Through Here

The runes of light and life,
here beyond
where the mind flies hither and yon,
see the knowledge bound in land’s trails.

Planets above wave to our shores;
everything a slowly creeping composition.

Thank you to the trust of vectors,
your lines connecting shrines
in certain nodes of earth’s unknown curves.

I sidle up
to the welcome embrace of these places
while wearing sheer masks–
whose impressions I can see,
who invite us more to be.





By Jared at The Great Order



Complete Archive can be found on the Poems page.

This poem was published on the Atop the Cliffs poetry journal on December 20, 2017

Matthew Wildermuth of Eidolons included this poem in his punchy, insightful Twitter reviews of contemporary poetry here.




Painting: Mountains and Alpine Lake, A. Baid c. 191





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