reveal what these groups really want – and who is in control currently – when the dominant themes at the moment are fear, anger, racism, poverty, division and reckless hate.

Nevertheless, the possibility exists this may be by design, to see if humanity has the will and wisdom to get past the entitlement and greed generation into an age of knowledge and understanding.  Hence, the way the creator designed this realm is it only takes a small percentage of the enlightened souls to lead the ones still asleep out of the darkness.


Trust your inner guidance
Consequently, it appears a new dawn is rising; one where through all the smoke and mirrors, if one looks carefully enough (as the dust settles) the potential for a better world may actually be imminent for humanity.  This can be foreseen and manifested into fruition by learning and comprehending information outside of the programmed channels meant to keep the conscious and subconscious mind subservient and thus compliant.

The current reality is a construct of the ego mind where ninety five to ninety eight percent of humans defend their perception of reality as told to them by the victors of all wars. This result is not hard to achieve when one considers the majority of people literally live in a box with various doors and walls and get their main source of information from the media, or essentially individuals they have been led to trust.  A media owned and programmed by the establishment.   Therefore if one has five TV’s in their home, and they are consistency tuned into the same channels, they will absorb the ‘programmed’ information and defend it as truth.

As a result, the essence of connecting with nature has been all but lost for the majority of souls located in a city, save for a walk in the park with their dog, or frolicking in the garden if they have one. In fact, the very core of our being is to be able to coexist harmoniously with mother earth when in actuality nothing is further from the truth in modern times.  Regardless, most people that do get out and go for a walk or go into nature do so with electronic devices plugged into their ears keeping them ‘informed’ when in essence, without them realizing it, they are voluntarily tuning into further brain entrainment.  True freedom from electronic devices comes with leaving them behind and tuning into the natural phenomena amongst oneself, there the connection via the intuition materializes resulting in communications to the higher self which enables the information in the ethers to become available.


Mind programming devices became visual with the invention of the television

Crashing the mind into the abyss of disinformation

In a way, it really is fun to watch the debacle on the planet when one is awake because there are so many ways in which individuals are being programmed, which includes; the radio, sports shows, the news, entertainment, advertisements, television, computer games, history, mainstream science, education, government, health and so on. Most people revolve their days around it, while vehemently defending the words they believe as truth with anyone that may have alternative points of view.  It’s akin to be being told the moon is green and square since inception and thus defending that as true.

While this brain harvesting continues, unbeknownst by most; people are being bathed in electro-magnetic frequencies far greater than the hertz level meant for humanity, using devices that are addictive and now deemed essential when slightly over two decades ago they were not even in existence to the general population. Subsequently, the Human Being must now operate in electromagnetic smog while attempting to contribute to an ever increasing more technological society. The underlying result is the mind of the average individual is now controlled more than it ever was, mainly because of the internet and social media darlings.  Yet those thoughts, those beliefs, no matter how skewed or how true end up into the tapestry of consciousness and manifest in our world.

In essence, it’s why the world is in such a mess at the moment as the power circles have found new ways to dehumanize humanity. They know full well by pulling them away from their native frequency, calcifying their pineal gland and keeping them busy with tasks that do not enlighten the soul, it will keep most individuals in a contained intellectual box with very little access to their intuition.  It’s akin to blindfolding a horse and trying to get it to jump over obstacles when it cannot see them!


The cure has become the disease

Imagine if you will, if the latest travesty to hit humanity, the pandemic, ends up being a fabricated, blown out of proportion event that simply further accelerates their agenda; where the largest danger is not the actual pandemic itself, but the rules and actions that govern the event surrounding it in various countries.  As a result, for the most part, people have become prisoners in their own homes, because of the fear being broadcast planet wide. The only thing missing is the goose stepping troops walking by, all while the new unconstitutional laws and rules devastate family owned businesses and individuals determined to work on their own and remain independent.

Regarding this, one must also ask the question if this event would even be possible without cell towers and the internet; as this is the very core of convenience individuals have become addicted to.  In fact, these technologies allow people to work from home, operating the establishment’s giant corporations, while their own rights are being seized.  Not coincidentally, giant warehouses from the likes of Amazon et al suddenly pop out of the fields like giant daisies. These businesses are built to destroy the middle class and humanity as we know it, eliminate small businesses, imprison the people, and enable tracking and slavery while profiling individuals through every single on-line purchase. It’s almost as if this is a really bad movie, that mankind is starring in. One where Artificial Intelligence uses humanity to contain themselves through all the pre-conceived notions mentioned above. Consequently, one must contemplate and eventually come to the conclusion, that this society being constructed is not normal and certainly not for the benefit of mankind.


The media are playing the fear card

To bring their totalitarian model into existence, the media is playing a significant role, as the majority of people are essentially terrified of the information they absorb 24/7; and they compound this fear by tuning in longer than they should to magnify it. Subsequently, these strategies have brought the divide and conquer method, concocted by the one percent, to its most granular level yet.  Hence, families and friends are now clearly split down partisan lines, creating anger and bickering where none previously existed to the point where some will no longer even communicate with each other. In other words the spell and witchcraft on the minds of the people is very strong.

