The Truth Is A Magnet

Repulsion, propulsion, levitation, destination, joy.

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In our country, the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the state.

— Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

Magnets and Retards

The fastest train in the world today is being developed in Japan and can reach top speeds of 377mph. It can reach speeds 350% faster than the average train in Amtrak’s arsenal. If it operated in North America it could take passengers from Montreal to San Diego in roughly the same time it takes to travel by commercial airplane if you include all the airport waiting time and security theatre.

The technology that powers this train is called Maglev or magnetic levitation.

The technology that powers information sharing today is called Big Collusion.

It can travel around the world in seconds and arrive at destinations as misinformation resulting in ignorance. It is the merger of legacy media handled by intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI, Mi6) with big tech monopolies that work with surveillance agencies (GCHQ, NSA, Five Eyes) that spy and abuse their own citizens when not constantly manipulating them for submission and control.

The result is that every story of significant importance is carried by false narratives or outright lies and propaganda, and shuttled around the world by unknowing people who are a little slow to catch on to this ruse that has been happening for decades. Let’s call them what they are, retards. Spare me the feigned outrage of using this word, it should never have been hijacked as a pejorative. The word retard in french simply means ‘late’ (tard) and ‘again’ (re).

The retards are everywhere. For retards, the truth is often nowhere to be found but they are happiest not caring about it either way. The average retard would rather outsource their thinking to “reliable sources” and technological search engines and algorithms. They simply don’t have time for the truth and would prefer to defend the lies of others that often have the backing of the like-minded crowd populated with many more people like themselves – retards. If you want to be surrounded by millions of them at once in the digital sphere then simply join Twitter.

Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

― George Carlin

For those who have the skills and ability, desire, and pride of being accurately informed, and do not want to be late again when confronted with the news, the truth can be a powerful force. It can guide rational decision-making at the individual level, while carrying out larger expeditions at the institutional level, mainly exposing corruption and liberating people from tyranny.

Whenever or wherever there is censorship in the world it is always imposed by the institutions of corruption that have a monopoly on information dissemination and seek to continue their tyranny. The truth is often their kryptonite.

The truth and hunting for the truth require dedication, patience, healthy and constant skepticism, and most of all the courage to reject the dominant narrative proffered by the masses who are susceptible to conformity through manipulation by behavioral psychologists and propagandists who are experts in crowd psychology.

The hunt for the truth and its power as a force for good in our world follows a similar pattern as the physics behind Maglev: Repulsion, propulsion, levitation, destination, joy.


The key to understanding truth in our world today is simply rooted in skepticism born of broken trust. We are all creatures of habit who are attracted to people, ideas, and sources that we trust rather than distrust. Break our trust over and over again and the skepticism builds and that source becomes untrustworthy forever. This is the self-immolation behavior of the corporate legacy media for the past twenty to thirty years and their ratings prove it.

As long as there are others out there telling the truth, or hosting those who do, people will be attracted to those sources once all the “authoritative sources” that Google has been engineered to point us to completely self-destruct.

After the past two years and the Great American Hospicide, that should include all of them. They dug their own graves, jumped in, and buried themselves in lies and propaganda that resulted in the deaths of millions around the world who were never taught to think critically or be skeptical of government and corporations. They paid the ultimate price for it. Nobody should ever trust them again. Unfortunately, some will.

The retards.

Not everyone is equipped with the same lie detectors or critical thinking skills, both of which require years of nurturing and tuning. These skills are borne of honest reflection and assessment of when trust is first broken, resulting in the initial emergence of skepticism that evolves into critical reflection and then recognizing that the truth is being buried, often intentionally.

When Google or Facebook Searches start to look suspicious the first seeds of skepticism are planted. When the search engine leads one to believe something they sooner or later learn was entirely false, fabricated, or a manufactured hodgepodge of lies, half-truths, and agenda-driven narratives, then the trust is first broken. When it happens over and over again for years, the result is a person who instantly becomes suspicious of the narratives being pushed in lockstep (all of them) and become repulsed by, not just the information being preferred but the sources that are propagating lies. Those sources are then filed as if a person or living entity, in our long-term memory storage for later recall as “Do Not Trust”.

