Time to Get Real

by Tom MofWooFoo



The problem is that not enough people are dying compared to the number of people being born. This is a problem especially for eugenicists (nazis) (https://historycollection.com/10-famous-companies…/10/). They believe that the solution to the world’s problems is to reduce the population. They are alarmed that in their opinion most people being born are lowering the IQ of humanity and that humanity would be far better off if reproduction was controlled in such a way that the intelligence of humanity would be increasing and that if they had hegemony over the world via a one world government, they could end crime, contamination of nature, war, poverty, and filth (ie. clean cities) through ubiquitous surveillance and total control as prescribed by the WEF.

They have tried many ways to reduce the population, i.e. wars, pandemics, contamination of the water, air, and food, mass sterilizations, and perhaps weather control to name just a few. And yet, they have not succeeded, so humanity keeps growing. But they are not to be stopping. They have had this idea for more than 100 years and have put themselves into positions of power from early on. Now, after all this time, and several failed attempts, they have all their ‘ducks in a row’. They have trillions of dollars, they own the media (propaganda machine), they have control of the military as they have control of the US government as well as many other governments, control of institutions, the WEF, the UN, the Who, the IMF, they place their people in leadership positions in many countries, i.e. France, Canada, etc., they have the technology, the science, the pharmacy conglomerates, the multi-corporations, i.e I.G.Faber, Siemens, IBM and others used slave labor during Hitler’s reign with impunity), and they have the CIA.

For centuries, humanity has had to accept the unacceptable: Wars, genocide, poverty, injustices, corruption, etc. Two big reasons might explain this state: propaganda (mind control) and the fact that the system really has no authentic avenue of redress from these ‘monsters’. Why is there never a valid choice for president? Why are politicians of the worst caliber? We have three ‘obvious’ options, we can protest, or write to our politicians, or take them to court. These have proven to not be effective enough.

We are essentially shut out of their process. Just as it is now, with the ‘unipolarists’ who control the West, and the ‘multipolarists’, those who don’t wish their countries to be dominated from outside like Russia, China, N. Korea, and Iran. The controllers from the West are willing to risk nuclear war to achieve their aims. Humanity seems completely impotent. We don’t seem to have any power or say in what is happening. We can talk which could be censored, but what can we actually do that will be effective?

One can see how, in fact, we, humanity, have been controlled for a long time and that now, the control is tightening and will be potentially inescapable. What we are facing is much worse than David vs. Goliath. Yet, we must find a way to prevent this before it is too late and becomes permanent.

We appear to remain powerless and divided. While we can organize through encrypted apps with activists in every country, we need effective strategies. One, is to popularize the idea of horizontal governance (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8) which will block their corrupting of governments (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oilxI6Dgoy8&t=5s). This video clearly explains in 3 and a half minutes how governments are subverted, corrupted and controlled. Horizontal governance would close the door to economic hit-men. These videos need to be promoted by influential people and organizations.

But we still need more and better options, since there are so many areas to cover and recover, such as strategies around money, capitalism, and the banks, for food security, the military, the media, etc. All should be geared towards having humanity take back their power in the ongoing ‘power grab’ for our future.






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