Tricked by the Matrix with Barnabas Nagy and Lorenzo


Trick-trick: [noun] a crafty procedure or practice meant to deceive or defraud. a mischievous act : prank. an indiscreet or childish action.


Seems about right for how we treat and get treated by and through our daily interactions. What we need to know, I can say, if we wish to ‘untrick’ ourselves, is to delve as deep as we dare go to the core of our honesty.  And with that, I mean, to fully understand ourselves, our motives and above all, to see what it is we would like to experience ‘in full’ for the entirety of this life.

What is your intent? For that, will show up, I have found, in the days we are all creating, moment by moment, through our very actions with our belief systems either dragging us down, or helping us fly.

Will it be a ‘big bank account’ or will it be a ‘big dream of love, humour, joy and creative success’?

Join Barnabas Nagy and Lorenzo as we begin what could be a series of chats of pure understanding about who we are and where we may be going. All related, for me at least, in taking full responsibility for my day to day actions, reactions and above all, the core of my emotions, feelings and visceral intuition about all I see, do, taste, experience and create.

Cheers Lorenzo




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