One of the more interesting YouTube channels (Truthstream Media) that have yet to be censored for some reason, recently exposed how online monopolies rig their search engines to function like “truth machines”. Google will reveal on any given topic that there are hundreds of millions or billions of results. However, on major topics, such as climate change, they will limit the results to the same dozen sources and cut off results after 14-20 pages. You cannot go any further than that to dig for information that might undermine or contradict the “truth” that Google wants you to see about climate change. Those forbidden sources are being memory-holed. One has to go to Duck Duck Go or Brave Search to find anything that Google now forbids.

Truthstream Media’s short documentary is called “Where did the rest of the Internet go?” and is worth the watch. I’ve timestamped it to show the “climate change” search example.

This is blatant social engineering.



This is repulsion. People ought to be repulsed by this.

If this doesn’t get people motivated to leave their truth machine, their walled “Dark City” and go in search of what they know is out there (Shell Beach), then, well, they’re retards.

There are only two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true, the other is to refuse to accept what is true.

― Soren Kierkegaard

A brief recap of what repulsion looks like over just the past six years:

Claim: Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election
Facts: The Clinton campaign colluded with British intelligence and Ukraine assets to fabricate the collusion hoax. Obama put a special prosecutor and the FBI on the case, mobilizing them as secret police against their political opponents.

Claim: Sars-COV-2 came from a wet market in Wuhan, China
Facts: It came from a lab in Wuhan (maybe) funded by the U.S., France, and China. It’s possible it was released in Wuhan during the world military games by the U.S. in October to frame China (more than likely).

Claim: The 2020 U.S. election was fair
Facts: Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada all show irregularities, double scanned ballots, dead people voting, with 300,000+ false Biden ballots confirmed. Enough to overturn the results and show it was likely rigged in just five or six Democrat-controlled counties.

Claim: The Covid “vaccines” stop transmission
Facts: Only retards still believe this

Claim: The Covid “vaccines” save lives
Facts: “ “

Claim: The Covid “vaccines” are safe
Facts: “ “

Claim: Masks work
Facts: Yeah, those people still believe it.

You get the idea. It would take a year of cataloging all their lies over the past two years, and one would still be unable just to keep up with their new lies. One would never have enough time to finish the cataloging job.

When people recognize one lie, then another, then see it’s all just one endless stream of lies, they are repulsed. But only if they’re not a retard.

As with the MagLev train, this repulsion results in propulsion.

It propels them forward. The call to action of a hero on a quest, for the truth.




Once it begins the hunt for truth becomes more of a concerted and dedicated task. At its core, it is fundamentally about those who, having been repulsed by the lies are then willing to undertake the lonely journey to the ends of the earth to search for the pieces that might help contribute, in due course with the help of others, to revealing the truth. This was once the scientific process before science was for sale to the highest bidders, and only management with a blank check and gun to scientists’ heads could afford to buy it.

Those who undertake the journey are the greatest threat to both management and the Borg of hive mind troglodytes they psychologically engineer and assimilate. In the case of the pandemic, the Covidian Borg was essential in carrying out management’s agenda. There is no more powerful tool than millions of acolytes doing the dirty work of amplifying the wrong messages and helping smear the truth seekers wherever they emerge.

But eventually, the truth wins.

People who undertake the journey will find the points where lies disappear. During the pandemic, one of the greatest points of gathering was right here on Substack. Doctors who dared to tell the truth and were smeared for it by the establishment powers came here to write, to expose the lies to spread the truth about masks, lockdowns, distancing, child abuse, and deadly vaccines. Millions of people followed. Substack grew at a faster rate in the past nine months than in the previous four years. This is not a mistake. People flocked here and were propelled by the truth and a desire to cleanse themselves in it and wash away all the incessant muck they knew their governments and media were soiling them with.

The truth as a force can propel the masses in the right direction and set them on their journey. Even a small number of courageous people is all it takes to make a difference.