As a result, the old ways of life are slowly fading from memory in exchange for the illusion of safety against a plague that may or may not exist; all while for the most part the people allow their freedoms to fall away during the process. While people fortunate enough in regards to having money at the current time within the middle class sit in their ivory tower, the folks that are the backbone of society, watch their decades of hard work turn into dust.

The horrid acts against the children and the manipulation of democracy will be seen for all. For it is the will of the creator that trumps all darkness. Hence hold the light for the people and the planet and liberation of the mind will occur, and thus the tapestry of reality will change to love and light.

The Titanic sinking was no accident
However, not all are asleep at the wheel, for perhaps enough have awakened and thus are part of the liberation movement now sweeping the planet.  Henceforth, since their plan is now seen it therefore cannot succeed.  Thus, it may indeed be a painful awakening process, but nonetheless the establishment must operate in complete secrecy in order to be successful in their endeavors. Exactly like the way they did with the sinking of the Titanic in order to create the Federal Reserve, resulting in dictating global monetary policy for over a century in the process.

Consequently, there are a sufficient amount of souls who have and are continuing to discover the truth, in virtually every discipline on the planet. These individuals are being led by sharp intuitive and spiritually gifted abilities. For these personalities have seen this type of treachery before, most likely in past lifetimes or because they are old souls; and can therefore see and thus sound the alarm bells regarding the establishment’s evil plans.

Conversely, the asleep amongst humanity will take the untested vaccines they trust will heal them, while continuing to believe in the mainstream narrative, which will undoubtedly result in more casualties form the Bill Gates and globalist driven agenda. Conversely, intellectual individuals will continue their blind march towards transhumanism, because they trust their corporate masters and will therefore essentially turn some people who take the vaccination (and survive it) to become transmitters hooked up to the cloud.


The cloud is well named as behind the totally controlled server farm, the private data of whatever business is hence no longer private and any cost cutting measures would eventually be revealed as poor decisions as a result. Therefore the cloud is akin to giving all one’s concepts away and placing it behind a wall that one cannot access as they did before.

The cloud is the ultimate in centralized power, as skill sets currently in house would be evaporated as they would no longer be needed. Now with the vaccine agenda it would be used to literally track human beings since they would have nano-transmitters in them if they took the vaccine, as these poisons created by the pharmaceutical industry alter the human DNA

In essence the cloud is the ultimate form of governing, because tracking individuals through the vaccine and monetary control via crypto currencies are meant to be hooked literally into humans.  In actuality, the vaccine makes the human being a traceable asset via satellites fundamentally making them an complicated organic protocol in the electronic universe.  This of course would make all currencies redundant since all transactions are authorized through the cloud, therefore independence would be a distant memory.

Consequently, it is no coincidence that government and private firms are rushing to the cloud as these too must be controlled by the one percent.  It’s the general reason the end game regarding centralization and cost cutting measures go to this platform in the first place. In addition, the cloud brings all the private data of each company under one umbrella therefore eliminating privacy.  This is why they sell the cloud to various businesses as a ‘one stop solution’, in other words, why have the people ‘in house’ resolve the problems when the ones in the outhouse (the cloud) can do it opaquely therefore cutting employee and infrastructure costs drastically.

Follow the white rabbit

For mankind to be victorious they must not only understand what is happening to them and demand complete transparency, but it must be done in such a way to explain to the masses that did not awaken to comprehend. Therefore, the principle of ‘the hounds of hell are upon us’, can be revealed and defeated for the most part if the mass consciousness realizes it and wakes up in time.  However, the possibility exists, if the masses do not awaken, then a society filled with totalitarianism and transhumanism may be unavoidable.

Essentially it all comes down to what will be on the tapestry of consciousness at the end of the day and who is driving the bus in terms of core beliefs for humanity to believe in  The bottom line is the more souls that awaken the less chance their plans have of succeeding.  This is why the evil propaganda is so hard driven at the moment.  Therefore it’s important to awaken as many people as possible to change the fate of humanity that the establishments have already planned for them.  It’s for this reason most truth driven channels are terminated or shadow banned, because the establishment knows the power of the mind. Once this is realized, then and only then will the spell be broken and the darkness revealed.




A few years ago I started embarking on a journey of reading and absorbing numerous books regarding the subject of spirituality.  As a result my life began to improve and I started to gain clarity, understanding and peace of mind.

My inner passion is to share what I have learned with people from around the world and truly help them.  Through the web, my writing can allow the sharing of this unique perspective out to the world.

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This is the dawn of a new era, and we need to learn new ways of improving the quality of life for people everywhere and to become in tune and conscious of the co-creator abilities within each of us.  Thoughts are very powerful, and keeping an objective, positive frame of mind is just the ticket many of us need to succeed and move towards the life of our dreams.

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