Giant superconducting magnets on a MagLev train.


The journey for the truth can keep an individual or the masses on that journey above the fray. They know the lies and slander from instinct or experience and on their journey, they keep themselves from falling into the muck where the con artists, propagandists, smear merchants, drive-by “journalists” and all the other forces of deceit do their dirty work. The truth-seekers float above it all, undeterred, knowing the are on the righteous path.



There’s a meme that makes the rounds more and more frequently as the lies continue to pile up. It shows two booths with the masses of people waiting in line at the booth with an overhanging sign that reads “Comfortable Lies” and nobody waiting in line at the booth that reads “Unpleasant Truths” (see below).

Everyone knows the “comforting” line is the retard line.

This meme is very popular, and that irony makes it partly a lie. It’s shared millions of times across attention networks whenever there is a big lie circulating from the powers that manufacture them. The reason for this is simple: there are far more people who are seeking those unpleasant truths than its meme sharers would admit or the meme reveals.

Why else would it be so popular if millions didn’t recognize the big lie and desire the truth when it’s noticeably absent from the public dialogue?

Everyone sharing the meme thinks of themselves as someone who would not be in the retard line.

Why do I keep losing? (4 uncomfortable truths) Traders Bulletin | Free Trading Systems



The truth will always be the kryptonite of tyrants because the truth is a magnet.

When absent we are repulsed. Trust is broken.

If repulsed enough we undertake the quest and are propelled forward, in search of it.

When we sense it getting nearer we levitate and move above the fray at increasing velocity until we recognize the destination approaching closer and closer.

When we share it with others we empower them and they go and empower others. It can take time, somethings months and years, but the truth will get out, to everyone, eventually.

What was unthinkable four months ago is happening today. Late (tard), again (re), but still finally happening. They’re talking about vaccines killing and injuring athletes on Australian sports shows, and on British television. The mask scam is being exposed one study at a time. The lights on the vaccine crimes against humanity, the sudden deaths from “climate change” and coincidences are getting brighter. Soon they will be too bright to ignore. We’re doing that, all of us, together, by not being retards.

False flag war crimes in Ukraine have a shelf life of one or two days before western media are forced into silence from Good Citizens spreading the truth and amplifying it across networks. Even the BBC was forced to admit that the Tochka missile last Friday that killed women and children was Ukrainian and that the Ukrainian government has been lying. The f**king BBC had to tell the truth! We’re doing that, together, by not being retards.

For the first time in twenty years, millions of people around the world ditched their dumbphones for smartphones this year, like the old flip phone or classic Nokia 3310. The truth about central bank digital currencies, QR code madness, Vax passports, and total surveillance digital slavery is spreading fast and people are actively altering their consumer behavior toward liberty, and to undermine management’s plans for tyranny.

The needle is moving, slowly, because we tell the truth, beause we spread the truth, unafraid.

There’s a Mark Twain quote that if you tell the truth you won’t have to remember anything. We instinctively know that lies require stories. Each lie is a new trap we set for ourselves or states set for themselves against their own people. It undermines trust. It’s toxic and deadly.

The simple solution is to always tell the truth first before going on the wrong journey toward chaotic destinations of deception. You will sometimes recognize you’ve made the right journey by the vilification and slander that comes your way. It may cost you relationships, and friendships, and sometimes the stakes will be much, much higher, but you’ll know you’re right over the target.

Every managerial state drone that went along with the deception to keep their job, even if it resulted in the deaths of their fellow citizens was a zero, a nobody, a looooooozer with a big giant L on their forehead. Conversely, every whistleblower in history who dared to speak the truth against powerful forces and risk the consequences was a hero.

And what’s heroism if not the pinnacle of bravery and courage, motivated by an unflinching desire to reveal the truth?

Be brave and courageous in the face of the brainwashed mob and the insidious powers that psychologically manipulate them for their ends. Levitate above the fray. Sooner than later if enough of us show courage we can derail their toxic agenda with the lifeforce of magnets and the propulsion of truth.

And what’s that if not joy?



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